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  1. Ya. I own a lab husky shepherd cross. Wicked dog, but he requires a bare minimum of 2 hours of hard exercise a day otherwise he becomes restless and unhappy. Dogs arent just a kewl thing you buy. Do some research and learn how to properly train it. It isn't about being physically abusive with it, or dominating it or any of that horse $&!# I see every day from clueless owners. It's about being stern with it and consistent. Having a dog is rewarding as hell, and it challenges me daily but if you want a non toy dog (one with a brain) you need to be prepared for work!!!
  2. Unblock us It costs 5 dollars a month to use an American dns. You can then watch all games with no blackouts, American Netflix, and anything else that has regional blackouts. Easy to setup, free to try for a week, I've used it for years.
  3. I've been using it for years.
  4. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet. There's a way to avoid blackouts, watch American Netflix, etc, and it's legal. You pay a company to mask your dns to an American dns. It costs 5 dollars a month, and takes 2 minutes to setup. I use it for Netflix, mls, and game centre Google unblock us. There's a free trial for the skeptical.
  5. Depends what you're looking for
  6. Dogs are banned from various public places. I can't take my dog to certain parks, even if on leash.
  7. Does throwing in an aging third liner increase the value of the trade to a proved younger talent? Why does cdc think if you pool together junk with something else it makes it better?
  8. Yes. Sitting in the supporters section for it. We chanted his name for a good couple of minutes after that. What a pimp.
  9. Benning really should have considered what you wanted.
  10. There's hope that we can save a small percentage of the misguided, and mislead souls from a judging, heinous, and lying book that is poison for humanity. You're doing a good deed by destroying religion. Don't stop fighting the good fight man.
  11. No. My friend does special fx for the flash though, which is neat.
  12. I don't know if you're being serious or not. Do you understand the correlation of eating poorly and having heart disease? I'm assuming her body was so strong from a proper diet she fought off cancer. I didn't lie, nor did I post in here to read back handed responses. It's fine if you don't believe me. I was contributing to the conversation, not trying to persuade people into using the method. Try being more open minded. Maybe read about it online. Modern science isn't the be all end all. I mean, hell, some people thought praying was the absolute for good health for thousands of years. I'm not saying chemo is wrong, just saying it's not the only way. Just did a simple google search. Saw another that said don't use juicing exclusively, but suggested other natural forms of treatment. She only juiced to my knowledge. I can't explain the biology behind it. I don't have the answers, I am relaying what happened.
  13. A little presumptuous aren't we. I left out nothing. I never said anything about gluten free.
  14. This is fascinating... My girlfriends mom had stage 4 colon cancer, which, at the time meant you were likely to die... She decided to not do chemo, but went through with an insanely healthy diet. She started to juice several pounds of carrots and other healthy foods a day, and cut out any processed foods. Anyway... I guess her body was so rich with healthy foods it fought off the cancer... She ended up surviving with no chemo. It was her choice too, not a bunch of ill informed know it alls on a canucks forum.