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  1. Never was one to want marriage or kids but it's stories like these that make me think twice. Lovely tale.
  2. Bit of an upgrade...


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Squamfan


      there's like 7 plugs on that team lol

    3. Pears


      @Stamkos What’s more amazing is we didn’t get a top 2-3 pick out of that. 

    4. ForestFalcon


      I swear that I can remember this time period still hoping against hope that the Canucks would make the playoffs. I must have been somewhat self-deluded at the time to not recognize just how bad our lineup had gotten. Absolutely incredible how much better our current team looks.

  3. Not bad for both teams actually. Something's gotta give with Buffalo's defense though.
  4. He and Graovac will be big solid additions to Utica's top 6. A fair bit younger than a few of the veterans we had in those roles recently as well.
  5. He's a surefire top liner!!! ...on my NHL15 be a GM team
  6. Interesting that the signing bonuses are paid out on Sept 1st rather than July 1st.
  7. Now they have Turris AND Duchene from that epic 3-way trade in 2017
  8. You might be thinking of Lockwood
  9. As someone with severe food allergies that I've lived with my entire life, I understand this point of view. Some people will discriminate because of a dietary choice he made, but if you imagine someone in that situation to whom it was not a choice it would become a human rights issue rather than a laughing matter. If I was being paid to do a job in a remote location, and I had specified my dietary restrictions that were promised to be accommodated... I would have starved relying on Tim Hortons for sustenance. And to clarify, my food restrictions are entirely different than the ones mentioned in the article. But if I saw my food being contaminated, it wouldn't be a personal issue of "this chef doesn't care", it would be more along the lines of "I guess I'm skipping dinner tonight because I don't want to make a scene". Allergy rant over,