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  1. Interesting. As the article says, he was never the best player on his team. A hard working player for sure I guess, but a player who clearly benefited from playing with better players and hence, was overrated. He jumped teams many times despite his good stats -- constantly looking for better players to help him inflate his stat lines. He goes into the hall of fame as the best passenger in the NHL. I think the NHL should introduce a new award, the Mark Recchi award, given to the best complimentary player in the NHL during the season.
  2. Edler: a legitimate top 4 player that many of the fans here wants to trade away for a bag of pucks. Virtanen: some people think that he won't even make the NHL. Most people think of him as a 4th liner and a 3rd liner at best. For a 6th overall pick, that's pretty much the definition of underrated.
  3. Conditioning was clearly an issue early on. There were so many shifts where he goes hard for 10 seconds, then gets tired so he changes. After few of those shifts, in order to last a full shift, I often noticed him distributing his energy over 30-45 seconds shifts. In the beginning it was deceiving because it looked like Jake was just focussing on being in the right position defensively but eventually, I noticed that it was the conditioning that made him play tentative and not be able to make use of his elite level skating, power, and shots. A truly well conditioned player goes hard on offence, which makes it seem like he gets out of position but then he gets back hard defensively to break up a play. A player that is not well conditioned knows that he cannot put himself out of position or otherwise, it's a goal against, so instead of going for offensive chances, he focusses on being in the right position in case the puck is turned over. The thing is, because the poorly conditioned player does not go for the offensive chances (not being available as a passing option or retrieve the puck deep for example), it leads to higher chance of the puck getting turned over; a case of a self fulfilling prophecies. I think the main reason why Jake was not able to dominate the AHL is also the conditioning. I think during the season, he improved for sure, but it's hard to get in top level shape during the regular season, the AHL is not the NCAA. If Jake has indeed improved his conditioning, I fully expect him to dominate the AHL early on, and then to get an early call up.
  4. Nothing wrong with having your own opinion, but comments like this make me wonder about an all European team in the NHL. How well (or bad) would they do? My guess is that a team made up of good Europeans will probably be a cup contender every year.
  5. I don't think Horvat deserves 7-8 million yet. As much as I love this player, I think you are too high on him. I think with the body of work that he has put on display so far, he is probably worth around 5.5, and at most 6 on a long term deal and around 4 mil on a shorter bridge type deal. Kuznetsov put up 77 pts in 82 games, showing high offensive output that he is capable of, which explains the money. Horvat had 52 points this season, and we don't know how high he can go in terms of offence. We hope it's 70 points but no one knows. Horvat's camp will have to somehow argue that Horvat is capable of Kuznetsov type number without Horvat ever having such a season under his belt. it's going to be a tough for them to build a convincing case as Canucks can always say that there is a risk that Horvat's production may plateau between 50-60 pts and point out that Kuznetsov has actually achieved 77 pts on season, to invalidate any Horvat to Kuznetsov comparison that Horvat's agent will bring it up. Marleau is at a different stage in his career from Horvat and he was a UFA. It's pretty easy to break down any comparison that they bring forward regarding Marleau but if in fact, what they ask for is around 6M for 8 years, then I think that's not a bad deal for the Canucks so they should take it. 6M will not be much in 3 to 4 years from now. If Horvat goes on to score 60+ points next season, then he will for sure get 7-8 mil. So, from Horvat's side, it might be a good idea to take a bridge deal at lower AAV of around 4 mil to prove that he is capable of 60+ points once he is given more offensive opportunities. And then, go for long term deal between 7-8 mil. If Horvat doesn't put up 60+ points next season, they can still go for long term deal at around 5.5-6 mil.
  6. Uh... Colorado? So far, they haven't really done anything to improve their team. I think they are flat out tanking for #1 overall next season.
  7. Regardless of who is the best prospect, I'm just happy with our prospect pool now. We have Pettersson, Boeser, Juolevi, Demko who have potential to be top 3 forwards, top 2 d, and elite level goalie. And Goldobin, Dahlen, and Viranen are highly likely to be top 6, top 9 wingers. With Horvat, Baertschi, Granlund still young enough to round out the forward group, I think we will be able to build a strong team that can beat the other teams with depth. If few of the other prospects like Gadjovich, Lind, Lockwood also reach their potential, I think we will be able to build a championship caliber team in few years. If we can get one more top level defence prospect, then I think our chances of winning a cup with this generation of the players will greatly improve. I'm hoping we get that top end defence prospect in the next year's draft.
  8. OJ at 200lbs? Let's see him play in the OHL at that weight. He should be able to dominate that league in a convincing fashion before making the jump to the NHL/AHL.
  9. Good post and a good analysis. I agree that it is highly likely that one of the three players that struggled last season will have a bounce back season so those are good value signing. Also, Gagner brings creativity that Sutter doesn't. Sutter in my opinion is more offensive version of Malholtra and should be used much like the way Malholtra was used. Having Gagner allows Sutter to be deployed appropriately. These signings deinitely make the team more competitive and ensure that we won't start the season on some ridiculously long losing streak, which will be important if the new coach Green is to have any kind of longevity at the helm. Although I still don't see our team to compete for the playoffs mainly because defence hasn't improved much and goaltending is likely to be a bit worse.
  10. lol. If you don't overpay, no one wants to come here. We are not a contender. So in your opinion, in order to not overpay for the FA, Benning should go into the season without signing any player that can help improve the offence? Basically keep the team status quo from last year? You want the team to start the season with 20 game losing streak? All the other teams are making changes to improve their roster, if we don't do anything, we are basically going to end up icing the very AHL team that we iced towards the end of last season. I'm sure the owners are going to love Benning if he ices an AHL team when he has the green light to spend to the cap.
  11. A good stop gap signing. Gives OJ some development time. The salary is a bit higher than I thought but it's only for 2 years and it's not like we will be needing it in the next 2 years anyways.
  12. Good deal. Gagner will make our PP better, no matter who he plays with. I guess he will be playing wing?
  13. Not surprising. He is a very skilled and despite his skating, can make the players around him better.
  14. Jeremy Jacobs? I'm sorry but what did this guy do to deserve to be placed along with people like Pat Quinn?