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  1. I am impressed with Hughes's pass, always tap to tap, always
  2. contract is not Loui's fault, blame the management
  3. Miller is the driver of this team, he drives the bus
  4. trade for Lias Anderson, EP's friend, very good two way player, 21 old
  5. lias andersson asks for a trade, Canucks should get him cheap, very good two way player, 21 years old and was EP"s teammate in championship from Elite Prospects: Andersson is an excellent team player. Never takes a shift off. Also blessed with good hockey sense and plays a strong two-way game. Offensively, Andersson stands out with impressive puck skills, a good shot and fine speed. Has the tools to become a scoring line player, but could also become an excellent role player who always gives 100%. (EP 2017)
  6. when the season started, all of you said "Green is our coach" didn't you? and now I am wondering everything the Nucks fans said, even I think LE is a bad player was wrong, you sucks
  7. LE is smiling, good for him, he played a great game tonight