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  1. Thoughts and prayers with the Lucic family I'm not sure if anyone else saw this thread a few days ago. Not sure if there's any connection but this reminded me of it.
  2. That's the reaction I wanted
  3. It's not like this fanbase has very much to begin with.
  4. I think if somebody sitting rinkside made a sign with his face and pictures of bottles of alcohol beside it he'd be thrown off even more.
  5. Rough translation from google translate. Is this real life?
  6. Sadly this is probably true. I wonder where he slots in though.
  7. You do realize he was not being serious do you?
  8. Yet another future superstar destined to have his soul sucked by the Oilers.
  9. True that, but it means Hartley still has him to goon it up and hurt our guys
  10. I was looking forward to seeing Wotherspoon on an already weak Flames blue line
  11. They rescinded the instigator call on Engelland though...
  12. If you can only appreciate high scoring games, I recommend you take up watching a different sport. Not every game will have 10-12 goals, if that's what it takes for you to enjoy it, it says a lot about how much of a hockey fan you are..
  13. Fantastic Photoshop skills right here