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  1. Jake's problem is between his ears. It always has been and always will be unless he addresses it. And it can be addressed. I'm not talking about IQ level, but more shedding light on what's going on and possibly giving him another perspective. I look at a guy like Mackinnon who's admitted to struggling (to the extent that Mackinnon can actually "struggle") the first few years into his career. Then he started seeing an athletic therapist and that allowed him to do a 180 mentally which kicked his game into the stratosphere to where he's considered a top 3 player in the league now. It could benefit Jake to talk to someone and get to the bottom of some of the "blockers" in his way that are keeping him from rolling his sleeves up and committing to being a professional athlete.
  2. Yeah that's probably cuz they'd be ok with taking back another comparable bad contract. Maybe a change of scenery would do Loui and whomever he could/might get traded for will serve them well. I'd be ok with it as long as it's not longer term or more money on the contract. Ultimately even more money left on the contract would be ok if the other team retains or adds assets to offset the difference. I personally would not be ok with getting back a bad contract with longer term than Loui's.
  3. I know he was brought up, drafted and developed as a 2way center in NCAA. I think his defensive game started to dip a little during his last year of college. I'll be honest I didn't follow his college career closely but everything I've heard about him during his NCAA career was pointing to a 2way center with 2nd line upside. He's moved away from the 2way game in recent years but I still see the appetite there, he just needs to work on it more and the coaching staff might need to dedicate some time with him to work on that side of the game. If Virtanen gets traded maybe they'll have more time to work with Gaudette.
  4. I'm in the keep Gaudette over Virtanen for sure. I saw a guy who's all hussle and effort as opposed to what Virtanen was doing. Like I said both his offensive and defensive game could improve but I think you'll see that improvement when he bulks up. The appetite and hustle is there to be a good 2way player, he just needs to figure it out and he's a smart player so I'm not willing to give up on him. Exactly, G. Like I said above, the appetite and hustle is there, and I believe you'll see significant improvement in his game as he bulks up. People say Horvat is not great defensively either. See comments above regarding how I feel about Gaudette.
  5. Not at all recency bias @Monty but keep stat watching. I'm not going to argue with all of you. I like Lehner because of his story but to me he's an average goalie playing on an excellent teams recently, and he doesn't go anywhere his team doesn't take him. He always leaves big juicy rebounds, and gets fatigued easily because he's so big. Mobility, athleticism, fitness level all come in question for me. All I'll say on this is that the minute you see Vegas's product on the ice drop off you'll see Lehner's numbers take a pretty good dip so you can quote me on that and I'll gladly admit I was wrong about him.
  6. Also Markstrom is a much better goalie. My guess for Marky is between 6.5-7 which would be a pretty good contract for what he's giving us.
  7. Why not give Gaudette more time to grow into the role. He'd make a pretty good 3C if we give we allow him some time. He's 23, and he plays a 2way game. Is there room for improvement offensively and defensively - sure. But we have a pretty good player here, and as he bulks up and gets experience he'll get even better. No need to give up on him just yet. Defense is higher priority imo.
  8. That was my initial thought as well. But then I thought maybe trades don't work out or fall through or for whatever reason Jake ends up back here next year. Maybe it'll light a fire under his ass. I'm not making an excuse I still think it's not the best thing to say in a market like this one but just offering one possible explanation. Honestly I think JB is still a little raw from the loss because there were a couple of answers in the interview and the media availability that I wasn't sure where he's going with them.
  9. I'm not saying it isn't logical. I was just hoping they went the other way. But that's just me. It's not a bad decision either way. Also: That was my reasoning to another poster.
  10. All Hughes needs is someone reliable defensively which Tanev definitely is. But they could have upgraded there in the physicality department too. Harmonic seems like he'd be a very good fit on paper (granted) and he'll likely be just as affordable as Tanev. Good leader too. Edler would be great as well since Hughes is comfortable on the right side. Plenty of other options. Toffoli is a 2-time Cup winner and played an important role in those runs. JB also mentions in his interview that he was great with Petey and helped him along a lot. I don't know why you're coming in with the "of course they're going to choose Tanev".
  11. In the interview I mentioned above it also sounded like they're going to prioritize Markstrom and Tanev, and they hope to have enough space to keep Toffoli. I was hoping they'd choose Toffoli over Tanev. I did want them to keep Tanev earlier in the season, but I started leaning more towards letting him walk as the season went along. I missed on this one.
  12. Really good (full) interview here Reading between the lines I think they're going to package him to move out money. Something a few of us might have mentioned once or twice But they've been patient with him for 6 years and his professionalism still comes into question sometimes. I'd definitely be good with this move.
  13. I forgot about the week break. Yeah that definitely could have been a huge advantage because it was a short series for is against the sharks. If we had started 2 days after their game 7 vs Tampa it would have played even more in our favour. That said, we did win the first 2 games and as you/doc said, they were done until the Nathan Horton hit so who knows if the end result would have changed. Idk, it's all hypothetical and personally I've moved on to the point where it's just lessons learned for me at this point.