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  1. The expectations for Edler have been lowered so much over the years. Some argue that he's rounded out his game since decreasing his scoring. The guy is still average at best on D, often horrible for games - entire seasons over the last several years. Even back in 2011 he still made the same mistakes we see now, though there was time and potential on his side. Not so much any more. There are ways around NTC's, if they really want him traded, they can make it happen. Don't need 29 GM's to want him, just 1.
  2. Not speaking about Guddy specifically... but I don't know where this " Dmen develop later than forwards" idea comes from. Most of today's leagues best dmen established themselves as such in their early mid 20's. Right around when forwards hit their scoring peak, a year or so after the big name goal peaks. Yes plenty of Dmen can and will improve significantly after Guddys age now, but it's hardly the norm. Tanev at the same age was our best dman, and had already played what I think is his best season to date (Torts year). Also scored significantly more points, in less games that year, and previous years. Just sayin.
  3. He must have knocked something into place cuz Kes has been beasting it since..
  4. I still believe the media and Gillis destroyed his otherwise great reputation. No one retires healthy at 26, he clearly has lingering injury problems. Hear nothing but good things from teammates his whole career. Nash is giving him a job when they dont have to. Clearly he impressed them off the ice. Similar to the Nucks giving Manny a role here, won't find an ill word spoke about him.
  5. If Tanev starts to put up even above average point totals 30ish +, it would make him one of the best overall Dmen in the league... how many guys are as good defensively and put up the points.. not many. Basically people are complaining he's not good enough to get Norris votes, because that's what would happen with 15 more points a season.
  6. I liked Pirate Radio, Almost famous, The doors one wasn't bad. Runaways was okay. Big Stones fan, but 'Stoned' was pretty meh.
  7. Tanev is one of the best at a very important aspect of the game. Edlers just not good at anything. At least not hockey related. He's just an extremely average blob that has a 5:1 big play ratio. The 5 being for the other team. I could forgive a lot Edlers faults if he wasn't such a big pansy, but he is, so..
  8. Suicide Squad was real not gud.
  9. Doesn't really matter if Edlers replacement can handle the top pair on not, Edler himself doesn't cut it there. If we can get decent value, gotta pull that trigger. It would be nice to trade someone who much of the league thinks is still valuable ( for reasons beyond my understanding in Edlers case ) vs players on the cusp of breaking out or players well past their best before date.
  10. Would have loved such a move a couple years ago when we had the assets and Philly looked right for the taking. Ships sailed it seems. Kane is definitely worth a phone call though, lets see what it would take.
  11. An odd choice at the time but his rep was still good then that 1 awful start to the season wasn't gonna hurt too much.
  12. Hamhuis was bad last season, bad the year before, realllly bad the Torts season before that. It's been a long time coming, his decline is nothing new. He's not gonna put up any points, hes not someone any team should be comfortable with defending a lead. Just coughs up the puck way too often, way too close to his own net. The play where he ended up taking the clapper to the face was a regular occurrence over the last few years. Hesitate, stumble, giveaway. Kinda gets manhandled by kids and really just seemed to play the lax style all the Canuck vets fell into. Good luck n all but no way should we have tried to keep him.
  13. The answer is simple really. Tanev is elite at what he does regardless of who he plays with. Edler is poor with Tanev, and worse without. Shooting the puck hard is Edlers strong suit, too bad the net isn't as big as it is in soccer.
  14. Kassian had an alleged awakening after a couple incidents and trades. The idea is to be the right team in the progression. Eventually most players bear down, when a naturally talented one does, the results can be big. If the price is low-ish, then it's all potential reward. It would be foolish not to consider.
  15. The big mac is like a beef clubhouse on a bun, and it's delicious. Gotta have that 3rd layer or bar down bread or it don't count.