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  1. We would've seen a report on TSN or Sportsnet by now if that was the case.
  2. Looks like the Wild are a pretty stacked team. I'd put money on them to be the team that comes out of the West. They're better than Anaheim, IMO and not as old. Maybe they show interest in Miller for depth in goal(I doubt it, but maybe). They're stacked on D and Forward, but can Dubnyk get it done for them? I don't know, we'll see.
  3. I'd just take one of the two instead of trading from our thin prospect pool. The Columbus pick wouldn't be enough to even out that trade. TWO former first round picks for Miller and Hansen? Even with retained salary that's an absolute no from Anaehim's end. We'd be lucky enough to get one of those two absolute stud prospects from the Ducks. If I had to choose between the two, I'd take Theodore to shore up our defensive depth.
  4. I wouldn't trade that pick, especially if there's a chance in acquriing Liljegren with it. Liljegren is a smooth-skating offensive defenseman with a lot of potential. We're keeping this pick.
  5. Realistically, that package probably only yields one of Jones or Theodore and not both. Just my opinion.
  6. Morin is turning into quite the journeyman
  7. If the Sens can acquire a first line centre in Duchene in exchange for Chabot +, that's a steal. Duchene makes the difference for Ottawa to go from a playoff team to become a stanley cup contender after years of rebuilding. If I'm the Sens, I make this move ten times out of ten. As for the Canucks, we need to draft our talent not trade for it. We don't have the assets to acquire players like Landeskog or Duchene, so we have to wait.
  8. Virtanen is only 20. There's plenty of room for improvement. If you can name a better piece that Tanev could get better than RNH, name the piece. I agree, he'd be great on the Canes. That would give them a solid 1-2 punch down the middle with Staal and RNH. I still think Tanev is a better offer for the Oilers as opposed to Lindholm.
  9. You hit that out of the park bro lol
  10. That's where we disagree. I think RNH and Horvat with complementary players are a good enough 1-2 punch down the middle to win us a cup. Horvat is already starting to look a lot like Ryan O'Reilly and IMO his ceiling offensively is much higher than O'Reilly. Horvat is only 21 so there's plenty of room for growth, not to mention he's already our leading scorer. As for RNH's salary, it's not really unreasonable. The Oilers paid him that much for his two 56-point seasons, which is not an unreasonable price to pay at all. I say we acquire him, throw him on a line with Eriksson and Virtanen and watch the magic happen -- and it will.
  11. We don't need him.
  12. Patrick is projected to go first overall. There is a very small chance that the Canucks pick that high. Heck, we're probably not going to have a shot at picking that high until the Sedins are gone. Even then, we'll have the LVGK expansion team to compete with for last in the division, not to mention Arizona. So chances are we're not picking first anytime soon. As for RNH, we've already established that he's a second line centre and I've stated that he has the potential to be a first line centre. If not RNH, do you think there's any centres available that would be worth giving up Tanev? Probably not.
  13. Give him more time and space to make plays with better wingers than what he's been given in Edmonton and anything's possible. I honestly believe that his career production is at a low-point. His current linemates according to daily faceoff are rookie Drake Caggiula and draft bust Zack Kassian. With better linemates, more ice time, etc. for RNH could mean he turns into something special sooner rather then later.
  14. Yakupov should be a Canadien by now. Great fit with Galchenyuk as they both played on the same line with the Sarnia Sting.
  15. You can quote me on this: I'm predicting that if traded to another team, RNH will become a 70 to 75 Point player by the age of 27.