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  1. $hit that looks pathetic. When Curry pulls it off, it actually looks pretty cool and relaxed. When Marchand does it... he just looks like a wannabe.
  2. It's a good thing that teams are leaving the "sad club." Hopefully we will be leaving it pretty soon.
  3. Bruins look like they have a slight edge because of their first line. The depth and goaltending are great for both teams. Defence is a wash I'd say, although I think Blues might actually have a bit of an edge there. I think the Blues will win it in 7 games (although I accidentally voted Blues in 6). A team that entered the league before us and yet, have never won a cup. I'd say they are due.
  4. Seriously? You are using chaos theory to justify your logic? Taking this too far, no?
  5. PLD was drafted in 2016 but made the NHL in 2017-18. EP was drafted after 2016-17 season. PLD would not have made the NHL and we would get EP anyways.
  6. I still have hopes for Juolevi but man, if we drafted PLD... PLD-Horvat PLD and Horvat would be the workhorses that drive the Canucks engine for the next 10 years.
  7. Yeah, I think it's a fair question. And although I say no, it's difficult to say no because well, we have never drafted #3 overall since... 1999. Krebs may do what Horvat can do eventually but look how many years it took Horvat to get to this point... Krebs would take similarly long in my opinion. Byram, Hughes, and Juolevi could give us the best D core indeed. But Byram would take few more years before he is NHL ready and performing at a high level. So we can either set our rebuild back in time in the hope that it gets us to higher places or we just stick with what we assembled. The thing to note here is that when you set your rebuild back in time, as we wait for Byram/Krebs to mature, there will be other players entering the league in the subsequent years who may turn out better than Byram and Krebs. Should we turn back our rebuild each time this happens? When I compare our team to other rebuilding teams or the teams that have just completed a rebuild, I think we will have a good chance to win the cup with what we have assembled so far if we can add couple more pieces.
  8. No. That trade would set our rebuild back by 3-4 years. The player we get is probably Byram, and as with most junior prospects, I expect him to take 1 more year or junior hockey before being ready to make the jump to the NHL and at least 2-3 more years, if not more, before he has the same level (or better) of impact as Bo. I think now is the time to round out the rebuild and hence, we should be adding pieces without subtracting a core piece. Probably should use this year's draft to find a top 6 winger or strengthen the D core and we can definitely do that at #10 spot. Also, we should dip in to the UFA market and add a free piece or two if possible at a reasonable cap.
  9. I blame McCaw (then owner) for not spending more. We were just one goalie away from becoming a bonafide contender during the WCE era. That team had the best line in the NHL, really deep D core, and pretty good supporting cast. That team beat other teams on toughness aspect of the game as well. The team was built for the playoffs and yet, the owner just wouldn't spend. I still think about what would have happened if Nazzy didn't get elbowed by Moore. With the Sedins and Kesler about to enter their prime, we would have won a few cups (assuming we get a goalie). Naslund-Mo-Bertuzzi Sedin-Sedin Burrows-Kesler Cooke-Ruutu Jovo Ohlund Salo Edler It still boggles my mind that if things stayed on course, we could have iced this line up with most of the players at or near their peak performances. I gotta give credits to Burke for building such a fine team with a limited budget. He was a great GM (until he got to Toronto).
  10. I remember the same about their PP. It was lethal and I was thinking to myself, $hit, these guys are going to pass us in a couple of years as the Sedins age. That move to hire Eakins was probably the dumbest thing they did. TSN should do top 10 Oilers blunders since 2006 cup appearance. They can probably stretch it out to top 100 and run it over and over again during Christmas and new year.
  11. Congrats. The other guy is probably a Habs fan and saying the same in the Habs forum.
  12. I guess the thought process here is that we are giving up 3 roster players for the service of Benn who probably has about 3 years of 60-80 production remaining. - Juolevi is projected as top 3/4D - Virtanen is a 2nd/3rd line big body player that can skate with the best of the NHL - 1st round pick: under JB, all our 1st rounders, except Juolevi thus far, has made the NHL. And these 3 players that we are giving up will give us 10 more years of service as opposed to Benn's 6 years, half of which may not even be great.
  13. I agree. We should definitely go for Panarin or Karlsson first, if we fail to sing one, then we can consider other options. We definitely need a top line winger moving forward and Benn may be a fit especially in the playoffs.
  14. When the person you are working for doesn't value you or your contribution, it's time to move on from that job. People quit their job if they don't feel valued at their workplace all the time, why shouldn't hockey players think the same way?