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  1. Mackinnon Jones Monahan Barkov Risto Wennberg Bo Horvat moves up two spots to #7
  2. Colorado gets bent over in this one. Their captain for an a prospect that may not amount to much. An AHL defenseman and two picks.
  3. Agreed! This guy gave his all for Vancouver. Never had any hate for Kes, glad to see him doing good in Anaheim.
  4. We could potentially have 6 20G scorers this year Granlund - 11 Horvat - 13 D.Sedin - 11 Baertschi - 11 Sutter - 12 Eriksson - 9 (if he can get his s*** together) Not bad for a rebuilding team.
  5. I would love for him to prove himself on the 4th line so his mistakes will less likely be in the back of the net. Here's my opinion I love his speed and the heavy game he plays. I would've liked to see him in the lineup against Calgary as a forward. As you said he would make guys like Ferland and Hathaway think twice before running our guys. Here's what I don't like, keep in mind this is a small sample size from a few Comets games I've seen. His positioning, work ethic and lateral movement are all AHL level which is why i worry about him playing Defense.
  6. As bad as Biega is I still believe he's better defensively than Pedan. There's a reason why they insist on playing him as a winger and not on D. After watching some games this year albeit a small sample size he doesn't look like he's improved.
  7. I'm not opposed to inserting Pedan on the 4th line. From what I've seen this year he still can't play D so wouldn't want to see him there.
  8. Miller should've knocked the net off.
  9. We signed one of the best free agents on the market. Unfortunately that may not be enough, would've liked to have Brouwer also. I think he makes great trades. The Kassian trade and Vey trade were the only bad ones. I didn't like the Granlund trade either but he's looked good this year JB isn't the problem, it's likely the owners are.
  10. Virtanen is averaging 10 mins a game. More than Dorsett and on par with Burrows/Skille/Gaunce. I want him to succeed so bad but the guy has been invisible this year, I don't think it's a coaching issue either.
  11. Way too early to tell. Sure Nylander is producing but he is getting top minutes with Matthews. With the small sample size anyone can look good. This could be like another Bo vs Nuke comparison . Bo started slow in the NHL too while Nuke ripped it up with Benn and Seguin. Give it another year or 2.
  12. With the extra days off and more days to practice I'm expecting the Canucks to break out. 4-1 for the good guys.
  13. My only complaint is that he didn't smash him harder.
  14. If we can trap our way to 2 stanley cups and a finals appearance I'd die a happy man.
  15. Canucks starting to look like the 2000's New Jersey Devils. Great goaltending, solid defensively and great two way players. JB building the team the right way.