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  1. Ya he has more points than Bo 5 on 5, the same as brock, and only 1 less than Petey.... and only plays 12 min a night. The price tag of 1.25 mil is a bargain.
  2. Someone should've told Darcy what was in those cookies before he ate three.
  3. I thought we played pretty well last night but when you have a 1 goal lead with 10 min left you have to be able to close it out. Pearson Bo miller is going to be a good line for us. They shut down that Mcdavid line pretty much all night, then Sutter shutdown steps on the ice and we are picking it out of our net. also Ive seen alot of edler hate on here lately and he was a beast with a goal, 5 shots, 3 bs and a crossbar late. Im not superstitious but............ we won our opener the last 4 years and missed the playoffs so im kinda glad we lost haha.
  4. I think its because hes the best face off guy and they don't want to waste 20sec retrieving the puck on a 5 v 3
  5. We need every point we can get this year. Let's play the players that give us the best chance of winning right now. In pro sports I'm a firm believer of riding the hot hand and Gaud is playing as well as anyone right now.
  6. Why all the hate for Pearson. There's only 3 players at camp that scored more goals in the NHL last year then he did. He's averaged 18 goals over the last 4 yrs. not to mention hes only 26 and has won a Stanley cup. I think a 3rd line of pearson gaudette virtanen would provide the scoring depth we're looking for. Pearson scored 18 last yr Virt 15 and it looks like Gaud offensive game is turning around.
  7. I dont know how he produced better than Pearson when he had 9 goals in 19gp and loui had 11 in 81 gp. But I get your point he was 5th highest scoring forward on the team last year. Mostly because he played more games then the others.
  8. The leafs just hand out signing bonus like candy. 14.3 mil for Marner in 2020. If there's a lockout next year the leafs would still have to pay out a total of 51 mil in signing bonuses.
  9. Jake's going to be fine. Its like people forget he was 4th on the team in goals last season, while playing on the 3rd line with no powerplay time. 5 v 5 he had 23 points. Ferland had 27. Miller had 27. Nobody knows the goals Travis set for the kid. Id like to know where his testing was compared to last year at camp.
  10. Speed. Agility. Power......... I'm a big fan of these things.
  11. 1. Edler doesn't break one stick all season. 2. Canucks finish will more points then the maple leafs.
  12. Signing bonuses aren't performance based incentives. Its just how the contract was structured. I believed they are paid out July 1st. Look at Eriksson's contract on Capfriendly he had a 4 mil signing bonus and a 1 mil base salary. The 4 mil was given to him on July 1st and next season he will earn 1 million during the season. So if the lockout happened this year loui would still take home the 4 million for not playing a game. Look at Auston Mathews contract for 2020 he has a 15.2 mil signing bonus. If there's a lockout the Leafs will still have to pay him I believe. That's why all this years RFA are probably asking for all there money in signing bonuses. And most owners wouldn't want to pay a player for not playing.
  13. Im wondering if it has anything to do with the potential of another lockout in 2020. If I was a rfa Id want most of my 2020 salary in signing bonus. If i was brock and the number was 7 mil. give me 6 mil in s bonus and 1 mil base salary.