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  1. Professional NHL players get paid to shoot for the cup. If that's not their #1 goal and are not 100% committed to it each and every year, then they should be moved.
  2. Just a question/thought: How much say/influence do the Sedin's have in the locker room? Just by pure observation, it seems that Henrik can do no wrong on the ice. Does WD really have a say in what happens? Or, is the influence of the Sedin's just too strong? I've seen other coaches bench or reprimand their vets and leaders for taking late minute penalties etc... How much influence does WD really have with our current leadership group?
  3. In 1989, I was invited to a flames/canucks playoff game on TV when I was living in Medicine Hat, Alberta. I was 14 at the the time and really didn't understand hockey or was really that into it....actually, that was probably the first game I ever saw. It was game seven in the first round of the playoffs. Living in Alberta at the time, everyone at the party were flames fans. Then OT happened and someone (Joel Otto) kicked the puck in net and the flames won.....the room erupted with cheers. I thought the Canucks were slighted, cheated, and deserved a better fate. From then on, I was a Vancouver fan. Trevor Linden was also a high school colleague of mine and I sat beside Bryan McCabe in math class when he played for the Tigers. I live in Winnipeg now.
  4. How do they determine who plays the 5A vs 5B relegation round tomorrow and on the 5th?
  5. thank you
  6. I've watching hockey for the last 20 years but have never played a game in my life. A few questions: 1. How do the relationships between coaches and refs play a part in a hockey game? I see coaches screaming at refs or talking to them: Does this "gamesmanship" between coaches and refs affect the outcome of games? 2. Does chatter between guys really get them off their game? Is it easy to tune out? What effect does it have on a player's performance during the game? 3. Is it really "that" difficult to get a slap-shot on net? Why can't they get it on net 100% of the time? It it just merely a matter of practice? 4. How does the relationship between players and refs affect the outcome of a game? I see some players smiling and joking with refs and some scowl at them. Why is this different? 5. What is actually said in the locker room? Is it just guys keeping silent? Do they complain about each other? What effect do personalities and emotions have on the outcome of a hockey game? Do guys generally like each other? What happens if trade happens and you get a guy in your room that you hated to play against? Does this spill over? Or are guys ok with it?
  7. I said in a previous post that, yes, we should realistically expect to suck for 5 years. You only get better by sucking for a while.
  8. So: We fire WD. Are there NHL coaches available to fill in? If we get Green in and we go 12-30-3...then what?
  9. We're not: 1. Big 2. Sklled 3. Fast This has pissed me off for a long time.....we have problems dictating and forcing the play. We're responding to other teams.....not making other teams respond to us. We might very well go 3-10-2 in the next 15 games.
  10. Why can't/don't they send him down to the AHL right now? If they think he'll be better off there, why don't they? Are there waiver/contractual issues at play that prevent this move?
  11. Does anyone know how or why the Canucks/Panthers brawl started this last January against the panthers?
  12. What's to worry? The 4th line gets 12-14 minutes a night. Bo records a 45 point season (working on the PP) and the wingers record 20 points each? 85 points from a 4th line is pretty damn fine if you ask me. I'm sure nobody would complain about that.
  13. Sometimes it boggles my mind how some top 10 draftees can't put things together.
  14. I just read that Skille is a 7th OA pick!!