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  1. Benning Extended (Official)

    lol The fact is no one does Everyone has an opinion Only time will tell Just like tonights outcome We can guess and speculate But No one knows for sure I responded, but i don't need to keep it going Each side has an opinion, and a lot of times, some are just closed minded and not accept both sides I choose to use this an a discussion board, rather than an argument one I for one do not want it to fail and hope it is the right choice
  2. Benning Extended (Official)

    If You read I was not heaping praise on anyone or giving out wrong information Highlite the complete post and tell me where? 3 people do not make a Team Why are the oilers where they are with the best player and Draistl? I said he helped construct a winning team, by not signing players,signing others and not trading those players, because we were a none playoff team before Just because my statement does not back your argument, does it mean i am taking sides
  3. Benning Extended (Official)

    He also had a team that never made the playoffs the year before and never blew it up but made it stronger If I had to guess, if people were slamming Gilles at the time for support of Nonis, you were supporting Gilles at the time? Why do you say Benning is a great at evaluating talent when he made mistakes on Clendening, There were better picks to be had than Virtanen Better picks than OJ He said Sutter would be a franchise player Ericksson Guddy etc I think he is a good scout, not great ! Lets not put the horse before the cart yet Just like the failed ones you mentioned above the ones we have hope for are still unproven at the NHL level Maybe best to temper your praise until it pans out
  4. Benning Extended (Official)

    Really? You were not a Canuck fan then or entertained? You didn't support the Stanley Cup push? Bennings mistakes are overlooked but not Gillis? Just don't see a die hard canuck in you One built us an entertaining team for years and one hopes too I don't care who is in charge,as long as they get the job done After all it is not my money to lose
  5. Benning Extended (Official)

    I can see both sides of an argument When something like this is made redhdlois, It doesn't show both sides truly does it? Gillis had President Trophy players as proven assets available (so the cupboard wasn't bare) Gilles never had a great stock pile of prospects, as he was going all in to bring us a cup Gilles also never drafted high or finished at the bottom of the standings to get better picks in those years Benning has more Prospects, as he hasn't iced a strong of team Benning has much lesser NHL talent on his team I think how everyone on here has an opinion , we all could have picked some decent players with our high picks To sum up Gillis took a non playoff team to President Trophy teams (while releasing Naslund and Morrison in his 1st year) Gillis had PROVEN NHL talent, less opportunity of high quality picks, while going for a cup Gillis never had much for unproven prospects outside of the NHL Benning has more UNPROVEN NHL prospects than Gillis, while fielding a poor NHL roster One didn't need promise, and was entertaining us all One has promise, and the empty seats talks about entertainment
  6. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    In my own self loathing way aGENT, it's fandumb i suffer from
  7. Which RFA is most important to the team?

    Maybe we sign each one for 5 years at $6 mil and get everyone talking or Maybe we can't sign and a strong team signs them and we get the late round picks
  8. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Almost at 500 pages I thought the penalty was too much, especially considering what other rulings have, or never even been made (there should be a infraction posting, where we can post to see every non call or calls and rulings on calls as a library to see how absurd things can be) It would be interesting if they made all these hearings heard It is like they spin a wheel,or who is involved, or what team, till a Canuck comes up, then they say we need to set a precedent for this in a heavy ruling (and never hold to it against others) I am now getting dismayed by inconsistent rulings, and the way games can be called, they seem as contrived as wrestling, and i have no interest in that sport either
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

    Curious You calling us a rebuilding team (and i hope we finally are now) Do you think If we were 3 points out of a playoff spot like the Rangers are, Would we be holding onto everyone to make the playoffs or selling like the Rangers advertised, in order to win the cup not just retool ?
  10. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers

    Bettman is in Calgary telling the City better build and pay for a new Arena or risk the Flames moving
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Florida Panthers

    Wow Bo is -40 in his career, -1 tonight Brock -7, -2 tonight too You going to rag on them too?
  12. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I am betting that he will not want a 2 way and would try to take less money that what he is offered to avoid a 2 way, because he knows that is where he would spend time, with the new guys in the system coming up, and if they shine. he won't have that decision to play up here He doesn't need Bert, Travis was a star out of junior and had to decide if he wanted to play in the NHL or not, because he wasn't going to be a star in the NHL and he re-invented himself and worked hard. Jake needs to decide how long he wants to play in the big leagues and act accordingly, if he chooses to stay
  13. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    I am not so sure Green believes in him so much, as he doesn't show it in playing him like he believes in him Benning? He drafted him, would he draft him again if he could? Pretty generous saying that based on 6 goals (and one i know of into a empty net) Now Boeser, and that kid McDavid who just scored 4 tonight, They can score goals Lets hope he can score a lot more than he has, and if he doesn't get there, getting teams shorthanded by hitting them and having them retaliate and keeping their scorers off the ice while being shorthanded, can be effective too
  14. [PGT] Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Maybe you are refusing to see what oldnews are i are getting at no matter what is said? The good teams are when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts The fact that we had the Sedins and Vanek was good insurance to have when we lost Bo,Sutter and Dorset Boeser cannot play on 4 lines all game and by himself and how might his play been affected without them to help on his or another line? I will give you this That the Sedins at $7 mil would not be wise, but to retain them for less and have them on the 3rd and 2nd like they started out this year would be awesome value for 1 more year I would not mind if Henrik dropped his c for that year and took an a (But that is something Bo and him would decide and maybe have?)
  15. [PGT] Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Yes and i am sure the players, coaches and management know better than us what he would mean to this team and decide accordingly, so take him or leave him I will be supportive of it being the right decision for this team