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  1. You spelt Czechs C-H-E-K-S lol
  2. Colorado Avalanche are proud to select D Robin Salo
  3. Vilardi is a safe pick IMO I considered taking Glass
  4. You're bang on my friend. They should hire Dean Lombardi. Also keep in mind Dal Colle isn't looking like. a great pick, Reinhart looks like a bust and Niederreiter is thriving on another team.
  5. I'm not a noob I've been a CDC member since 2012. Just because I don't post all the time doesn't make me a noob, bro.
  6. Sorry guys for the late pick. The Colorado Avalanche are proud to select Centre Gabriel Vilardi from the Windsor Spitfires
  7. The Carolina Hurricanes are proud to select RW Owen Tippett
  8. The Carolina Hurricanes are proud to select C Gabriel Vilardi
  9. I'm not making anymore trade proposals after this one. You guys take this way too seriously. It's not like I'm the GM about to make these trades lol
  10. I think all these deals are fair
  11. You hit that one of the park
  12. #1 To VAN: 3rd Overall Pick and Kari Lehtonen To DAL: D Chris Tanev #2 To VAN: D Brent Seabrook(@27.2% retained=$5,000,000 AAV) and RW Ryan Hartman To CHI: D Alex Biega #3 To VAN: C Sam Reinhart To BUF: RW Ryan Hartman and 3rd Overall
  13. Schmaltz Seabrook 2017 CHI 1st for Biega 2017 SJS 4th
  14. Nope, my life is fine.
  15. How about you get a life instead of fishing for threads created by drunk guys.