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  1. [PGT] Canucks 2 vs Coyotes 1

  2. [GDT] Canucks vs Coyotes @ 6:30 PM PT on SN1

  3. [GDT] Canucks vs Coyotes @ 6:30 PM PT on SN1

    Coyotes have trouble staying out of the box. They have had 22 penalties in just the last 4 games. Knowing our luck with the refs, I wouldn't be surprised if Canucks get 22 penalties just this game 
  4. [PGT]Canucks 3 vs Avalanche 1

    HORVAT BABY!! HORVAT!! BO CANUCKS BO!!! Markstrom!!! Great game overall!! Let's go CANUCKS!!             GOALS:          
  5. Elephant in the room - Hank and Danny

    LOL! I love how everyone here just thinks that Matthews to Canucks is a given
  6. Awesome GDT. A win against the flames would always be nice!
  7. [PGT] Blue Jackets 2 vs Canucks 1

    Not a third period meltdown but still need to score least we got a point Good game by Miller!  Vey line had a great game Lots of chances but no finish          
  8. Even Benning couldn't have said it better! 
  9. Is Milan Lucic Out of Control?

    They see him rollin', they hatin' patrolling they tryin catch him punchin dirty
  10. [PGT] Predators 2 - 1 Canucks

    an exciting first and second but a dull third 
  11. [PGT] Predators 2 - 1 Canucks

    Another game that just slipped away from us 
  12. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    playoffs slowly slipping away from us..
  13. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    Let's go boys! Get em in the PP!!
  14. [GDT] Predators vs Canucks - 7PM PST - SNP

    the guys played really good this game