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  1. Thread Titles 5 Years From Now?

    we would have won the cup if lack started game 7 ex Canuck Sami Salo breaks every bone in his body in freak lawn mowing incident
  2. Canuckaholics Anonymous

    my name is Julian and I'm Canuckaholic... my first memory of the canucks was playing hockey on the duck pond behind my house with my dad and uncle who were both wearing the canucks skate logo jerseys, It was the same year that the canucks lost in 94, and it broke my heart .I was only 5, but the desire for redemption has burned in my heart ever since, and will continue to burn until the day that I see the holey grail of hockey raised proudly above a canucks jersey. I am dating a chinese girl who moved to Canada a year ago, she will never understand game night, when I just freeze in my tracks, no matter the occasion and say.... Game on. I am a Canuckaholic, some call it a curse, I call it a blessing