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  1. What do they have to give Colorado? They don't have any young players left, they dealt them away for Lucic, Carter, etc.
  2. I like it but an Eastern team would have to change divisions to accommodate Quebec City's move to the Atlantic Division. Perhaps Columbus or Washington would be candidates as almost every other team in the Metro Division is within a 2-2.5 hour drive from each other.
  3. Why did Tallon trade him in the first place?
  4. Does The Hockey Guy on Youtube have a CDC account? 

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    2. ThaManbeast
    3. Rubik


      He definitely has one, that's for sure. Only problem is I don't know who is it. I'm not sure about Patrick Kane...

    4. Rubik


      What we know is that he had a signature of Hodgson as a future Canucks' captain. Probably around 2011-12.

  5. Try being there under the Mental Health Act. It can take them days on end just to get you a room
  6. I think a fair comparison for Connor McDavid is Pavel Bure
  7. They're a playoff teaming he frequently played on the top and second pairing last year. He's a top 4 guy
  8. He's not flashy but he's a very skilled defensive defenseman. Think of Kris Russell and Marc Methot as a comparable. He's definitely not a #6, I don't know what Ducks team you've been watching lately
  9. It's close to a lateral move but Anderson is the better player. He can play bottom six minutes and plays a bigger game then Baer. Baer is a good skilled player but can he play bottom six hockey as our team gets deeper throughout the next few years? Well, it remains to be seen.
  10. Baertschi for Anderson
  11. Jagr will do for us what Sundin did while he was here. Show the young guys how to act like a pro.
  12. Does anyone go to The Dispensary on Thurlow and Davie? It's a really good place and you don't have to be a member to buy from them just walk in show your ID and they'll sell to you
  13. VGK for sure. They lack forward depth and they can afford to take a bad contract
  14. Everyone needs to stop calling Jesse Puljujarvi "POOL PARTY" it's f*****n obnoxious and that's not how you pronounce his name. 


    What if everyone started calling Erik Gudbranson Erik Gutt-punch-son. That'd be pretty obnoxious, don't you think? 




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    2. numb3r 16
    3. Odd.


      Hugh Jasdick

    4. luckylager


      Ya, I'm with @Green Building, I like "Pool Farty" way better than "Pool Party".


      He could have been a "Pool Party" if he was a Canuck, because lets face it - pool party's are pretty awesome.

      But he's a Coiler, and coilers make for a Farty Pool, hence - Pool Farty.


      The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. So just give yourself a minute, then thank @Green Demon(wtf, not Green Demon, stupid phone)

      @Green Building for making it up.


      And Gut-punch-son is an awesome name. Sexxxxxymoris, good one dude. Solid

  15. Tanev and Dorsett to TBL for Foote, Callahan, 1st round draft pick in 2018 and Sustr