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  1. The Sharks are 0/3 on their power play.
  2. Thanks VC!
  3. CHRIS TANEV PRAISED BY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMMATES FOR GOLD-MEDAL PERFORMANCE http://canucksarmy.com/2016/6/2/chris-tanev-praised-by-world-championship-teammates-for-gold-medal-performance I think Ill keep my gold medal winning defenseman in Chris Tanev.
  4. He's definitely worth a shot.
  5. That's fantastic news!
  6. nice goal Boeser
  7. Isn't that rust... Or Calgary's water.
  8. They'll just put them back on the shelf and sell them again.
  9. WOW. Horvat is on fire. Nice goal
  10. Trymkins first goal Yes!
  11. Gaunce pulled away from Calgary's D like he was standing still.
  12. Winners First Vancouver Canucks Second Calgary Flames Third Montreal Canadiens 0 0 1 1 made by rob zaenglein for advertising, media, and all other inquiries - contact robzaenglein@gmail.com
  13. McDavid pulled a McKadri
  14. He just gets a rest for the cup run.
  15. The Department of Player Safety gives Jake 2 games for a late hit. A player that hasn't been disciplined before. Milan Lucic gets one game for a slash and a sucker punch to an unsuspecting Kevin Connaughton. As the video states, Lucic has been suspended twice and fined 4 times previously. This just pisses me right off. http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=60&id=927285&lang=en