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  1. I'm playing NHL 16 be a GM with the Colorado Avalanche, and my lineup got too good. Here it is:


    Landeskog - Duchene - Kucherov

    Saad - Mackinnon - Nylander

    Lemieux - Soderberg - Hansen

    Haberstich - Chipchura - Dorsett


    Klefbom - Pouliot

    Chychrun - Burns

    Meszaros - Barrie





    Haberstich is a young LW PWF, I always draft him in the third round because he usually develops into a good player (cheating I know). I need to make a trade but I don't know who to get rid of. My team is too young now so I'd probably want to trade a young'un for a vet. Mackinnon isn't progressing all that well, he's still scoring at a 2nd liner's pace. So maybe get rid of him for an upgrade to get a right handed 2C checker. We are the highest scoring team in the league, 2nd in GA, top 3 in PP%, top 5 in PK%. I've got Rantanen and another LW prospect, as well as 2 LDs knocking on the door for a taste in the big league. Pouliot is the leading Dman in scoring in the league, he's looking like Norris trophy candidate.


    The core of the team is all between 20-27 years old. How would you move forward with this lineup?

    1. thejazz97


      I know in NHL 17, you can trade Henrik Samuelsson for Zach Werenski, but that doesn't help you any.

    2. Alflives


      Ever played “bubble hockey”?  We used to cut up hockey cards, and tape them over the plastic players to create our teams.  We cut up some good cards.  :picard:

    3. Vanuckles


      @Alflives Alf, your posts always put a smile on my face :lol: Sorry that you lost so many good cards, but you get a story out of it now.


      @thejazz97 Appreciate the tip anyways. NHL '16 is the most current NHL I own. I don't buy them every year because of how stupid expensive they are. I'll probably wait to get NHL '20 when it comes out. I know I'm cheap, but I hate corporations and I'm not giving them my money unless I absolutely have to.

  2. [Report] Alexandre Burrows announces retirement

    One of my best hockey memories was the Carolina shorthanded goal. I don't think people realize the effect it had on the organization as a whole. The organization was debating cleaning house at the time with the coaching staff and some of the core players. He stepped up not unlike OT game 7 against Chicago. Thanks for the memories Burr, heart of a champion.
  3. Would instantly make the Lightning instant cup favourites. They are scary up front, bringing in Karlsson would give them the best defense in the league as well. Karlsson, Hedman, and McDonagh alone are 3 Norris caliber Dmen. Stralman is no slouch. That's insane. If McDonagh finds his footing next year after getting adjusted to the team, city, system... I would assume Sergachev would be shipped out as part of the package to land Karlsson. If Tampa lands Karlsson, TBL are instant cup favourites.
  4. Well I suggested we do the 1st in 2020 to guard from another possible bottom of the league finish next year. You don't trade for his just for this year. Or the next 3 years. He's 28, he still has many years left in the tank, and even if we are not extremely competitive, the effect he would have on stabilizing the defense and showing Quinn Hughes the ropes goes a long way. Think of it this way, bringing him here makes Tanev expendable so we can get a little value back.
  5. I'd have no issues with us not getting Karlsson, but at the same time he's one of the best Dmen in the world, and he's young. That doesn't happen very often. If he's available, which he clearly is, I think it's a mistake not to make a pitch and see where it goes. We won't be the only team in on it, so the price would have to make sense (no Pettersson, Boeser, Hughes, Horvat), but if it does, I don't see how anybody can say we took a step backwards in our rebuild by acquiring a 28 year old Karlsson.
  6. To Ott: Juolevi (Blue chip D prospect), Baertschi (help replace Hoffman's scoring), Gaudette (blue chip forward prospect), 2020 1st round pick To Van: Karlsson Ryan That would be my offer. We have a ton of forward prospects. We don't lose anything irreplaceable. They get help for now and the future. It might not get it done, but that's as far as my pitch would go.
  7. Damn would have loved him as one of our nuckleheads. Good for him, it's a good contract with a good team. He's earned the contract. He provides a skillset that very few left in the league can provide, and he's the best at it.
  8. Well there biggest differences are 3 fold: 1- They are completely different types of players. You might as well be comparing a defenseman and a forward. 2- They had completely different development paths. We're still developing to turn him into a dynamic player we have been missing in this organization since Bertuzzi. Duclair is 22 and has already been booted out of the 3 organizations, with the last one choosing not to offer him a contract as a restricted free agent. I don't know about you, but that sets off alarms in my head. 3- Jake is already IN the organization. Not only that but we already have 4 different Duclairs in the organization - Baertschi, Granlund, Goldobin and Leipsic. AND they all can/do play Duclair's position. Everybody is clamoring that we have too many players in the organization with the same MO, and we should look to trade one of them for a draft pick. Yet you want to take on another player. I don't follow that logic if I'm honest. Lastly, I never said Duclair is a bust. I said he's not someone we should pursue. He could very well still develop into a 60 point player, I just don't see any value in the Canucks taking a flyer on him when we already have so many players in the org that we can develop into that player role.
  9. Huh interesting to see that this is sounding like a sellers market for Dmen. Bodes well for the Canucks and our plethora of Dmen. Only question remaining is high draft pick or weaponizing cap space for an even higher draft pick?
  10. You're basing that off of projections. Even then your math is wrong haha. Eriksson went on a streak scoring 10 points in 10 games with us, he's not an 82 point player.
  11. Hockey players do that sometimes... Some of the most hyped up prospects fall flat on their face sometimes. I remember Brule was so heralded as a prospect and I believe one of our GMs was offered Brule alone as a return to Cory Schneider when they were both prospects. They couldn't believe our GM wouldn't take the deal because apparently he was widely considered one of the best prospects in the league.
  12. Not interested. Especially Duclair... People just recognize the name and immediately jump to "he's a good player to take a flyer on". Remember by taking a flyer on him, you're taking away a spot from one of the kids. Duclair is 22 and has already been given up on by 3 organizations. New York and Chicago are very well respected in terms of talent assessment. Stay away from the soft, undersized, perimeter forward. We have enough of them already for Pete's sake.