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  1. Team Leadership is not based on age. (Discussion)

    As long as Henrik is here he is captain. Period! Agreed
  2. Words That Go TOGETHER...

    That's an oxymoron. lol
  3. Yeah! the monkey is off Louies back! nice goal!
  4. How to Lie about History - The Captain Fred MacDonald Story In Bradley's "Imperial Cruise" we get this quote about Captain Fred MacDonald (U.S.V) and his conduct during the Philippine American war (1899-1902): The source for this? A secondary history called "Benevolent Assimilation" (1982). And what is that book's source? Answer - The 1902 Senate Hearing on American atrocities in the Philippines. During that hearing a certain Corporal Richard T. O'Brien charged that MacDonald (his company commander) and the officers gang-raped the woman. Seems pretty solid, except that O'Brian admitted under oath that: he never saw MacDonald rape anyone his charge was based on hearsay i.e. what the woman's husband supposedly told him the woman's husband only told him - and no other soldier in the company No one overhead the husband statement to O'brien that his wife had been raped he never mentioned the rape in any of this letters home he never reported the rape to MacDonald's superiors. The army records were then produced showing that O'Brien was: a troublemaker and had a grudge against MacDonald was never in LaNong but stationed as a supply clerk 25 miles away had made other charges (that the company never took prisoners) proven to be false by army records not supported by anyone else in the company. And finally, after the Senate Hearings, O'Brien stood trial for perjury. In other words there is no convincing evidence that Captain Fred MacDonald raped anyone. But that doesn't stop the looney left historians from printing it as fact. As Mark Twain said: " A Lie can travel half-way around the world before the truth gets its boots on" It's hard to say what is truth and what has been fabricated during war time.
  5. I've got a good feeling. were getting grade A chances. I like that fact.
  6. Brock Boeser | #6 | Right Wing

    Plus he sat in the box for 8 minutes as well. The kids a beaut!
  7. [GDT/PGT] Preseason Oct. 2nd - Canucks vs. Sharks 5 PM PST

    Excellent! That means he's been told that he'll play.
  8. [GDT/PGT] Preseason Oct. 2nd - Canucks vs. Sharks 5 PM PST

    Horvat to Rodin look dangerous together
  9. The Sharks are 0/3 on their power play.
  10. Jim Benning on TSN 1040

    Thanks VC!