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  1. Bo Horvat | #53 | C

    Agree. Could be even better top 6. Horvat is heavier than Kesler and may be better suited for the playoffs. EP has a chance to be even better than Henrik. It looks like EP = Daniel + Henrik. Virtanen, I'm hoping will be an integral piece like Burr but at minimum and as long as he continues to progress, he should be able to match Raymond's production. The two players skates similarly fast but one is much heavier, like 30-40 pounds than the other. Boeser... We did not have a Boeser in 2011 cup run. Samuelsson was the closest we had but he was injured and not the same caliber as Boeser. Dahlen is another dark horse. He could be our next Burrows. Plays around the net, really smart, makes good plays. Maybe he will chip in 30 goals playing with EP. If we draft one more top 6 player, maybe Wahlstrom, I think we are set up front. By 2020, we could have a real good roster Dahlen-EP-Boeser Virtanen-Horvat-Wahlstrom Eriksson-Gaudette-Lind Gadjovich-Sutter-Jasek
  2. No that was all me. My sister would have come up with something real original.
  3. Just more garbage. But that last line made me laugh. Coming from one's own experience I assume? Been sharing a computer with your mom? You sound like some pathetic 40 year old guy living in mom's basement.
  4. Sounds like you are a little edgy that I referred to your post as typical CDC response? lol I referred to the Jets as "an illustration" of what could have happened based on events that could have transpired. I didn't say that is the sure fire thing that is going to happen if they traded #8. The events that I listed, at least in my opinion, could occur with reasonable probabilities. But what a way to over generalize! Congratulations! You are the best living demonstration of the CDC poster stereotype We should get the fireworks going today at the BC place to celebrate your greatness. Anyhow, it's fun to just engage in a meaningless debate on CDC when you are bored and not feeling like working. I'm sure you are bored too hence, the long nonsensical response. Feel free to ignore because I have been taking a rather rude tone and will continue to do so (I'm sure you understand). So you are supporting trading #7 overall for Hamilton and Bennet I guess? That wasn't clear from all of this. Sounds like you are just upset that I said you are a typical CDC poster.
  5. I think the difference between how you think and how I think isn't that big. I'm thinking we can either add a scoring defenceman through the draft or if Wahlstrom is really that great, we can draft him and add an elite scorer. We would have EP, Boeser as our elite level players and Horvat, Wahlstrom, Dahlen, Lind, Virtanen, Baer, Gaudette to support these two. We would jump over Calgary in two seasons max in this case since as you say, they have Gaudrea and Monahan and then a large drop in quality after these two. And yes, this UFA market will say a lot. They may go hard after a player like Carlsson. Personally, if we don't draft a scoring defenceman in 2018, I am hoping that we can address it through next UFA class rather than trading for one and losing a valuable asset along the way.
  6. Care to explain? Typical CDC post, where a poster critiques another poster's comment without any elaboration. Not sure what to do with such posts...
  7. Thanks. I respect your opinion too and you may be right and I may be wrong. Hamilton does address a need for sure. I guess there is no one solution to building a contender. I think there is a lesson to be learned from Calgary. In 2015, people thought they were poised for great things with Gaudreau, Monahan, and slew of high caliber defencemen. 3 years removed and it seems clear that their team is not going to be good enough to come out of the West. They have a playoff caliber team sure but doesn't seem like they have a contender. What happened? I think this is due to the decisions made by their management to fast track the rebuild. Trading away multiple draft picks in 2015 for Hamilton and again, trading away draft picks in 2018 for Hamonic. Their roster does not have much in the way of elite level talent and no reinforcement is coming either. And looking back, 2015 draft looks like it will be the strongest draft since 2003 (maybe even top 2003 draft if you consider the high-end picks that it produced). I want us to model our rebuild after the Jets. Continue to stockpile on the draft picks and do not make shortsighted trades. Bide our time patiently. Who knows? If we get lucky and draft in the top 3 in 2019 or 2020, our rebuild will be completed even faster.
  8. U.S. Sports gambling ban lifted

    Yay... or nay...? I don't know. People in Canada were already betting on sports through various venues anyways.
