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  1. "Howe" long? Gord played with his sons too Surprised it is Jagr though, after he left the NHL , maybe people with the last sounding names have a love for what they do , or, the money Jagr and Jagger The Jagermeisters
  2. Hmm Jagr for 1 Million Maybe the Canucks are holding out to sign Nedved over him again? How much?
  3. Why is everyone keeping the Sedins together? Maybe a new coach will do something different? I have heard it said, that they appear to ignore, a more open team mate that is open to score, and look for the other to join in scoring Why can't a new coach recognise it and split them up? Now you would have Sedins on different lines competing harder to keep up with the other scoring (maybe) Maybe it refreshes them with new line mates in playing a new game and be less predictable and add speed on their line maybe Reunite them on the power play to keep them happy and re-invigorate them being together again The Canucks are going through changes, I don't see why the Sedins can't either? I would like to see what would happen for 5 games (at least) and let others play with them seperately
  4. Shouldn't it really be considered a 5 yr contract at 5.5 Million, with the 6yr. amount undetermined yet? The Canucks will not let the contract run out and let Horvat become an unrestricted free agent
  5. This game reminds me of the Canucks drive to the final, when they would sit back on leads and play not to lose (didn't work out that well)
  6. As a casual player I like it They are being rewarded and also keeping their momentum going Its not like the are playing "more" games than the teams that are still in the 1st round (It's still less) Plus, the team that eventually gets to the most important final series faster, will get rewarded to rest up longer than the ones who took longer to get there
  7. I hope that your correct I always had the impression that Vrbata didn't embrace the playoffs, nor playing for free after the regular season pay was over. I hope it's not his way of stopping him from being traded to a contender and prolonging his season, which he might not have the desire for?
  8. Gstank said: Goalie and goalie coach. I've played and trained with goalies who have played Major Junior/NCAA div 1 I am confused now Gstank, are You more more qualified than Corey now because You played and trained goalies ? Also, if I use your statement, just because he's an ex goalie doesn't mean everything he says is gold -does that apply to you too? Oh well , I am sure it will sort itself out
  9. Was just wondering, if there ever was a time when a Canuck coach wasn't fired and they just never renewed his contract ?
  10. That too, Leadership skill is not the most important thing we are lacking It's skilled defence It's hard enough to score goals in the NHL. It's harder when you cannot put 5 skilled people on each line working together. Canucks defence have no offense, on top of not helping with moving the offense, the forwards fear they cannot commit too deep, because they don't have confidence in their defensive play either More than any position, skilled strong dmen will help us start scoring(and getting scored on)
  11. I am not sold on ownership being hands on with our NEW management team. I think it took Aquaman some convincing to get Benning and Linden signed (and added to their contracts) I would be surprised if either would put their reputations on the line for an owners whims, that they disagreed with. I could see Linden doing the Lafontaine thing and just walk a way with no explanation, if that was the case.
  12. No, It was regarding the sale of the Canucks from Orca Bay Gaglardi, Aquilini and Beedie were partners trying to acquire the Canucks Gaglardi and Beedie sued Aquilini stating he broke a partnership arrangement and worked behind their backs when he struck the deal with McCaw.
  13. Thanks for the choice Hutton I will stick with your 2nd option. Many sports owners do operate and own because of egos They are people too , Many people will Not ever deal with anyone no matter how good the deal is, some have ethics besides egos too (believe it or not yourself) My reference to Gaglardi possibly not ever doing a deal with Canucks owner, unless it is a knock your socks offer from us, is only my opinion, Unlike your opinion, which states that no one in sports or business would ever let a ego get in the way
  14. I don't think there is any way that Dallas ever makes trade with Vancouver, unless it's a knock your socks off offer by us ! Even though Nill has former ties to the Canucks, as well as the Owner of the Stars with even bigger ties in BC, He sued our owner and would not do anything to help him, I am sure
  15. I agree with you With Sutter out, lets bring back Bertuzzi to play with the Sedins, he is 2 yrs younger than Jagr - Lol What happened to going with youth and speed ? It's time to move on from the past of what was