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  1. who cares about nashville - detrot cmon!!!

  2. Hey now Salo is only offensive on PP's, he rarely gets caught.
  3. "Yakupov and Grigenko leave there massive NHL contracts to go back to Russia"
  4. I stopped reading when you called me a whiner from "Boohouver" just looking for things to complain about. You are the worst type of fan, you think everyone else is like you. I love the Canucks and always will, so take your negative crap and be some other teams fan..
  5. ..
  6. If we end up with a 2-7 pick, we should get Morgan Rielly

    1. Caboose


      If we get the number 2 pick we should draft Ryan Murray.

  7. Looooooool thank you for this, just showed it to my buddy whos a Avs fan
  8. haha I thought I was the only one
  9. doubl post
  10. this meme is starting to get annoying lol
  11. That rage comic is gold..
  12. team made it to the finals, game tonight