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  1. Tank Thread

    me might be tied with three teams with 69 points after tonight....and still be 5th last lol Buff 62 Ott 65 Ari 69 Mon 69 Van 69
  2. Tank Thread

    Go Montreal!
  3. Assuming that we draft 2nd OA, what do you think it would take us to grab 3rd or 4th OA as well? If Buffalo and Edmonton are slotted in the 3rd and 4th spot, who do you see us trading away to get these spots? Is it even worth the gamble? 3rd and 4th are likely expensive. Tanev, Jake, 2nd for 4th OA? Jake, Lind, Goldy, 2nd for 3rd OA?
  4. Discussion - Kane's real value

    good point. I guess it's up to two options: 1. Trade for him now and loose assets but sign at a lower cap hit 2. Sign him in the summer without loosing assets but likely a much higher cap hit
  5. If Benning was indeed making a real push for Kane, what would a fair and equal trade look like? I think Buffalo is asking a lot for Kane....but what would you be comfortable with and what would a realistic trade look like? To VAN: Kane To BUF: Virtanen, 2018 1st, Hutton Thoughts?
  6. Nash to Boston (trade)

    What would our equivalent have been if we were in the market?
  7. [Proposal] No Trouba for 6-8 Wpg-Van

    Armia and Matthias are two larger forwards...young too. I though we could use a little more size up front. They are also two 1st rounders as well.
  8. [Proposal] No Trouba for 6-8 Wpg-Van

    I'm actually a Canucks fan living in Manitoba lol I just thought Armia and Matthias are good 1st round players....so 2 firsts and a second for Tanev and Sven?
  9. Jets needs a D Van needs a pick or two To WPG: Tanev, Bartschi To VAN: Armia, Matthias, 2019 2nd
  10. vancouver dispensary

    what is the legality of all this? THC/CBD is still technically illegal in Canada for non-prescription users. Will the suits show up at my door when ordering online?
  11. vancouver dispensary

    Hello: I'm not from BC but have recently been informed of the many THC/CBD dispensaries in the province. In regards to non prescription mail-order CBD, I've read that, yes it is illegal. However, I've also read that BC has loosened their laws somewhat and the enforcement agencies allow mail-order shipments of CBD to other provinces. Can anyone shed a light?
  12. Sans Sedin History

    I can't even begin to dissect Burke's moves at the 1999 draft. I'm curious, however, to find out what we would have had if Burke stood pat and drafted the picks we were supposed to have picked. How would the Canucks' timeline have differed? What alternative successes or non-successes would our team have gone through? Can anyone help with the analysis?
  13. timeline to contention

    I agree: We have a few B+ and possibly one or two A- types of players. We lack the A and A+ players. Lucky drafting is really the only way to acquire that type of talent. Trading away 3 B+ players for one A+ does not make a lot of sense.
  14. timeline to contention

    What are your thoughts on a reasonable timeline for us to contend again? The Penguins, for example, sucked from 2001 to 2006. They now have 2 cups since then. We could very well suck hard until 2022....which I'm ok with. Develop those pics and prospects and take runs from 2022 onward.
  15. [GDT] Canucks @ Sharks, April 4th, 7:30 pm

    she messed up the melody at the end of our Anthem