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  1. vancouver dispensary

    what is the legality of all this? THC/CBD is still technically illegal in Canada for non-prescription users. Will the suits show up at my door when ordering online?
  2. vancouver dispensary

    Hello: I'm not from BC but have recently been informed of the many THC/CBD dispensaries in the province. In regards to non prescription mail-order CBD, I've read that, yes it is illegal. However, I've also read that BC has loosened their laws somewhat and the enforcement agencies allow mail-order shipments of CBD to other provinces. Can anyone shed a light?
  3. Sans Sedin History

    I can't even begin to dissect Burke's moves at the 1999 draft. I'm curious, however, to find out what we would have had if Burke stood pat and drafted the picks we were supposed to have picked. How would the Canucks' timeline have differed? What alternative successes or non-successes would our team have gone through? Can anyone help with the analysis?
  4. timeline to contention

    I agree: We have a few B+ and possibly one or two A- types of players. We lack the A and A+ players. Lucky drafting is really the only way to acquire that type of talent. Trading away 3 B+ players for one A+ does not make a lot of sense.
  5. timeline to contention

    What are your thoughts on a reasonable timeline for us to contend again? The Penguins, for example, sucked from 2001 to 2006. They now have 2 cups since then. We could very well suck hard until 2022....which I'm ok with. Develop those pics and prospects and take runs from 2022 onward.
  6. [GDT] Canucks @ Sharks, April 4th, 7:30 pm

    she messed up the melody at the end of our Anthem
  7. Using the Twins' strengths next year

    I'm giving your a thumbs up for the correct use of the apostrophe
  8. Dairy Farmers of Canada - "Who Wants a Cold One"?

    point taken.... I just don't believe it's necessary for human consumption. If it occurred in nature (adult mammals drinking milk from other mammals), then I'd say...sure! Raw milk might be good for us. But the whole sham of "milk builds strong bones....milk is a source of calcium....milk does the body good" is just marketing.
  9. Dairy Farmers of Canada - "Who Wants a Cold One"?

    I don't see an adult cat walking up to a rat and drinking the milk. If the milk from a mammal like a bovine, then why not drink from a cat, rat, dog, or bear? You're right, the milk we buy at the stores is totally unnecessary for human consumption. But the industry knows they can make more money selling milk and beef from one animal.
  10. New Coaching Styles?

    Question: is there a trend towards different coaching styles that we've seen in the past? I'm looking a some successful teams right now: some have younger(ish) coaches as opposed to older ones like Ken Hitchcock and others. If there is indeed a new coaching style that is proving successful, what is that change or philosophy?
  11. What is a conditional 4th round pick? I've read that it can turn to 1st round? Can someone please clarify?
  12. Do the Canucks have similar assets? What would the equivalent trade be like?
  13. The Sedin's Influence

    Professional NHL players get paid to shoot for the cup. If that's not their #1 goal and are not 100% committed to it each and every year, then they should be moved.
  14. The Sedin's Influence

    Just a question/thought: How much say/influence do the Sedin's have in the locker room? Just by pure observation, it seems that Henrik can do no wrong on the ice. Does WD really have a say in what happens? Or, is the influence of the Sedin's just too strong? I've seen other coaches bench or reprimand their vets and leaders for taking late minute penalties etc... How much influence does WD really have with our current leadership group?