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  1. Can we talk about the most important thing here? We can all talk hockey again Words I never thought I'd say... GOD I MISSED CDC
  2. 2023! ....oh I thought we were just counting up the years. Excited for the progress Jasek has made in Utica this year with the switch to center. I think he'll be able to carve himself out a decent career as a bottom 6 NHL player.
  3. Without looking at the CBA, here's what I have gleaned with my years of expertise (gained by spending lots of time on CDC ). FACTS: - Tryamkin was an RFA when he left, and we tendered a qualifying offer to retain his rights - Tryamkin did NOT sign a deal with any team in a league with which the NHL has a transfer agreement - Tryamkin is on the Canucks 90 man reserve list The comparable situation would be when Radulov returned to Nashville in 2012 after going back to Russia. He had already completed his ELC, then chose not to sign with Nashville and went back home. They tendered a qualifying offer to retain his rights. He re-signed at the end of his KHL season and rejoined the team. This is unlike the Nylander situation where he had to sign by Dec 1st (I think that's the date) or else be ineligible for the whole season. If Nylander had gone to play in the SHL that year (or even for multiple years like NT), he would not be able to return later in the season due to the transfer agreement. Since there is no transfer agreement between the KHL and NHL, seasons there would not count towards the 7 years of professional experience to be a UFA. Anyways, I could be entirely wrong and he truly IS ineligible for this season (which would be a BUMMER), but I'm pretty sure I'm right. I LOVE being right, so let's hope that's the case. For my sake too, but mostly for the Canucks.
  4. Miller and Toffoli for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Madden looks pretty darn good to me.

    1. Aladeen


      And hopefully a 4th.

    2. 6string


      I agree, our pipeline of talent still has us with many options going forward.


      ELC contracts in the immediate future are gonna help the bottom line.

    3. Jimmy McGill

      Jimmy McGill

      its certainly not in overpayment category. Two legit top 6 players in their prime is a hell of an add. People are worried about EDM adding AA and Green but Bennings moves are much better. 

  5. VP's been on fire since coming back from World Juniors!
  6. PPG in college is impressive for any player. It seems to be a pretty good bar for determining if a prospect is NHL caliber (depending on their play style of course) so to have a defenseman scoring at that rate in his 2nd year (3rd year age wise) is definitely promising. Plus, good character and plays a solid 200ft game as has been well discussed here.
  7. So we're just about at 2 months out from Leivo's unfortunate injury (Dec 19th) and the prognosis was 2-3 months... hopefully we'll see him return to the lineup soon and pick up where he left off because he definitely provides positive depth for us, and he's one of the best at winning puck battles on the team.
  8. We are just starting to see him put his game together in the KHL and it's looking really promising. He could even be a solid late season addition next year once his KHL season ends like we might see Tryamkin do this year.
  9. I'm pretty sure the injury happened off a blocked shot. Broken bone in the foot perhaps? If I was a fringe NHL player I would be taking advantage of the rehab and training facilities with the big club as LOOOOONG as reasonably possible.
  10. Man, that's scary. I hope it was nothing serious and he's alright!
  11. I'm taking an ex-Leafs fan (key word EX) to the game tonight to begin her indoctrination as a Canucks fan. Should be pretty easy honestly.