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  1. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Except Nichushkin did it right after being drafted.
  2. Jordan Schroeder

    People are writing him off just like they used to write-off Mason Raymond in his first couple of seasons. Give him at least another season to prove himself.
  3. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Ehlers is a no brainer unless MDC/Bennett become available.
  4. Bo Horvat Talk

    It's a small tournaments with the best Junior players in the world that haven't leaped into the NHL. Pretty big if you ask me. And the fact that it's so highly regarded makes it that much more important.
  5. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Woah, since when are we drafting based on looks? People these days... makes me wonder why I keep coming back to this thread lol.
  6. Dane Fox Talk

    Yup, close the books on this guy... total bust.
  7. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    That's the absolute worst explanation ever. Drafting someone just to please the media?
  8. Scum of the Earth. Such a backwards individual.
  9. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    I know this post isn't serious, but lol.
  10. OMG Earthquake?

    Pretty sure you'd be under water right now if you felt it in Richmond
  11. Why would I not go to Richmond? That's just as stupid as me saying Chinese people shouldn't live in Richmond, or even Canada as a whole. If you want to keep your language/culture COMPLETELY, you've literally got your own Country for that. Why come to Canada if you don't want to merge with the culture you're entering? Now, as I previously mentioned... this doesn't mean losing your cultural identity as a whole; that's far from what I'm saying. We have parts of town set aside for different cultures. We also have different cultural events for respective cultures, which Canadians around the world embrace and celebrate. But day to day activities, you should segregate to the Canadian lifestyle (ie. bilingual language, etc.)
  12. Completely disagree. I don't want to travel to richmond and see chinese writing for advertisements all over the place without being able to understand it. I live in Canada, not China. This goes for Surrey too, except it's not as big as a problem compared to Richmond.
  13. This is just dumb. If you want to immigrate to a different country, at least partially segregate. As someone mentioned, abide by our laws, culture, and holidays. And that's not me trying to turn you into a complete 'white washed' individual. We have Chinatown, Little India, Little Italy, etc. for a reason. Those are some places I'd understand having only ethnic languages for signs/advertisements. EDIT: Since everyone else is doing this, I'm the son of an immigrant as well, born here however. Good to see most of us agree!
  14. Hunter Shinkaruk Talk

    Didn't even need to read the rest of your post, clearly you're a clueless adolescence.
  15. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    He is ranked 6th for North American skaters, not including Euros. And it's a toss up even with that, everyone has their opinions on where he should rank... some say outside of the top 10, some say in the top 10. Why take a risk with a player like that? We took Shinkaruk because he literally dropped 10-12 spots from his initial draft ranking, and was the consensus best player available. In the case of Virtanen, he wouldn't drop to us... we'd be taking him somewhat off the charts.