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  1. lol those scumbag Chicago management sure would have tried. I agree, I don't think insurance companies would take fraud lightly and doubt that they take bribes. I guess now I believe that Hossa genuinely had allergic reaction to hockey equipment, especially if it was verified by an independent doctor hired by the insurance company. But a question remains if he really couldn't play or he could play if the salary was say, 5 million dollars as opposed to 1 million dollars. Is it a mere coincidence that his allergy problem became so severe right about when his salary became 1 mil? I still think cap-recapture is a form of selective punishment.
  2. Valid point but if he didn't bend the rules when our competitors were (e.g., Chicago), then he wasn't doing his job. Nonetheless, he was bending, not breaking the rules. If NHL were serious about punishing those that circumvented the cap, they shouldn't have turned their cheek on Hossa's and Pronger's. IMO cap-recapture is a form of selective punishment.
  3. IMO, we gotta take MG out from the blame list. That contract was legit under the CBA at the time. He was just doing his best to fit as many talented players under the cap.
  4. They really should make the skate jersey as their regular uniform. I feel like that was the jersey worn during the franchise defining years and feels like it represents the Canucks better than Orca or the stick jersey (the ones worn now or during the inception years). And the modernized colors make the jersey look even fashionable with nice color contrasting. I believe the Orcas were brought in during McCaw era, their company was named Orca sports and entertainment. I think it's time to move on from the orcas just like we did with McCaw.
  5. Clearly you haven't suffered enough. We had cups stolen from us in 1994 and 2011. I'll take it anyway we can.
  6. 1. Montreal. Quebec boy playing for home province will bring back the old memories of Habs dynasty. As a Canadian hockey fan, it will be an interesting to follow progression of Lafreniere, following the footsteps of former great Quebecois Canadiens' players. 2. Edmonton and then Pittsburgh. Two teams that probably benefitted the most from tanking and old draft lottery rules. Pittsburgh had first overall picks in 2003 and 2005 and second overall picks in 2004 and 2006. Edmonton had 1st overall picks in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 3rd overall pick in 2014. That's 5 top 3 picks in 6 years; it's insane. 3. Canucks to beat Wild. I think the Canucks have a good chance to make a run this year. I want to see what EP and Hughes are capable of in the playoffs. 4. Yes/No. I want the lottery to stay because it is the most effective defence against intentional tanking while giving bad teams better odds at landing a franchise player. On the other hand, playoff caliber teams should not be picking in the top 3. Maybe the calculation of the odds should be based on point percentage and that it should vary every season so that a team that misses the playoffs by 1 point gets close to 0% chance of winning the lottery. It should also be spread out more evenly across the bottom teams. Balancing this will not be so easy but I think it's possible.
  7. True that. But with only the top 2 picks left, LA probably thought they were getting the first overall pick. It shows on Luc and Blake's expressions. They are still gonna get a great player at #2. I don't feel bad for them.
  8. What a letdown for LA lol. Well, the last time they held #2 overall pick, they got Doughty so I'm sure they'll get a good player. Maybe NHL draft lottery is rigged, Lafreniere will go to MTL. Canucks will win the cup this season.
  9. Wow. 12.5% chance to land Lafreniere if we lose to Minnesota. We are going to be the next dynasty if we land Lafreniere.
  10. Agree. I don't think there will be a compliance buyout if they go with flat cap and reading the article, it makes me believe that compliance is buyout is less likely given the complexity surrounding escrow. The article doesn't mention compliance buyout anywhere either. If the cap stays flat, my guess is that EP and QH will want bridge contracts, giving them a chance to earn a giant contract 3 years later when things go back to normal. I'd say 3 years at 5-6 mil each. Marky is probably going to get 3-year 5 mil or 4-year 4 mil contract, as opposed to 5-6 mil. My initial intuition is that this won't be too bad for us. On the other hand, Toronto is most likely screwed. They might have to trade away one of the big 3, or at the very least, Nylander.
  11. For this season, nothing. I paid for my NHL subscription for this season. I'm not in Vancouver at the moment so blackouts not a problem. Starting next season, if they decide to go to a different model, then I'd pay at most $100 for full season + playoffs.
  12. Amazing! If they truly deliver what they promised, zero waste, that will be amazing.
  13. I thought Hossa is still active, at least on paper. How the heck can he be elected into the hall? Did the rule change? Active players can enter? Puzzled by Kevin Lowe. Why? And why now after so many years? What changed?