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  1. I thought about that but they usually go with the second year in the season no? It's the 2019-20 season so I thought they'd go with 20 if that was the case... You're probably right tho it's probably just the year. EDIT: Yes Tkachuk is #19. "Crap"?
  2. It's a nice, clean looking jersey. My beef is that I don't like the orange-y tinge to it. I liked the circa 2010 Flames jerseys the best. Especially that away jersey. Anyways my only question with this is how come Tkachuk is wearing the C in the images?
  3. Best part about this, Toronto is looking even worse for the Nylander contract
  4. They honestly should call it that since they called the cap recapture rule the Luongo rule.
  5. Honestly I like Brock. A lot. But if he's demanding more than 7 mil it's unjustified. He has 140 games experience over the span of 2 years with a couple of arduous injuries along the way. Also, if he's asking for the contract to be structured like Meier's, that's also unjustified the 2 are not comparable. Meier kills penalties, hits, plays with an edge and he's gritty. They have comparable point totals but that's about it. I don't like how much power RFAs think they have in the negotiations and it all started with the Nylander/Dubas fiasco. Inexperienced GM strong armed into a bad contract, and now that bad contract is having massive ripple effects across the league. I definitely see the league addressing this issue in the next CBA negotiations. And I have a feeling the NHLPA might cave eventually on this matter. All these RFA negotiations are having an adverse effect on the guys who have been in the league longer, paid their dues and have actually earned a massive contract. But a 22 year old kid who has been on the job less than 2 years and is making 6-7mill/year (assuming that's the ceiling Boeser signs for) should not be considered a loss to them or their agents.
  6. @aGENT And with all the contracts moving out and getting replaced by kids coming up in the pipeline, it means more draft picks and prospects coming back. In a nutshell, that's the sustainable model this management team is following and it's an excellent one if we can afford them the patience to see it through.
  7. Save % doesn't mean anything if you're playing behind a rebuilding team. We constantly had extended pressure in our zone and defensive breakdowns. That comes with mental and physical fatigue and the fact that he still made so many saves off grade A chances should tell you that if he's playing with a better team in front of him (aka this year) he would be regarded as one of the best in the league. There were 8 goalies that played more than 60 games this year - bonafide starters - and he had a .912%, while 4 others had .913%. The 2 goalies with a better save % than Marky: Frederik Anderson and Carey Price (.917% and .918% respectively). So even for those 2 the difference isn't huge. Oh and most of the other goalies were playing on playoff teams. He's in elite company, there's just no denying that. And that's just by looking at the stats. But I didn't have to look at stats to see how often he was making grade A saves every game. I'm sure there's an advanced stat out there that shows his save % for grade A chances and how it compares to others around the league. I'd be interested to know how he compares there. I guarantee you it wasn't hard to put together a highlight reel of saves this past year for Markstrom because there was so many to choose from. It's a question of whether he can maintain that level of play this year because if he can, our playoff chances are looking very good.
  8. Agreed. Imo his play last year was not just #1 goalie level, but a top 5 goalie in the league. He made one ridiculous save after another and I'm sure it wasn't hard to put together a highlight reel. Marky has all the tools, it mostly just seemed mental/confidence with him before, but if he can carry the momentum and level of play he had last year into this year we should be in great shape to make the playoffs.
  9. EDIT: Nevermind it's already posted
  10. Good guy to have on the team, him Rinaldo and Reaves seem to be the only ones in the enforcer role that are capable of sticking around in the league. @RRypien37 Can't help but think Rypien would have been on that list as well RIP
  11. Hope he keeps taking steps forward this year. This guy will surprise a lot of people with his defensive abilities. Don't be surprised if he plays it a little safe when he turns pro then as he gains more and more confidence, you'll start seeing more offense from him. He's a really good 2way Dman. Krug is a better skater to be sure, and Krug is also a bit more of a risk taker. One thing I noticed about Jack is he doesn't force the play and try to create something out of nothing. But if you give him an inch, he'll take a mile. To me, he's a slightly more mobile Sami Salo. Heavy accurate bomb from the point, gets his shot through, good passer and knows how to find open guys. I've seen him overwhelm a couple of NCAA goalies a couple of times with his cannon from the point. Even if they save the shot, there seems to be a juicy rebound right there for the taking. This guy is a weapon on the PP. I'd pair him up with Hughes on the 1st unit, which allows Hughes to really be 4th forward and create offense from the top of the key, while Rathbone lines up bombs and gets back on defense in case there's an odd man rush the other way. Steady defensively. Doesn't chase but knows when to step up and apply pressure, and when to fall in position. He's got great timing as well. He seems to know where to be at the right time. That's what I saw from him last year, and I hope he keeps taking steps in the right direction this year. He already processes the game perfectly at the collegiate level. This year is about proving he can be a #1 Dman at that level for the whole year. Good leader on and off the ice as well, I'd be shocked if he doesn't at least have an A this year. The 2 biggest questions are: 1) Can he translate the way he processes college hockey to the NHL level. 2) Will he be able to improve his skating to be a good/above average skater at the NHL level. Overall he's dynamic and very effective on both end of the ice. He's my kind of player. I'm as excited about Jack as I am about Juolevi, if not more. EDIT: I will keep an eye on him this year, and hopefully keep updating this thread with his progress.
  12. Dorsett and Miller take the cake for me. Which is funny considering how much hate JB got when he acquired each of them.
  13. I left this comment on a status update but I figured it's better to leave it here if there are people complaining about the Myers contract... It's a great contract for a UFA who could round out the Canucks top 4 nicely. You're getting him on the open market where there could have been a bidding war for his services and he only got a minimal raise from his previous contract and 5 year term as opposed to 7. That's a win any way you look at it... Did you want him to sign for less $? Less term? And if so, you have to ask yourself, is that a realistic expectation?