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  1. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    Dillon Dube - Robert Thomas - Vitaly Abramov Olli Juolevi - Adam Fox Czech Goalies Feel like it turned out decent taking into account that I missed my first 2 picks
  2. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    Vitaly Abramov
  3. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    Robert Thomas
  4. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    No, I picked Russia's goalies not seeing that they were already picked.
  5. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    I am actually going to change my pick to Czech goalies if that is allowed
  6. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    Edit: Czech goalies
  7. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    Damn slim pickings... I'll round out the D with Olli Juolevi
  8. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    Adam Fox for the next pick
  9. 2018 WJHC Pool - Group B

    Oops didn't know this was getting going. Russia goalies for 1st pick and I'll make my next selection soon.
  10. STHS League discussion

    I would play but STHS doesn't run on my mac unless something has changed. If anyone wants an AGM I would join.
  11. XBOX One NHL 15 Sim League

    I'm in if tchat is still a thing
  12. Top 30 Current NHL Players - #30

    This list is rough even for CDC standards. Wheeler and Kopitar should have been in long ago. Still amazes me how underrated Wheeler is.
  13. [Discussion] Free Agents 2017

    Wouldn't mind a guy like Parenteau or Vanek on a 1 year deal to flip at the deadline for a pick. Baertschi - Horvat - Parenteau/Vanek Sedin - Sedin - Goldobin Granlund - Sutter - Eriksson Labate - Gaunce - Boucher Let Boeser play in the AHL for a bit and if he does well call him up
  14. Unpopular opinion probably but I feel Willie Mitchell was a bit overrated here.