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  1. Canucks are going to need more younger players coming into the organization then what Calgary has. Calgary also has Hamilton and Brodie on the backend in terms of young defensemen while the Canucks only have Tanev. In other words our rebuild is going to take a lot longer than what Calgary did, especially since they acquired Hamilton who looks to be a future Norris trophy winger for a 1st round picks and 2 seconds. That's gotta be a bargain bin price if there ever was one
  2. I agree. Plus he'd have this team on a better rebuild track. Imagine if we'd gotten Monahan for Edler at the 2013 draft(trading Edler to the 'Canes for 5th Overall would've been a slam dunk) We'd be much further along in the rebuild at this point
  3. In what world are the Canucks on par with LA? LA is a much deeper team than the Canucks. With Lucic in the fold, they're officially a cup contender once again.
  4. The Oilers are better then the Canucks at this point We'll be picking in the Top 10 most likely
  5. I agree. The Lucic addition is huge
  6. Montreal Winnipeg Edmonton Calgary Ottawa Canucks Maple Leafs
  7. Not if ownership decides to keep him for building a good young team. We've already got Horvat and Virtanen. Not to mention McCann and Shinkaruk, who could both be top 6 forwards along with Virtanen and Horvat, who are both locks to be top 6 forwards in my opinion(I know Virtanen hasn't played an NHL game yet but he looks like a very talented player). After these two young players, we're going to need a couple of young defensemen(besides Corrado and Clendening. Someone like Reinhart or Hamilton), a young centre who has a lot of upside(Someone like Strome or Draisatl) and a young winger(someone like Virtanen). It could only take three years to procure the assets necessary to build a strong playoff contending team.
  8. He'll probably be the 2nd line center next year. Keep in mind Bonino is probably worth a 1st round pick at the deadline using Vermette as a comparable
  9. I see the Devils as a perfect trade destination for Phil Kessel. Devils trade 6th Overall and Adam Larsson to Maple Leafs for Kessel -- perfect trade for Toronto to restock it's cupboards.
  10. We're not getting Green. Way too expensive. Franson, on the other hand, could be had at around 5mil per year. I'd take him around that much if we could shed cap elsewhere i.e. Alex Burrows.
  11. If I'm Benning, I try to auction some players to recoup that lost 2nd round pick, not to mention the one from the Vey trade which was a wasted pick because Vey was an absolute garbage pickup. If I'm a GM, I'd rather have a young offensive defensemen who narrowly fell out of the 1st round in Roland McKeown than LA's tweener AHL star in Linden Vey. Vey could still be a solid second line threat in the NHL but at this point, I'm not counting on it. Look on the bright side: we've got some expendable veterans in Higgins, Hansen and Burrows not to mention expiring contracts Hamhius, Bieksa and Vrbata. If the team falls out of contention next year, which it probably will, we can stock up on picks and score another solid young defensive prospect in the top 10. All of a sudden, the rebuild starts to take some shape.
  12. Solution to team's lack of young d: trade vrbata, hamhius and bieksa at next deadline get picks use picks to draft defensemen
  13. Me thinks Subban will go to the ECHL first to round out his game
  14. I wonder if he got into meth and that's the reason the 'Yotes bought him out. He's looking substantially thinner than Tippett in that photo, it's hard to believe he's 182 lbs.
  15. shoulda kept seguin... they got way worse long term with that trade