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  1. Yeah, my main issue is that Virtanen looks like he is afraid to make mistakes. And sometimes, he looks uninterested, like not interested in making an impact on the outcome of the game. You see Bo flying around, trying to make things happen because he doesn't want to lose and then, you see Virtanen on the same line, but just playing to not make mistakes and never really getting motivated from playing on the same line as Bo. Virtanen has a lot more potential than Ritchie. And you see flashes of that from time to time. But at this rate, we won't see any of that. Worse, he will be traded somewhere and put it together on another team like Neely or even Kassian as he has become a better player now, playing on the Oilers at the moment. Gosh, I never thought I would see the day when I would think that Ritchie is better than Virtanen. I mean, Nylander, I knew had elite skill so I'm not shocked by him outperforming Jake at the moment but Ritchie? Wow. I got mad watching the game today.
  2. Not even bang & crash today. As usual, not noticeable. Nick Ritchie seems to have made strides and is now better than Virtanen. Let's stop with Nylander vs Virtanen comparison. Virtanen vs Ritchie and Virtanen is at the moment behind. Hopefully, Virtanen will make some great strides this season. But I think he needs to get more minutes, in all situations.
  3. -Hansen, Granlund, and Sutter line is continuing to impress me. Horvat has also been very impressive again. -Nick Ritchie seems to have take quite a bit of step forward. Going to the net, processing the game better, supporting Perry and Getzlaf cycle, hitting, etc. I'm impressed because last season whenever I saw him in the NHL, it didn't look like he would be much of a player. Some negatives: -I am starting to have my doubts on Edler-Tanev pairing. Maybe continue to experiment with Edler-Larsen and Sbisa-Tanev pairing? -The last season's Edler and Sbisa showed up quite a bit today, and at critical points. -Biega did his best but he had no idea how to play as a 4th line winger. We should call up a forward if 14 and 15 are going to be missing any more games. The latter of the back-to-back games. They played hard and kept it close but wasn't enough. The Sedins did seem quite exhausted and weren't able to set up their play. But I do think that their game is much better with Eriksson than Baertschi. Oh and, Baertschi needs to start shooting and be more greedy rather than deferring to Bo all the time.
  4. At least Eriksson is back with the Sedins and Baertschi with Horvat. I never thought I would say this but, even Ritchie looks better than Virtanen now. F*ck.
  5. Eriksson is a bust? It's been 4 games. It's been 4 games. It's been 4 games. Let's wait and see.
  6. Not a good news. Yesterday's game showed that we would need Tryamkin type of player to better handle teams that crash the net. Management's gotta make a decision. It's either trade Sbisa or potentially lose Tryamkin.
  7. It doesn't matter what Virtanen wants to do. It's about what is the best for the team and how to develop Virtanen so that he can become the best player he can be so that he can contribute to the team the way he was expected to, by scoring goals and dominate defenders. The thing is that Gaunce's ceiling is a third line centre, with upside to fill in as a 2nd line center on injuries etc. So Gaunce should learn the pro game, the team's structure, and that's fine. In fact, as you said, he is getting better and better. I think he is being played in a role that matches his potential. Like you said Virtanen has upsides to be a top 6 winger and at least when he was drafted, some thought that he can become 30 goal scorer. To reach that potential, he needs to play 15-20 minutes a game on 5-on-5 and PP. He will and should try different things, make mistakes, learn from them, get better, refine his game, implement the refinements, and score goals as a result, gain confidence, and repeat. He cannot do that at the NHL level. Right now, it seems like Virtanen is being told to play within the system and play safe. Are we grooming him to become a third line checking winger? If so, sure. Keep him here. But if not, then send him down. And, I don't think we can simply say that Virtanen is ahead of Gaunce in the depth chart. These guys are being groomed for different roles so for bottom 6 role, Gaunce is ahead of Virtanen on the depth chart and for a top 9 role, sure Virtanen is ahead of Gaunce. But Virtanen is behind, Daniel, Baertschi, Eriksson, Hansen, Granlund, and Rodin. Basically, the only reason why he is here is because of Rodin's injury. I just worried that the management is ruining a good player in Virtanen. I'm not blaming the coaching staff on this because the coaching staff is doing what they need to do to get the win (as Jarvis said, it's not about development, it's about winning). The current role that Jake is playing can be played by slew of other guys in the AHL. For example, Grenier, Labate, etc etc.
  8. Yeah it seems like a great coaching... but he says, "It's not about developing players ... We are playing to win" OK, this confirms my belief that it's better if Jake is sent to the the AHL. At this rate, he is going to max out as a 4th liner and not even an effective 4th liner. Virtanen has a lot of upside but it's a shame that the management insists on keeping him with the big club for some reason. Even Grenier or any of the other older "prospects" can play Jake's role right now, because he isn't allowed to do much at the moment maybe it's because he is trying hard to just play within the system.
  9. I don't think anyone is sold on him. But many fans are just trying to be patient and give him the benefit of the doubt since last season's failure was not his fault (injuries etc).
  10. Hopefully soon so that Virtanen can be sent down to further his development. Right now, Virtanen is coached to play things safe, which is not helpful in terms of developing his talents. And since the Canucks' goal is to make the playoffs, the NHL is not the best place for Virtanen to work on his game and further develop his talents. He needs a place of experiment where he can try different things and gain confidence/learn from the experiments. He cannot do that at the NHL level.
  11. Yeah I agree. That 4th line winger role needs someone who is willing to assert himself by being physical and being in your face. Not someone who plays things safe. I feel like Gaunce was great and getting better as a 4th line centre. Gaunce would benefit greatly from having another pair of young legs on his line, to help him forecheck to turn the puck over.
  12. Negative first: Virtanen... looked lost out there. The guy lost so much confidence that he had from juniors. I think he needs to spend some time in the AHL. Get that confidence back, come back motivated. If Virtanen becomes 20+ goal scorer in a season or two, this team seriously has a chance to become real good. Sending out Henrik and Daniel together on OT was clearly a mistake. OT is all about speed. Burrows. Does not add anything positive. Baertschi-Henrik-Daniel line does not work. Put Eriksson back there. Or try Hansen again. Positives: Dorsett until he got injured played well. Good fight. Markstrom was solid and shut the door after allowing 3 goals early. What's going on with Hansen? He now has some great offensive instincts. Maybe a season with the Sedins last year helped his offensive game? Good team effort. Defence was solid overall except for few lapses. Eriksson. Yes, Eriksson didn't get on the score sheet but I liked him. Not flashy but solid. Setting screen and doing his job. I get a sense that he is not being utilized in the best way however. The coaching staff should be patient and continue to play him with the Sedins. And maybe slightly different PP arrangement?
  13. Are you sure you want to trade Miller to LA? A division rival? They are hard to beat as is. Let them suffer with mediocre goaltending, hopefully they will miss the playoffs.
  14. LA "Queens" is still sounds respectful. It should be more like "b*tches", no?
  15. They probably think that we are a boring team. Nothing much to report about or not much things that they feel will be interesting to the general viewers. Let it be. It doesn't matter if they talk about the Canucks or not. All that matters is that our team is winning and they are playing the right way. If that's boring and not worthy of news to Sportsnet or TSN, then so be it.