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  1. Received a job offer in Nova Scotia for 61500 annually. Trying to work out the taxes so that I can figure out what my biweekly pay check looks like. Any help? (Yes I have googled stuff)

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    2. peaches5


      @VanGnomeif the currency isn't being stored inside the TFSA you can't do it and I inquired about using a large lump sum of money to buy a home with my TFSA and was told highly unlikely. You'd need to challenge that in court. You're better off with what I said above - two trading accounts one taxable one TFSA. But also like I said the CRA has lost in court and there are people who have made 6-7 figures tax free. 

    3. Aladeen


      @peaches5 wow I didn't realize about the re-upping on the TFSA account I am shocked but fortunately I have never been in a position where I had to find that out first hand LOL


      @VanGnome I believe that the purchase of said investment has to come from the TFSA account I don't know how crypto currency investments work with TFSAs. Stocks, commodities, mutual funds/indexes etc  are all things you can for sure invest in through TFSA. You should probably contact an expert for how to do what you are proposing to involve a TFSA. It may be possible to do but I don't think there are clear rules about how you go about doing to guarantee the tax free status of returns on crypto currency.

    4. TheHitman


      Awesome job offer congrats!