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  1. By the time this team is ready to make some noise in the playoffs a couple years from now, the Canucks will actually need Jake Virtanen. Letting him take his time developing in the minor leagues until 22 while Benning gets the rest of the team in order is exactly what he needs so he has the right line mates to help him succeed. He doesn't need to be on the top line to make an impact as much as some of the skilled wingers we've recently acquired so he'll help balance the forward group as Goldobin and Dahlén come in. Add in Gaunce as a C/LW and you have more than enough wingers to round out the middle six. All we need is for one or two of Benning's drafted forwards to really step it up and exceed expectations at an NHL level. I'm hoping Boeser and Gaudette are the start of that.
  2. Which forwards ARE healthy? Sedin, Sedin, Horvat, Sutter, Baertschi, Boucher Skille, Shore, Labate, Chaput Goldobin and Gaunce? We'll probably see Grenier called up which sucks because Utica has been playing great lately and needs all the help they can get to squeak into the playoffs.
  3. Saw them at Venue on Granville last week. Dave Sanchez is a monster!
  4. @zzbottom This masterpiece turned 22 today: @Warhippy Mastodon's older albums are definitely my favourite. Something about the raw energy does it more for me than their last few records since Crack the Skye. Not saying they aren't good, but the old stuff is what I'm all about.
  5. +1 for Katatonia! Seen them in Vancouver a couple times and they always impress.
  6. Sweet blend of bands like Mastodon & Elder. Lots of groovy riffs and singing, but still heavy: Favourite metal band of all time: Shameless self promotion - my band just released the single from our upcoming album. Whoever uploaded the track thinks we're from Germany and not Vancouver though
  7. You're correct, I didn't realize he wasn't drafted out of the CHL. Even better, I wonder if he's interested in signing at the end of his season and coming right over? He would definitely be an offensive shot in the arm for the Comets. I recall reading his team was in a playoff round fighting for a promotion from Tier 2 to Tier 1 Swedish League Hockey. Anyone know where his team Timra is at right now? Update: after some googling it looks like the top two teams, Mora and Karlskoga are going head to head. I guess that means Dahlen's season is finished? He finished #6 for points in the league though, one point from a tie for 4th.
  8. Considering they picked Dubois over Puljujarvi, they probably value him higher than that. Although this would help with their playoff run this year.
  9. The poll question says it all - now that Captain Clutch is no longer here, the Canucks have a vacant Alternate Captain position. I kept the poll to the few players I thought would actually have a shot. Obviously Baertschi, Granlund & our other forwards aren't getting an A before Horvat, and our rookie defencemen are still too green for consideration. I included Loui Eriksson based on his experience & age despite his lackluster season, and you could argue Hutton's case but I think he's a few years away still. Let's see what CDC's consensus is!
  10. ... right after Boston trades for one of our defencemen for their playoff push
  11. Burrows for basically a high 2016 2nd... what a coup by Benning! Dahlen's been a point per game player at pretty much every level he's played at, with a 0.71 PPG average in the 2nd Swedish men's league over 100 games played (39-32-71), all before he turns 20 this December. AHL eligible as early as next season. Looks like a solid scoring prospect!
  12. It's really 4 points in 5.33 games, which increases his PPG. I wonder what that means for his advanced stats and hero charts All jokes aside, I'm excited to see Jasek come over next year and see what he can do in North American pro hockey. Hopefully before this season's end, if his club lets him...
  13. Goodbye to all three of our regular right side defensemen. What we're working with now... Edler-Sbisa Hutton-Biega Pedan-McEneny Maybe sub in Subban? That's rough...
  14. Caught bits and pieces of the game but I didn't see ANY of the goals. Lame. Is this our first road shutout this season?
  15. Horvat the only one with a pocket square... Making everyone else look bad! Man he looks classy haha.