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  1. How do you have both McDavid and Draisaitl on your team.......... There needs to be some sort of intervention... but I mean I can't complain either with Matthews and Marner. Near the top of the league for once. Let's keep it going boys!
  2. Hey everyone, Glad to see that all of you have made several moves thus far and are keeping your team up-to-date each week! Lots of fierce competition this year. Scottish currently on top of the throne staying undefeated, and MM close behind as always. Three-way tie between Jaku, 22Sedinery33 and myself for third place, then Bomba and Moose not too far behind in the standings. A friendly reminder to continue starting your active players every day as we head into the second quarter of the season! Best of luck @Scottish⑦Canuck @Master Mind @Jaku @22Sedinery33 @Bombastik der Teutone @73 Percent @Art Vandelay @BlueDragon23
  3. Sorry Jaku, no beginner's luck for you this week, but I'll take it
  4. Here are words never spoken before: The EKL Los Angeles Kings are 1st place in the league!! Might as well give me the Stanley Cup right now... gotta milk it while I can Thanks everyone for a great season and see you next year!
  5. The Los Angeles Kings place Jacob de la Rose on waivers. The Los Angeles Kings place a waiver claim on Teddy Blueger. The Los Angeles Kings call up Carl Grundstrom. ELC Slides: Kole Lind, Ivan Chekhovich, Garrett Pilon There seems to be a miscalculation with the buried contract of Mike Condon. His cap hit is $2.4 million and the cap relief should be ($700,000 + $375,000 = $1.075M), leaving $1.325M still on my cap, but the sheet says it is $1.85M instead. https://www.capfriendly.com/faq#buried @Tylez @Primal Optimist
  6. The first team you play this season... Faulk The Leafs!
  7. Breaking News: MM finally discloses his secret winning strategy. Now the trophy is up for grabs. Case in point – set your lines!!!
  8. Thanks to everyone who attended this year's draft! Hopefully, for those who couldn't make it, minimal changes to your roster will be needed. However, I anticipate another season of frequently used waivers As we begin another exciting season (6!) of CDCYHL, please join me in welcoming new GM's @Jaku @22Sedinery33 @BlueDragon23! As always, a friendly reminder to keep your roster updated daily, or click 'start active players' each week for improved results. Good luck to everyone this hockey season! (Except for Jaku during week 1, you're going down ) @Master Mind @Art Vandelay @73 Percent @Scottish⑦Canuck @Bombastik der Teutone @Free-Unit
  9. Hey everyone, the draft will be held on Sunday, September 22nd @ 3:00pm PST. If you haven't posted your keepers yet, the deadline is this Friday! Happy picking @Master Mind @Art Vandelay @Scottish⑦Canuck @73 Percent @Bombastik der Teutone @Drouin @Free-Unit @iFinnster @Jaku
  10. Let's do the week before the 29th then, on Sunday, September 22nd @ 4:00pm PST. Hopefully everybody is available this weekend instead. @Bombastik der Teutone - Would you be able to make the draft if we moved it an hour earlier?
  11. Welcome to Season 6 of CDCYHL!!! Can't believe that this is our sixth season! Had to update the OP with more spoilers to include this year and the years ahead! The draft will be held on Sunday, September 29th @ 4:00pm. It will take approximately 20 minutes. (Can everyone make it? I think Sundays should be good for most people, similar to last year's draft.) If you have any questions about anything (or want to talk smack about each other's teams), please feel free to post in the thread whenever! #FreeSpeech Without further ado, let the games begin!! Post your keepers anytime in the next 2 weeks – it's hockey season baby @Master Mind @Art Vandelay @Scottish⑦Canuck @73 Percent @Bombastik der Teutone @Drouin @MikeyBoy44 @iFinnster @Dexbae
  12. Alexandar Georgiev for my skipped pick
  13. Brian Dumoulin for my skipped pick
  14. Jakob Silfverberg for my skipped pick
  15. Cody Ceci for my skipped pick