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  1. Philadelphia Flyers star Claude Giroux arrested in Ottawa

    Oh man the on-ice chirps are going to destroy him.
  2. 24th overall pick

    I'd honestly do it, quality>quantity. Especially since we have another year to draft as well to get that quantity.
  3. [Trade] VAN aquires Derek Dorsett

    1st: People complaining about not being tough enough. Boston model plz!11!!1! 2nd: Benning begins to assemble his tough 4th line, ala boston model. 3rd: zOmggzzzz why we do dissszzz.
  4. [Trade] Jason Garrison to TBL

    A free 50th overall pick? I'll take it! Didn't need Garrison with the new direction the team is taking.
  5. Luca Sbisa on Team 1040!

    Updated with Summary
  6. Luca Sbisa on Team 1040!

  7. Luca Sbisa on Team 1040!

    Tune in! He's going to be doing an interview next. - Excited to be here, figured there might be a trade, when he heard it was Vancouver he was really excited. Wants to start a new chapter in his career. - Felt like he needed a new start after getting injured multiple times last year. Was a rough year, wants a new start. Everything he felt something good was going to happen, he got injured. Wants to forget last year. - Knew that the coach was happy with their 6D, but the team didn't want to ruin their defense's dynamic - Feeling 100% healthy right now, one and done injuries, nothing that he feels will reoccur. Had surgery in his hand, feels great. - Loves Vancouver's atmosphere and living conditions, remembers the Olympics and his role with Swiss, will never forget it. Gets fired up every time he's in Rogers Arena. - Vancouver seems to love Swiss D, and hopes to stay here longer than Diaz. - Knows there are a bunch of good D in Vancouver right now, excited for the challenge hopes to be in the Top 4. Wants to make a strong push in training camp for the top 4. - Being traded multiple times softened the blow of being traded, not panicing like he was last time. Feels like he's matured and that it's apart of the game. - Came to NA in his juniors to get a higher level of hockey, didn't want to stay in Swiss wanted a greater challenge to get drafted. Wants to be in the NHL, not in the Swiss league. - Looking forward to the Vancouver media where hockey is a religion, going to be fun.
  8. You clearly haven't seen the guy play and are just basing your opinion on him from when he was injured. If he recovers to his old form (who knows... might happen, might not...) we have a great player on our hands.
  9. Shawn Thornton happy to talk to Benning

    For the right price.
  10. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Except Nichushkin did it right after being drafted.
  11. Yeah, we have a bunch of other rounds to pick guys with size and nastiness. If you don't go for pure skill in the first round it'd be outrageous.
  12. Draisaitl vs Dal Colle

    And Virtanen and Ritchie are only 1-2 spots away from him. So guess we shouldn't draft them too (which honestly, I really hope we don't do).
  13. Jordan Schroeder

    People are writing him off just like they used to write-off Mason Raymond in his first couple of seasons. Give him at least another season to prove himself.
  14. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Ehlers is a no brainer unless MDC/Bennett become available.
  15. I miss the years where we never had to worry about goaltending at all, and just needed to focus on defense and forwards.