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  1. I watched him once on the Mooseheads this year, and while he wasn't having the best game (not his fault, the whole team wasn't playing great and they got whipped), what caught my attention is that the coach deployed him in a lot of defensive faceoffs. Which tells me that not only the coach trusts him defensively, but that he also has good faceoff capabilities. From what I recall, while his skating was good, and he scored a breakaway goal, it's definitely not even remotely close to McDavid or Bure. That said, I watched him a while back so he might have improved dramatically since then, but I doubt it. That's just what I saw. That said, I would be ecstatic to get him in the draft.
  2. Hello Master Mind, my apologies for the late reply. I will assume the responsibility of the GM of the Ottawa Sens for the remainder of the year, if you believe I am fit for the job. I will evaluate the amount of time it takes over the summer and get back to you if I believe I am not taking the time it takes to do a good job running the franchise.
  3. Strong meme game I'd rather we win and stay at #4. I believe there are better odds of jumping into the top 3 when you're at #4 than staying in the top 3 when you're at #2.
  4. I can't speak for other people, but I don't think of Tanev as a #1, far from it. He's one of the most defensively sound Dmen in the league, but he contributes nothing else to the team, other than being a nice guy, presumably. He gets run over too much by forwards barreling down on him. Imo, that's not a recipe for longevity. He's not even 200lbs so it's not like he is "blessed" physically to take it. The way I look at it, cash in before the wheels come undone. That said, I'm not sure if Liljegren is who we would want to hitch our wagon to, but it's fun to dream about that defensive core. Going after a gritty top 6 scoring forward is probably the wiser choice instead.
  5. When you get those back to back responses, you know you have made a good trade proposal. The resulting defense core for both teams looks good. However, it does leave our depth on Dmen suspect. I'm also not sure about how physically mature/dominant Liljegren is because I haven't seen him enough other than in highlights. So I'm not sure how he would handle the physicality in the west, therefore I don't know if you want to hitch your wagon to that ride. I think you might have just really liked the Lidstrom Rafalski pairing on the wings a few years ago - can't blame you, who didn't. That said, good trade proposal.
  6. Truly the heart and soul of the organization. This is a sad day for canucks fans. His never quit attitude, his defiant demeanor on the ice, his team first approach, his love of the game, his community work, his leadership, his work ethic, his journey to the NHL are what it means to be a Canuck. He's the definition of what a Canuck player should be like. When he was reminiscing about his first goal: "And the most important thing, we won that game."
  7. If this deal is any indication, it's a buyer's market for sure.
  8. From the title I thought you were talking about a fear of Tryamkin
  9. I'm out east so I was watching this on the Pens feed and man are they homers... if anybody complains about John Garrett here being a homer check out some of the other teams' commentators
  10. Exactly. The difference between the 2 markets alone is enough of a shock to anybody's system and needs lots of time to get used to. Patience.
  11. I'm in the opposite boat to be honest. I thought it was a bad deal at the time but I've grown fonder of it over time. Now I like the trade and still think we come out on top. Gudbranson is a role model. He's a vocal, emotional, and well-spoken leader. Not to mention his intimidating stature and physicality. All of those put together are his intangibles you hear so much about. Tryamkin does not make him expendable. What (most of) this fan base needs to learn is that you can't have 1 guy pulling on the rope in terms of pushback. They always get discouraged and broken down less than halfway through the season. We need a wolf pack mentality so that teams stop feasting on the softness of this team. To develop that wolf pack mentality, you need multiple guys out there with plenty of push back, so that other Canucks know that there are intimidating guys on the team who will have their backs. They start joining that train, and you start getting buy in from everyone - wolf pack mentality. The twins are great and we have been lucky to have them on this team for so long, but I think they bring a certain tame nature to this team. I'm not ashamed to say that I am looking forward to when we change that image, which comes with the changing of the old guard. People might say that 2 players alone don't have that effect on the whole team, but it's not any 2 players. It's the 2 players who are the faces and identity of this NHL club.
  12. I'm 0/5 but a buddy of mine won free wedges and gave me his. Does that count as 1/5?
  13. Really? Picked up all that didja? Careful, don't let any of it affect your zen.
  14. If that was enough you probably should have let it be. I never said he should expect anything. But as a young player if the coach think of you as an absolute last resort, dressing a guy who's injured and can't play a minute of hockey, it tends to destroy your confidence. Anyways, like I said to the other stud, moving on... He got into the lineup, and played well imo. Looked good on the PP. I got better things to do with my time than rehashing old arguments. You enjoy your Sunday.
  15. Are we still on this? Kid got into the lineup already and played decently well Imo. He looked good on the PP getting shots through. Moving on, guy. You should do the same.