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  1. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    We need a young righty coming back our way for Tanev. Liljegren and Foote come to mind. Players like Duclair and Hutton are a dime a dozen hence the trade offer
  2. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    Hutton for Duclair?
  3. [Discussion] Eriksson w/retention

    Eriksson w/salary retained for Beleskey
  4. Jersey toss in Ottawa

    What a waste of money. I'll take that free jersey
  5. The guy said he got hosed. I just thought it would be good to provide some context. it's Morrissex not Sexy Morris FYI
  6. If MG hadn't signed Lu to that albatross of a contract we would've gotten a killer return for Bobby Lu.
  7. Gustav Forsling is outscoring our D

    Just a s**t trade in general. Forsling for a depth guy
  8. (Proposal) sign Sean Durzi

    Because he's a man playing against boys. Plus we already have Chatfield.
  9. Kerry Fraser diagnosed with cancer

    Just found out a few months ago that my aunt has breast cancer. They caught it early so her prognosis is good. It's always sad to hear someone you love and care about has this horrific disease. I'm saddened as well to here that a great ref in the game of hockey in Mr. Fraser unfortunately has this disease and will have to fight it with all he has in him. Godspeed for Kerry Fraser!
  10. You have $15 to spend, build your lineup

    Tkachuk($2) - Lemieux($4) - Bure ($2) Blake ($1) - Niedermayer ($2) Roy ($4)
  11. [Speculation] Canucks interested in Matt Duchene

    What do they have to give Colorado? They don't have any young players left, they dealt them away for Lucic, Carter, etc.
  12. Tillman wants the NHL in Houston

    I like it but an Eastern team would have to change divisions to accommodate Quebec City's move to the Atlantic Division. Perhaps Columbus or Washington would be candidates as almost every other team in the Metro Division is within a 2-2.5 hour drive from each other.
  13. Why did Tallon trade him in the first place?
  14. Does The Hockey Guy on Youtube have a CDC account? 

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    2. ThaManbeast
    3. Rubik


      He definitely has one, that's for sure. Only problem is I don't know who is it. I'm not sure about Patrick Kane...

    4. Rubik


      What we know is that he had a signature of Hodgson as a future Canucks' captain. Probably around 2011-12.

  15. Our health care SUCKS!!! Failed my wife...

    Try being there under the Mental Health Act. It can take them days on end just to get you a room