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  1. HOLY CRAP that Boeser OT winner!

    1. chon derry

      chon derry

      he does get a lot on his wrist shot.


  2. Stuck at work can someone @ me when there's a highlight for the second goal?
  3. Or we might see Baertschi return stronger than ever and prove to be a core player after a full off-season of training on a team with much more forward depth to support him and a new system implemented by his old coach who helped him to a 33+61=94P in 47GP season in juniors. Only time will tell... Not much time now actually!
  4. That was some Edmonton Oilers circa 2008-2015 defense right there...
  5. Very good point. Look forward to seeing him in camp!
  6. Or, you know, cause we need both size AND skill, and they'll both fill a different need in our lineup in the near future.
  7. Yeah that's the report I was basing my comment from.
  8. I hadn't seen those - no complaints as I agree that he's looked in great shape all summer and definitely has a roster spot in his crosshairs.
  9. The last reports on his weight were that he was just under 200 lbs, which is a really positive sign that young Olli's still growing and could top out somewhere between the size of Sami Salo and Mathias Ohlund.
  10. RIP
  11. Daredevil & Luke Cage
  12. I remember hearing kids like Kole Lind in interviews speaking about how great of a role model was and how helpful it was for them to just watch how he conducted himself both on and off the ice. I think the idea was to show the kids what kind of effort it takes to make it to the next level. Brock was head and shoulders above pretty much everyone there and for a freshly drafted prospect to see someone barely 3 years older than you pretty much ready to make the show... I think it was more of a motivational factor for the younger guys and perhaps some leadership training for Brock.
  13. Smooth moves by the inmates