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  1. Just recently brought myself to rewatch the first 2 periods of that game. The Canucks with half their lineup put up a helluva fight. We had our chances, Burrows had a glorious chance with Thomas down and out but they had a 6'9 Giant playing goalie. That goal would've tied the game at 1 with all the momentum going to the Canucks. Boston got all the lucky bounces. Marchand's wraparound goal. Bergeron's 3-0 goal. It was a lot closer than it looked.
  2. Probably unpopular opinion but i'd nominate Gudbranson. He didn't fight as much as a Canuck but when he did he never lost. Too bad he mostly scrapped to protect himself and not in response to hits on teammates. Couple memorable ones. Tom Wilson was looking for a fight went for a big hit on Guddy but just bounced off of him. Then starts a fight after the whistle and gets wasted by Guddy. Broke Hamonic's face after a laying out Dube with a huge hit. The Matt Martin incident.
  3. Never mind tp. Why the hell are ppl hoarding Nintendo switches now
  4. How about Olaf Kolzig. Led the Capitals to the finals in 97-98 Won a Vezina in 2000
  5. Voting Bertuzzi Nominating Alex Mogilny
  6. The Sedins need a successful PP to feast. They were most effective in the SJ series where our PP looked dominant.
  7. It's nice to have a free agent choose Vancouver as a preferred destination. Usually doesn't happen unless they grew up here. We can thank our Swedish legends Gradin, Naslund, Ohlund and the Sedins for this.
  8. That's what i was thinking too but i think there's more to it. Where was the team when Boeser got took a dirty hit from Tierney during a pre season game? Perhaps they were practicing their composure for the regular season? It's baffling to me.
  9. Cannot agree more. Reminds me of Toffoli's first game with us when he was sticking up for EP. No other Canucks were even in the vicinity to help him. Sometimes Beagle would stir things up in front of the net, again he's on his own the rest of the guys are skating back to the bench. It's probably one of the reasons why Roussel has been a kitten this year.
  10. With the level of defense and goaltending in this game 8-6 Canucks.
  11. We knew it was going to happen. Look at the preseason. Brock takes a cheap shot from Tierney and everyone turns a blind eye. Your young star had a serious back injury and you let him get hit like that with no response. You don't think our division rivals noticed? This has to end.
  12. The Big Bad Bruins are a thing of the past. The most intimidating thing about them is their PP.
  13. Wouldn’t count on it. This team is softer than alize with a chaser.