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  1. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    In Forsbergian style? I guess no one can be the steal of the draft like Forsberg was because he came with 15 million dollars in cash as well as bunch of good roster players.
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    If Henrik could shoot like Pettersson, I think we have at least 2 cups by now. The Sedins are special players; they could keep the puck as long as they want as to slowly break down the opposition's defensive structure, which often led to near open net chances so that they can pass the puck to the open net. I can't think of anyone else being able to do that. But Henrik's inability to shoot the puck led them to pass up on a lot of grade A scoring chances, which led to lesser production than what they could have achieved. I think with Pettersson, we have a player that can shoot (like Daniel pre-Keith elbow but better) and a player that can see the ice and make the passes (like Henrik). The PP is gong to be unreal with Boeser and Pettersson on opposite ends. The 5-on-5 will also be unreal with Pettersson-Horvat-Boeser or even with Pettersson-Horvat as top two centers. We just need a top 2 D prospect, then we will contend for the years to come.
  3. The rookie race this year is going to be very fun to watch compared to previous years where it was usually down to two or three players ((Matthews vs Laine or McDavid vs Panarin vs Gotisbehere). I think the coaching staff is realizing how special Boeser is (finally they put him on #1 PP on the right place) and this will lead to increased minutes for him. If Boeser is to win the Calder, then he has to produce with increased role. The main challenge is not the skill or the work ethics but the fatigue, which relates to conditioning. If Boeser is well conditioned, I think he will definitely be a finalist and has a pretty good chance to surpass Keller and keep the lead over the others.
  4. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Yeah that was a headscratcher. I thought if there ever was one moment in the game where Sedins should have been on the ice more than any other times, it was that moment. If Henrik wins a faceoff, then it would have led to a scoring chance for sure.
  5. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I agree. JV playing with Sedins doesn't make sense anymore because the Sedins themselves aren't playing as much. I know JV makes mistakes from time to time and he needs to learn to play with high intensity every game and every shift but he can't improve if he doesn't play much and it's hard to play a high intensity game if you are sitting for 10 minutes between the shifts. I would put Gagner on the Sedins line. Just play them 10 minutes at EV + PP. Baer-Horvat-Boeser Eriksson-Sutter-Dorsett Virtanen-Granlund-Vanek Sedin-Sedin-Gagner I know Green doesn't trust JV enough to put him on the Sutter line even though I think Virtanen can learn more from playing on that line that paying with Granlund and Vanek. So I put Eriksson there instead. If Virtanen is not going to play in the 2nd or the 3rd line, we might as well send him down. We can always have Burmistrov or Gaunce to play in those spots.
  6. [PGT] St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Brad Watson, the true MVP. Gagner and Edler have almost zero intensity. Gagner is a forward so it is less obvious but he basically does not do much. For a team that is built on playing hard, that's a not acceptable.
  7. Yep. My insider is the same as Eklund's. I don't know why Eklund confused Price and Galchnyuk.
  8. Eklund is close this time but he got the players wrong. My insider tells me that it's Huttons + something for Carey Price. Apparently Price has asked for a trade and the injury is fake.
  9. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    That was Naslund like. EP is a playmaker who shoots. Kind of like Henrik and Daniel in one? Our PP will be deadly with Boeser and Pettersson on the opposite sides with Bo being the net front presence to bang in the rebounds. Add Juolevi to QB that PP and a developed Virtanen in the slot for one timers from the middle and to slide down low to crash the net when shots are coming from the half circles...
  10. TSN finally showing some respect with "Core 4" rating

    Exactly what I was thinking when this ranking started to show up. They just want to find something where Toronto would be ranked high.
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    I would also like Evander Kane but 7x8? That is a bit much I think. I don't think it's a good idea to destroy our cap structure -- playing a winger more than Horvat when his contribution is not going to be greater than Horvat. Imagine what Boeser would commend if we paid Kane 7 mil. I think it also depends on the next year's draft. I think we need to draft one more D to round out our top 4 moving forward (aside from Juolevi and Stecher, I don't see a top 4 among our young players). But by some chance we draft a winger, then it doesn't make sense to sign Kane to a long term contract. I like the way this team is set up at the moment. Horvat's contract really paved the road towards seamlessly fitting in various players under the cap. I can see Boeser signing for around 6 mil after his ELC and Baertschi around 4.5 mil after his current contract. That gets us an affordable first line at 16 mil, which serves as an upper ceiling on the second line to be made up of Pettersson and Dahlen (that is of course, unless Pettersson destroys all expectation in the first couple years of his ELC and takes over as the first line center). If we can get a top 2 D in the next draft, then we will be ready to contend in a few years. At which point the cap will probably reach around 80 mil and I think with our cap structure, we will be in an advantageous position where we can make Hossa type signing to put us over the top. Signing Kane at 7 mil might throw that advantage out the window. I think a fair price to pay for Evander Kane is 5.5. And for that amount, there is no way he comes over to Vancouver.
  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    Only got to catch the second period. It stuck out to me that the Sedins with Eriksson were pretty good. Controlling the puck in the offensive zone and contributing a goal. It seems like Eriksson's defensive game and his understanding of the Sedins's game make the trio a very effective second line.
  13. I agree. Why pay for something that you can get for free in few months. We are not going for the cup this season, or are we?
  14. The Sedin 1000 Points Watch

    I was hoping that Daniel would retire with 400 goals and 1000+ points but it doesn't look like 400 goals is going to happen. It will feel good when he hits 1000 pts. And it will be a sad day when they finally decide to retire.