  9. I guess for a rebuilding team, that potential to draft an elite player or high impact player at 7th overall that will join the team at the right time (in 2 to 3 years) is much more valuable than getting a couple of roster players that are slightly ahead of the rebuild timeline. Yes, Bennet is a very good 3rd liner and Hamilton has panned out as a very good scoring defenceman, albeit with a bit of weaknesses on the defensive side. You add these two players to the team and the Canucks will be much more competitive and possibly finish around 15th in the league and possibly make the playoffs in a year or two. But that would short circuit rebuilding an even better team. As an illustration, consider the Jets. Imagine if Jets wanted to add roster players to form a playoff competitive roster by trading away 2014 first rounder (8th overall pick, Ehlers). Let's say they added current versions of Hamilton and Bennett (say such players were available). The trade would have made them more competitive and they would have had a high chance to win a game or two against the Ducks in 2014-15 playoffs and probably make the playoffs in 2015-16 with improved Scheifele on top of Hamilton and Bennet rather than finishing bottom 5. In this case, they would not have been able to add fully developed Ehlers at the "right" time. Also, they got lucky with Laine but had they made the playoffs in 2016, they would not even have had the chance to get lucky. Add Hamilton and Bennet and we have a deeper roster lacking elite players (assuming Boeser and EP will be one or two years away from elite status), which means mediocre team that will finish near a playoff spot. Barring a miracle, we will draft 10-16th position in 2019. We will add a good player but probably not a high impact player. With no other elite level players to join the team in 2 to 3 seasons when EP and Boeser do become elite level players, we will be a good playoff team but hardly a contender.
  10. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    It's good to hear that he is working on his stick handling. Shows that he knows what his weaknesses are and that he has devotion to working on improving himself. As long as he is improving on his weaknesses, I really don't think there is anyway that someone who is as heavy as he is and yet can skate better than basically everyone in the NHL doesn't find success in the NHL.
  11. Jets in 6. Jets and their top 6, backed up by strong goaltending and defence isn't going to be easy to surmount for the Vegas.
  12. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    Karlsson is not the same calibre as Doughty? Honestly, if we can get Karlsson, I think we are winning the cup soon. He outscored the next best defenceman by like 70 points in the last 4 seasons and that second best man played one full season as a winger before focussing on defence. Doughty is all around player sure but one can easily make the case that Karlsson's caliber is one notch above that of Doughty.
  13. Good point. Even for Dahlin... I'd have to think long and hard. Imagine if in 2015 draft, we had 3 first rounders and drafted Barzal, Connor, and Boeser. That's a first line. Hindsight is 20/20 sure but with good drafting it's possible.
  14. Never. No one player in this draft, except Dahlin will be worth trading 3 first rounders for. Unless it's for a generational talent, I would never trade away 1 impact player, 1 good quality roster player, and a low first, which with JB is at least as good for a bottom six player. As we see it with Vegas, depth wins games in the playoffs in this league. I'd rather add 3 good players to my roster than just one superstar.
  15. A high draft pick in the current NHL is way too valuable. To see this point, even though we were the worst team in the last 3 seasons, we have never picked a player as high as 4th overall. That's how hard it is to get a 4th overall pick; you suffer for 3 seasons, 246 games, and you still don't get to pick 4th overall. You can almost never trade for it. I agree that we are not in a position to trade away Sutter because we've got no center. But I don't think Sutter has large enough value to Ottawa. He will be useful to them sure but his value is not big enough for Ottawa to want to trade their 4th overall. In the similar vein, Baertschi's value is higher to us than to Ottawa. I know Baertschi puts up top 6 numbers but he has never put in a full season. And I think Ottawa will view him as middle six winger, a player that is interchangeable with their existing middle six players. Only Tanev has high value to Ottawa but he alone is less than 4th overall pick and Baer + Sutter doesn't tip the scale. IMO. If I'm Ottawa, I would consider trading the lower 1st round and a prospect for Tanev but keep the 4th overall. That way, they add Tanev + one of Svechnikov, Zadina, Tkachuk, Wahlstrom, Bouchard, Dobson. If somehow Svech or Zadina slips, they add a winger that is probably already better than Baer and in Tkachuk, they add a possibly a core player moving forward who may surprise people and make the team next season like his brother did. Sutter and Baertschi aren't going to change Ottawa's mind on this. That would be really short sighted if they traded away their 4th overall for players in the mid to late 20's. I just don't think it will happen... I hope it does for us but I don't think so.