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  1. Danny Dekeyser is available. Make me an offer
  2. Can someone please explain to me how to save roster updates because I don't know how and I've got sh*tloads of cap penalties on my roster as a result
  3. Voted Leon Draisatl
  5. Voted Jack Eichel Nominate Sasha Barkov
  6. Trading Granlund is a $&!#ty idea
  7. Just so everyone knows Nick Leddy, Danny Dekeyser, Anze Kopitar, etc. are all available for trade. Let me know if you're interested.
  8. I will be matching the Binnington offer.
  9. I love the gold jerseys
  10. I love Nashville and Dallas Both teams have gorgeous jerseys Dallas is a tad top heavy for me but they're very entertaining
  11. -Canucks finish 31st in the NHL -H. Sedin scores 37 points -D. Sedin scores 41 points - Horvat scores 65 Points -Baertschi scores 40 Points -Vanek and Tanev get traded at the deadline -Gudbranson signs an extension around Christmas. He is healthy all year and his play improves drastically -Goaltending is the worst in the NHL. Markstrom and Nilsson do not take any steps forward -Gagner takes a step back -Edler gets better -MDZ takes a step back Goldobin, Virtanen, Boeser, Dahlen all start the year in Utica Juolevi goes back to play in Finland
  12. $&!#ty math bro it's $225K
  13. Voted Matthews I will be nominating Matt Murray
  14. Voted Matthews Nominate Marner
  15. Fabbro, Fiala and a 1st for Duchene. That'd be my offer.