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  1. I'm afraid it's one of Seth Jones or PLD that EP would fetch Nux. Cheers for attempting the GM name I wouldn't do 1 for 1 though. EP > PLD and if you deal EP for Jones then you're just creating a black hole for 1C. We have plenty of dmen that can supplement Hughes' ability. No need to go out and trade for one.
  2. Fair enough. But just unfounded speculation no? Personally, I'm not ready to trade him based on that. He's not that type of person. I'm willing to bet money that he's not waiting until he hits FA and bolting. I believe the reason he's holding out is because he's not sure whether or not the AHL will actually play out the 20-21' season next year. It's tough competition to crack the Canucks lineup, and if he signs a professional contract he can't return to NCAA. That means he could potentially sit idle next year and he doesn't want to do that so he's waiting to see how things unfold. Smart plan imo. I will try to find the source later but I believe it might have been an interview of his or something coming out of Canucks camp... I'm at work now so cannot research but will try to find later. it's worth noting that Utica is also fairly close to his family.
  3. Might not be as bad as Hall for Larsson but I certainly wouldn't want that trade. Rathbone is a gamer who will contribute to the Team on a cheap deal which will be much needed soon. Only thing we agree on in that comment is that I'm not quite as sold on Rafferty either
  4. Oooooh I was with you there until Risto I'm not a huge fan of his, although I haven't really seen him play lately. Just from what I heard, he's not defensively reliable which was an issue earlier in his career as well when I was watching him a bit more (I was on the east coast). So I don't know if he rectified that, but from what I've heard he hasn't, which is a deal breaker for me. But yes the idea is to get a fairly young (U28) top 4 dman. Doesn't have to be a right shot, as long as they can play the right side. Well to be fair Boeser alone doesn't get you that either. Virtanen is due for a new contract, so not only do you get his $$ off the books, but if we can actually package him with a Beagle/Sutter/Baertschi and not get cap in return, that would give us cap flexibility to re-sign Tanev. There's your top 4 dman. No argument there about the unbolded part. As for the succession plan, I don't see any issue with what you're suggesting even if we kept Boeser. Also agreed, I think in about 2-3 years time we would have at least one of Pods and Hogs in our top 6, which means more trade chips (Pearson and/or Toffoli). The beauty of strong drafting and development
  5. Agreed for the most part. Toffoli is different than the others you mentioned in the sense that he is much more of an offensive threat aside from Miller, plus he has their 2way ability (more or less). Miller is a different style of player though, he's more power forward than 2-way forward. I think there's room for Toffoli, Boeser, Pearson and Miller as our top 6 wingers. Although that might be a little expensive. Virtanen is the odd man out for me. I'd look to package him with a Juolevi/Woo and see what we can get back in terms of a top 4 Dman. Or package Virtanen with a cap dump and that would allow us to re-sign Tanev. Either one works for me, but I do think we need Boeser's gamebreaking ability.
  6. I thought it was the same thread that gets moved from Prospects to Roster Players sub-forum? I could be wrong...
  7. They remain the Rain City Bitch Pigeons
  8. It will all be situational of course, but to me it would have to be pretty extreme circumstances (like in an elimination game) for me to actually be upset at one of our players for crossing a line. Even then, it'll depend. That's just me personally though... All I know is, clean hockey doesn't win in the playoffs.
  9. Yeah that's fair, can't disagree with that when it's an elimination game, but outside of that I'm fine with some nastiness and physicality.
  10. I agree with most of your post except the bolded part. He's fine. He doesn't need to harness anything. I want him to keep playing on the edge and it's fine if he crosses it every now and again. Marchand isn't an effective player just purely based on his skill. We don't need a team of neutered goody two-shoes, we need a team with bite and physicality and as a result they will cross some lines every now and again and that's ok. It's not the end of the world if they take penalties/suspensions every now and again. EDIT: In the interest of honesty, I can't remember what he did in the WJC to get him booted out of the game for Sweden, nor do I really care. As long as he didn't swing his stick at someone's head, I'm fine with it.
  11. Cheers thanks for that. I'll admit I haven't seen him play at all aside from a couple of highlight vids on Youtube. This was a little more telling. Here are my findings, and take them with a HUGE grain of salt because they're based on ONE 5m30s video. BUT here goes nothing: - Good motor on him, battles hard and keeps his head on a swivel. Decently active stick although I think he tries to get his body in the way more than leveraging his reach. That can be fixed with some coaching. Not that it's a huge issue to begin with. Tries to find good positioning defensively and will get in the lane to block shots. Always something you like to see in a high pick. - High compete level. Tries to find open ice, or engage in battles whenever possible. He does occasionally float but nothing noteworthy, and typically doesn't put himself or his teammates in a bad position as a result of it. - Isn't an effortless speedster, although I wouldn't say he's a bad skater, but a bit of an awkward skater. I'd say he's ever-so-slightly below average in the NHL, but not something I'm remotely concerned about. Just needs to clean up his stride and work a little on first 2 steps and he should be more than fine. - Puck hound. Good forecheck because of his tenacity and his motor, with the potential to be a great forechecker if he improves his skating. Smaller ice surface will serve him well. I really like that part of his game. Dog on a bone type. - Not a blazing wrist shot, although not terrible. Not flashy, and not the smoothest stick handler so I don't think he'll be Datsyuk-ing too many NHLers. Decent vision, but I wouldn't call him the second coming of Henrik. He'll usually make a good pass to keep possession. All that said, I imagine he'll be doing most of his scoring from within 30 feet of the net, and his game translates well for the NHL. I think he'll actually be a better NHLer than KHLer. - I expect he'll be a good playoff performer for us. He's kind of a more physically equipped Alex Burrows, and the following bullet point drives that home. - My favourite part about him: it's a 6 nothing blowout and his team had a comfortable lead since the first period, but with 30 seconds left in the game he was still back checking hard and trying to block a shot. That's pretty remarkable, and something you absolutely LOVE to see. Speaks volumes to the kind of teammate he is, as well as his compete level. Remarkable is putting it mildly. - Overall, I really like his 2way, in-your-face, nothing-will-come-easy style of play. It seems like this kid is a good leader on and off the ice. I wouldn't be surprised if he wears an A for us after he's established himself. IMO he might project to be a good top 6 winger in the 45-60 point range over 82 games (depending on the linemates he plays with). Grain of salt. I'm super happy with the pick and absolutely ecstatic to have this kid on the roster in 1.5 years. I think he'll win some big games for us in his career. Seems like a big game player. His style of play and body language seem to suggest that. One last time, take all of that with a BIG ol' spoonful of salt because it's based on a 5m30s video. I really shouldn't even be posting this, but I have a lot of time on my hands and wanted to jot down my thoughts.