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  1. Ericksson gonna score the GWG that hoists the cup.
  2. Lol did they change the icing rule or something?
  3. Didn't see it live but WTF. Nothing to see here. If anything a borderline charger got butthurt.
  4. Boring, inept and uninspired. #weareallcanucks
  5. Green is going to have an extended Summer vacation, along with Mister Baumgartner. Praise Jebus.
  6. Fair. But it was Green's moment to take a breath. None taken. So many opportunities. He's out of his depth.
  7. Should have pulled. Should have called a timeout after the team was CLEARLY falling apart (in the O ZONE) and missing an offside goal perhaps. Opportunities galore, none taken advantage of. He looks completely lost.