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  1. I'd like to see Tryamkin play with Hughes for a bit this year when he comes over to see what we have. Tryamkin could fill in Tanev's shoes fine nicely next year then we don't have to bring in help from the outside to replace Tanev in case he walks. Then it wouldn't be a huge loss if Tanev walks either. Plus we have some dmen knocking at the door such as Juolevi, Rafferty and Rathbone, I'd like to see them get some time with the big club if not this year, then next year for sure. EDIT: That's not to say that they might not go out and try to find outside help, and I would get it if they want to shore up the depth, but I'd like to see them look internally before spending assets.
  2. Clearly not, nor should he. We have enough prospects ahead of him on the depth chart and we were in a position to deal one to get some reinforcements. Really good trade. Also kind of glad we didn't get Barrie. We have an offensive stud in Hughes and Stecher is a lot better defensively than Barrie which will help more in the playoffs. We have Myers as well as Edler who are all puck moving Dmen. No need for Barrie. Hope we don't go after him this summer either - no cap anyways.
  3. Holy trades galore :o


  4. That's a Bruins 6'1" - I believe he's actually closer to 5'10" or 5'11" at best... that said he is a good middle six player but I would rather have Ritchie in my middle six especially in the playoffs. He's a nuisance to play against. Although if Heinen thrives with more ice time on the Ducks that could change my perspective.
  5. Oh I see what you mean, you're referring to Eriksson getting paid as a player but holding a front office job? I mean let's face it it's an exception but I don't think JB will think twice about it if it means getting his cap hit off the books
  6. Doesn't have to be... he can warm up the pressbox and slot in when there are injuries.
  7. Haha most players are paid more than the GM... I think GMs contracts are usually less than 2-5 million range... so there are a LOT of players already making more money than GMs (and coaches).
  8. It's honestly not as bad as people think. There are only 2 years left on his contract after this year. There are so many ways around it... 1- Your suggestion of an "office job" 2- Let him play out ONE more then buy him out in June 2021 - Cap hit would be 4 million for year 1, then 1 million for year 2. This is the best option imo aside from mutually agreeing to terminate the contract. 3- Let him play out one more year then trade him OR trade him this summer (50% retained for both options) - shouldn't cost an arm and a leg and we would still be saving 50% of his contract on the cap. Although if you do that this summer, he would still cost a 1st and a really good prospect to get rid of. 4- Mutually agree to terminate the contract and/or retire because let's face it he's pretty much done and I think he knows it. He could finish his career in the SHL as well. He gets to keep playing and be closer to home. 5- Make a deal with Seattle to take his contract and at that point he would only have 1 year left - although might be tough to swing that considering we might have a couple of good players exposed that Seattle would prefer. His contract turns into a modified NTC this summer where has can submit a 15 team no trade list. I don't think he'll have 15 teams on it... Opens up some options. That's just off the top of my head so I'm sure I'm forgetting other solutions...
  9. Full Elliotte Friedman article: I posted this not too long ago, but here it is again: Looks like they're finally being reasonable
  10. Not only that, but the NHL is not allowed broadcast any games/videos/highlights/marketing whatsoever from games so there is literally 0 upside for the league to do it. In fact, it's beyond that, they would be taking huge losses to shut down their league and pay for the players to fly overseas with their families where all the best of the best could risk injuries and affecting their club's success.