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  1. Would've loved to have Matt Martin on our 4th line.
  2. I am getting a huge erection
  3. Chiarelli has now traded Hall and Seguin. We all know how bad the Seguin trade is, let's hope history repeats itself.
  4. Brian Elliott is a true #1 goalie? 1. He's 31 and has never started more than 55 games and that was 6 years ago. 2. He posted below average stats until he played in STL one of the better defensive teams in the league. 3. STL is a contending team, if they felt he was a true number 1 he wouldn't have been traded.
  5. Edmonton - I thought they did quite well at the draft. Extremely lucky to have Puljujarvi fall to them. Benson could potentially be a great pick as well. They have many pieces to trade such as Eberle, RNH and Yakupov which could potentially bring back a solid D. Vancouver - Disappointed that we did not get Dubois, but it may be a blessing in disguise. The more i see Juolevi the more I'm loving the pick. He could potentially be the best defenseman in Canucks history. Calgary - IMO they did the worst of all the Western Canadian teams. Traded a second pick for an average goaltender that has never started more than 55 games in a season. Matthew Tkachuk may be a good pick but i'll be laughing when he ditches CGY and runs off to STL like his dad did.
  6. Benning helped build a team that completely shut down Crosby and Malkin in a seven game series. You can bet the Canucks are going to be a nightmare to play against in the future.
  7. I don't think adding Phil Kessel is a "small change in team quality".
  8. I'm looking forward to McNabb getting his sh*t pushed in big time by Gudbranson.
  9. Hamhuis is soft as butter and doesn't create much offense TRUE. However he is still a good shutdown defender and gets the puck out of the zone well. He's still capable of playing big minutes and is more reliable in his own zone. I love the idea of having a bigger tougher defense too but not at the expense of sound defensive play. IMO Tryamkin - Tons of potential here but he's still a project. Sbisa - Love the physicality but still makes too many bad decisions. Pedan - See Tryamkin. I will trust JB to decide if he's a good fit here or not.
  10. Not going to lie I was pretty disappointed too after the TDL. Looking at it logically if JB was able to get decent assets back he would have. I doubt the fans in this city would be happy if we gave up Hamhuis for a 3rd or other scraps. Nor would it be good asset management.
  11. He has more value to the Canucks than what he can return in a trade. Hammer at least doesn't look like a chicken with its head cut off in the defensive zone. Our top 4 is set Edler - Tanev Hutton- Gudbranson Who would be a better fit than Hamhuis on the 3rd pairing?
  12. This. Also don't understand why some fans want to trade Hammer for a bag of pucks when we had one of the worst D last year.
  13. Alot of fans (myself included) were begging for a nasty SOB shut down defenseman. Now that we got one JB is being crucified for giving up too much. I'm loving the trade we just addressed our biggest need. Guds is huge, a beast defensively and hits like a truck ask Taylor Hall. JB just found his new Chara.
  14. Love the trade. We've been missing this type of defenseman since we lost Willie Mitchell. Edler - Tanev Hutton - Gudbranson Hamhuis-Sbisa An excellent start to fixing our defense.
  15. Experts say he is a clone of ROR. ROR first two seasons 155GP 52PTS BO first two seasons 150GP 65PTS ROR broke out in year 3 with 55 pts Let's hope Bo breaks out next year!!