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  1. Really hope Burr is okay! He and Karlsson are my favourite Sens players!
  2. If it's based purely on the regular season then Dorion and the Senators all the way. If the Preds end up in the finals (CERTAINLY if they win the cup) I can see them giving it to Poile though - his moves might not have shown it during the regular season but he's built a playoff team through and through.
  3. Preds in 7. Nashville wins the first 3 games of the series so handily, the Ducks forfeit the remaining 4 games and the Predators win the series 7-0.
  4. I am a visible minority. I know that racism is real. I deal with it on an everyday basis. Please inform me more about how I'm preaching from atop an ivory tower. The players and coaches are subject to such an intense media spotlight, if something like that ever got out it would be a reputation if not career ruiner. You think a coach would let race affect his lineup decisions if his job was on the line? We're here to talk hockey.
  5. The fact that you even have to bring up racism is insulting. These are professional coaches and athletes and they did not get to where they are based on their race, but their merit. The reason Subban hasn't played in the NHL yet is because he still has much to learn defensively despite his offensive gifts. It also turns out he's still quite young, improving every year, and our team can afford to give him the time to find out if he's really the player we want him to be. TLDR: you earned my minus today
  6. Doing the Good Gord's work. Thanks for making it easy!
  7. If I get to watch Tryamkin in a Cup Final game #7 anytime over the next decade I will not be complaining...
  8. It's crazy that NYR could finish with more points than MTL and MTL would still get home ice in the playoffs because of the wild card set-up...

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      It's happened under the old division setup before. Still wish they'd change the playoff seeding format.

  9. All of the goals Juolevi scores seem to be big, clutch goals, as opposed to meaningless stat padding. He turns it on offensively when his team needs it because he's not relied upon to be the main scorer from the blue line.
  10. This is game 7 tonight, correct?
  11. By the time this team is ready to make some noise in the playoffs a couple years from now, the Canucks will actually need Jake Virtanen. Letting him take his time developing in the minor leagues until 22 while Benning gets the rest of the team in order is exactly what he needs so he has the right line mates to help him succeed. He doesn't need to be on the top line to make an impact as much as some of the skilled wingers we've recently acquired so he'll help balance the forward group as Goldobin and Dahlén come in. Add in Gaunce as a C/LW and you have more than enough wingers to round out the middle six. All we need is for one or two of Benning's drafted forwards to really step it up and exceed expectations at an NHL level. I'm hoping Boeser and Gaudette are the start of that.
  12. Which forwards ARE healthy? Sedin, Sedin, Horvat, Sutter, Baertschi, Boucher Skille, Shore, Labate, Chaput Goldobin and Gaunce? We'll probably see Grenier called up which sucks because Utica has been playing great lately and needs all the help they can get to squeak into the playoffs.
  13. Saw them at Venue on Granville last week. Dave Sanchez is a monster!
  14. @zzbottom This masterpiece turned 22 today: @Warhippy Mastodon's older albums are definitely my favourite. Something about the raw energy does it more for me than their last few records since Crack the Skye. Not saying they aren't good, but the old stuff is what I'm all about.
  15. +1 for Katatonia! Seen them in Vancouver a couple times and they always impress.