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  1. Colorado places a claim on Thomas Greiss @Primal Optimist
  2. Colorado would like to terminate the contract of Jordan Subban as he has signed overseas.
  3. Colorado Avalanche Draft Recap: 9th overall: Matthew Boldy (LW) 29th overall: Ville Heinola (D) 34th overall: Nicholas Robertson (LW/C) 70th overall: Domenick Fensore (D) 84th overall: Matthias Emilio Pettersen (C) 130th overall: Connor Dewar (C) 132nd overall: Kristian Tanus (C/W) 153rd overall: Akira Schmid (G)
  4. With the 153rd overall pick Colorado selects Akira Schmid @Nail // @JE14
  5. Kristian Tanus with skipped pick
  6. Connor Dewar @Canuck Surfer // @Tylez
  7. @Blue Jay 22 skipped @donut47 until 5:05
  8. With the 70th overall pick Colorado selects Domenick Fensore @Tigs
  9. Colorado qualifies Patrick Harper although I believe he will continue to play in NCAA next season.
  10. With the 29th overall pick Colorado selects Ville Heinola @inane
  11. Need to confirm pick with Miroki. Pick will be coming later this afternoon or early tonight.