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  1. [Discussion] Starting line-up and Waiver Concerns

    Letting go of Goldobin is a huge mistake imo. This guy is on the verge of having a break out year.
  2. Your favourite NHL teams ranked 1-31

    1 Vancouver Canucks 2 Winnipeg Jets 3 Tampa Bay Lightning 4 Anaheim Ducks 5 Pittsburgh Penguins 6 Ottawa Senators 7 Washington Capitals 8 San Jose Sharks 9 Nashville Predators 10 Florida Panthers 11 Montreal Canadiens 12 Detroit Red Wings 13 Columbus Blue Jackets 14 St. Louis Blues 15 Colorado Avalanche 16 New York Islanders 17 Buffalo Sabres 18 New Jersey Devils 19 Dallas Stars 20 Arizona Coyotes 21 Chicago Blackhawks 22 Carolina Hurricanes 23 LA Kings 24 Minnesota Wild 25 Calgary Flames 26 Philadelphia Flyers 27 New York Rangers 28 Boston Bruins 29 Edmonton Oilers 30 Toronto Maple Leafs
  3. [Signing] Maple Leafs sign John Tavares

    Calling it now, JT will have his lowest point output since his rookie season with 59, assuming he plays all 82.
  4. Quinn Hughes | D

    Just seeing JB's reaction gets me super pumped about this pick.
  5. The Spectacular Genius of Jim Benning: Technician of Culture

    There's a reason Serg plays 8 minutes a night.
  6. [Discussion] What is Tanev's value?

    late 1st and a 2nd
  7. Jim Benning will represent the Canucks at the Draft Lottery

    You're also forgetting about Werenski Provorov hanifin and Marner. I'm not saying they're better than Boeser but they're right up there with him.
  8. Haha f*ck Toronto!
  9. [Discussion] Canucks Need Toughness...

    Wouldn't mind Maroon or Simmonds. Would not bring in an enforcer though. If you look at these playoffs there's a total of 0 enforcers dressed. No Reaves, Martin MacDermid or Andreoff. We need gritty guys who can play hockey like Engelland, McQuaid not guys who play 3 mins a night.
  10. I just want these two teams to destroy each other. Specifically Marchand and Kadri, PLZ do not suspend Kadri.
  11. How is Elliott still in the NHL?
  12. LOL Nylander over Pastrnak and Ekblad Forsling at 10 over Montour and Schmaltz. FAIL The person that did these re-drafts definitely has a hard-on for the Nylander bros. He's got Alex Nylander at 3 in the 2016 re-draft ahead of Tkachuk, Keller, Serg etc
  13. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    I blame the Coilers for the $&!#ty odds, thus causing us to fall to 5th for 2 straight years.
  14. I secretly hope all prospects that do this bust. Schultz, Hayes, Vesey, Reilly.
  15. "Canucks Draft-Table" Game *Updated with final results*

    2013 - Nichushkin - 1 2014 - Nylander - 2 2015 - J.Roy - 0 2016 - Tkachuk - 2 2017 - Mittelstadt - 2 2018 - Boqvist