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  1. If there are no playoffs this year this should be treated as a lost season. If so we should use the lottery structure they had for the 2005 draft(the Crosby draft) which of course was a lost season due to the lockout. Here were the rules for the 2005 draft as per Wikipedia:


     Teams were weighted based on playoff appearances in the last three completed seasons (2001-02, 02-03 and 03-04), and first overall picks in the last four drafts (2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004). Three lottery balls each were assigned to teams which had not qualified for any of those playoffs and received no first overall picks in that period. Teams which had one playoff appearance or first overall pick in those years were given two lottery balls. All other teams received one lottery ball.[

    I feel this is only fair and would make us one of the teams with the three balls giving us a realistic shot at one of Lafreniere, Byfield, Drysdale, Raymond, Holtz, Rossi or Stutzle. For our team I personally like Raymond the most as he's right-handed and would really complement EP40 nicely. 


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    2. Wilbur


      My guess is they'll treat it similar to as if the season ended after 82.  Obviously they'll be some adjustments, but they'll be minor.

    3. goalie13


      The problem with this scenario is it wasn't a lost season.  They did play 3/4 of the games.  It's a large enough sample size to see the trajectory each team was on.

    4. morrissex95


      I guess they could do a points-per-game system where your playoff spot is based on your points-per-game