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  1. Marky!!! Nice to have a goalie steal us some games. Also F*ck Messier!!! F*ck New York
  2. "Hughes is feasting on the league’s top power-play unit. One that draws the most penalties in the league as well, so the opportunities should continue to come along. The 2018 seventh-overall pick’s 14 PPPs trail only Victor Hedman’s 15 for blueliners. His personal and even-strength shooting percentage is in line. His IPP remains stable. He’s a 20-year-old rookie defender on pace for 70-points. This is who is today and he’s getting better with each passing match. Meanwhile, Makar, who is a year older, is clicking at a nearly 14 percent conversion rate. He’s seeing more starts in the offensive zone than Hughes, yet isn’t driving play as well at even-strength (48.55 CF% compared to 55.32%). The Avs boast just as lethal a power-play unit – especially with Mikko Rantanen and Gabe Landeskog back in action. So Makar’s production on the man-advantage will be safe (and massive) but his 5v5 rates are due for a very real regression. If you’re trying to trade for either of these players, go for the Canuck. His price tag will likely be a bit cheaper, and his metrics say he’ll soon pass Makar in the race for Rookie of the Year." - CAM ROBINSON GO QUINN BRING HOME THE CALDER
  3. One thing that always stood out to me about Burr was the fact that he always put the team first. There were so many great memories but there's one interview i'll always remember. When he was asked about re-signing way under market value. He replied "I want to bring the Stanley Cup to Vancouver" LOVE YOU BURR well deserved ROH and forever a Canuck.
  4. Canucks are now the top team in the NHL in terms of goal diff at +15
  5. I do not agree with McCann At the time he was drafted McCann was ranked in the middle of the first round by most scouting services and as high as 12 he "fell" to us at 24. You must've had a crystal ball at the time if you thought Pastrnak was going to be a better prospect
  6. It's nice to have some offence from the D. Forgot what that felt like
  7. Maybe they should work on proper line changes during practice. It's retarded how often we get too many men penalties.
  8. 25 cause he's gonna be injured because nobody on this team responds to dirty hits on our star players.
  9. Vancouver - To help bring the cup home to Vancouver would be the greatest feeling in the world. Las Vegas - Always had a connection with that city. Florida - Family connections, sun, beaches and a short flight to the caribbean.
  10. Not a Jake hater but c'mon! Laine averages more goals per year than Virt does total points. Give me the elite sniper at 9M anyday.
  11. Why not? Luongo is on another level compared to McLean. Lu was an elite goalie throughout most of his career and in his prime a top 5 goaltender in the NHL. He smashed a 32 year old record and is without a doubt the greatest goalie in canucks history. He should absolutely be ahead of McLean imo.
  12. I think if Quinn reaches his full potential he would be a 70-80PT defenseman He's way more dynamic than Ghost or Keith at the same age IMO.
  13. YES we can and we will! Canucks are one of the most improved team in the West The Pacific was weak last year and appears to be even weaker this year. CGY - more or less the same roster still missing a goalie. Gio won't have another Norris season SJ - lost huge pieces in Pavelski and Braun VGK - The only team that would probably still kick our a**. Lost Colin Miller but will have a full year of Stone EDM - no improvement ARI - Should be better adding Kessel but nothing our roster can't handle ANA - entering rebuild lost Corey Perry LA- Entering rebuild
  14. The 2002 Playoffs where we took the first 2 games in Detroit? Edit NVM just saw that you meant regular season game