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  1. To WIN: Virtanen, 2017 1st to VAN: Trouba To COL: Trouba and Tanev to VAN: Landeskog, 2017 2nd So, it becomes Virtanen, Tanev, and a 1st for Landeskog. Would you do it? This only works if our D is exceeding expectations and Tanev is deemed expendable.
  2. I don't follow other sports very much. But I'm interested in what is considered a rout. In hockey I'd think that anything greater than a 4 goal difference is a rout: 4-1, 7-3, 5-2, etc.... But what is considered a rout in the NBA, MLB, CFL, NFL, Golf, soccer, etc...??? Thoughts?
  3. Yes.....if the cards are on the table for a trade involving Edler or Tanev, we're taking a BIG gamble on the expectation that our remaining D core will improve such that they won't be missed.
  4. Question is: Are we a better or worse team without Edler or Tanev in exchange for a 60-70 point big young forward?
  5. Serious!!! Col would not give up their 1st line Captain and 2nd OA for Edler and a prospect. to Avs: Edler, Hansen, 1st to Van: Landeskog, 2017 3rd
  6. If you're going to start a thread on one of our players, at least have the decency to spell their name right.
  7. But that's entirely realistic.
  8. I agree: You don't trade a 2OA LW and team captain for nothing. A hockey trade is a hockey trade. to VAN: Landeskog to COL: Tanev, Virtanen, 2017 2nd
  9. Didn't Messier impart vital leadership skills to Henrik? I think I remember a quote from a while back that said that Henrik would not be the leader today if it were not for Messier.
  10. Yes....and Higgins played 2nd line last year
  11. http://spectorshockey.net/the-player-was-traded-because-he-slept-with-a-teammates-wife-myth/ http://news.nationalpost.com/life/the-trials-and-tribulations-of-being-a-hockey-wife
  12. Heck, if Bert and Linden could switch wings Any of these combos? Bert Sundin Linden Bert Morrison Linden Bert H. Sedin Linden YIKES!
  13. I remember Linden centering Bure back in the day. Although moderately successful, Linden was better at RW and was not quite the center Bure needed. Bure and Linden are both RW though..... Naslund Larionov Bure Courtnall Morrison Linden Those are two kick ass lines as well
  14. In their prime, is SSB better than NMB? That's a tough call.
  15. Actually, that line-up looks really kick ass. Do you think they'd all get along? Like, they'd actually compliment each others playing styles?