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  1. Screw Lupul, lost all respect for him after he tried to take out Henrik. At least he hit that clown Kadri.
  2. Jamie Benn as Bertuzzi. Nikita Kucherov as Naslund. Paul Stastny as BMO.
  3. I do agree with you to an extent. He produced average top 6 numbers in the regular season in 2010 and 11. His playoff numbers on the other hand were around his career average which equals to about 37pts per 82 games. I'm not sure those numbers qualify as average top 6 numbers correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. I only used Tim Jackman as an argument to show that not all players with great Corsi percentage figures are good players.
  5. Yeah but how does that make him a top 6 forward? TIM JACKMAN had excellent Corsi percentage figures in 2011 similar to MayRay in fact and played in all 82 games. In your eyes is Tim Jackman a top 6 forward? As for him being 6th in point production in the 11 playoffs that's right where I would expect him to be. With a healthy Samuelsson he's likely 7th but thats just speculation. He's a 3rd line winger at best imo. Raymond's Corsi was superior to every Canuck in 2011 sure but how does that make him superior to (not even mentioning our top guys) a guy like Samuelsson?
  6. 8pts in 24 is pretty much Raffi Torres level scoring without the hitting . That's not very good especially when you get more minutes and play with better linemates. Imo you could have plugged anybody in with Kesler/Samuelsson that season and the season before Kesler/Demitra/Sundin and they would've put up decent numbers. Ok cool so anybody with a different opinion should choose a different sport? That's nice.
  7. I said they weren't the best 5 on 5 team never said they were garbage. Malhotra only played 4th line for the SCF where he only had one eye and played with oreskovich and glass, that line was IMO ineffective. Baer and Granny are prospects that have already had better seasons than Raymond at a similar age. Eriksson is a former 30G 70pt 2 way winger. Sutter is an excellent match up centre with good speed defensive ability and shot. I would not take Ray or Higgy over any of the players you listed.
  8. Ok cool. All I remember is being extremely disappointed in both their performances during that run. Raymond had 2G in 24 games in the playoffs and Higgins 4 in 25. They did not belong in the top 6 of a Stanley Cup contending team period.
  9. Ok I took it too far when I called them scrubs lol. What I meant was they don't belong on a contending team's top 6. Raymond had 2G in 24 games in the playoffs and Higgins 4 in 25. Barely even middle 6 production.
  10. Not taking anything away from the 2011 squad but they were way too reliant on the power play. They were a great team but not the best 5 on 5. They also seemed a bit fragile mentally. Almost getting reverse swept by Chicago was embarrassing. We lacked the depth to roll 4 lines. We had a great 1st line. Ryan Kesler basically was the 2nd line. Usually played with scrubs like Raymond and Higgins. 3rd line was good with Lappy Hansen n Torres. 4th line was non existent.
  11. LOL Michael Frolik has more star power than Bo. Cool story bro.
  12. I see the Canucks under JB will be closer to a Nashville than the 2011 Canucks.
  13. Vancouver is the only team I would give 110% for. I'd demand a trade to Vancouver if I was drafted by any other team.
  14. IMO Boeser and Pettersson have the best chance to be PPG players. I'd like to say Horvat as well but I think he tops out around 70 pts.
  15. Pedan and Subban pairing. LOL Demko as the starter LOLOL