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  1. Missed the game last night, I just watched the condensed game, wow Demko was lights out. Once his rebound control is a little better he's gonna be a top notch #1. Also love the Gaudette cellies and Pearson's face after his first goal lol
  2. They were older when they signed out of college so I believe the max length ELC for these two guys was 2 years. They are both signed for 700K for this year and the next, after which they will both have arbitration rights as RFAs and be one season from UFA status as 26 year olds. If Jack signs at the end of this year I believe his ELC signing age will be 20 meaning he can sign a standard 3 year ELC like Mitch Eliot did after his junior career.
  3. It's nice to think that we have another group of forward AND defense prospects coming into the Comets and Canucks. I think the plan all along has been for Jack to sign at the end of the season and get some pro games in. In addition to the 3 college guys @filthycanuck listed above we have some of Hoglander, Podkolzin, Woo, Tryamkin joining the pro ranks over the next two years. Future is bright!
  4. I don't think we have to worry about Jack Rathbone's character or him bolting to free agency. This is the same guy that stayed home an extra year when he could have started his college career so he could be at home with his younger brother who needed the support. Great to hear he's off to a torrid start to the season! We got a gem.
  5. I hope all the guys who looked injured are okay. Great team win!
  6. Seeing Thornton so choked gives me GREAT JOY
  7. AWWWW Boeser hugging the training. What a class act. <3
  8. This team is so fun to watch when they put up a 4 spot like it's nothing most nights.
  9. Going to the game with the Larcheiders, it's gonna be an electric crowd! I was at the Diwali night last year as well and if I'm not mistaken it was the 7-6 win against the Avs I lost my voice during. Hope to see a Petey snipe and see him get the monkey off his back!
  10. Going to the game! Gonna cheer from the very top row till I lose my voice! I expect an offensive explosion from our guys. Emotions will be high and L.A. sucks. Predictions: We score at least 2 PP goals EP40, Captain Bo and BB6 with multi point nights Markstrom with a solid night Somebody fights somebody Hutton -2
  11. There is no contract limits in the AHL. There is however paperwork that needs doing when your employer changes from being located in Vancouver to being located on the other side of the continent in the states. I think they liked what they saw from Kielly but have sent him down to play lots of games as he still needs some refining. I wouldn't be surprised if he spent at least half the season with the Comets.
  12. It's an after 35 contract too... no getting out of it if he retires early!