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  1. Canucks roster year end grades

    This is the most honest evaluation so far. I don't think Daniel or Edler are "A" players but I would give them a "B" I can't see Dorsett with a "B" when he missed 3/4 of the season while Tanev is more important to team wins but rates lower probably because of games missed. Vanek? was a huge minus but provided goals in games lost. No Hank. Do you really think your "D" and :F: players played enough to warrent the Caunucks finishing 6th to last? I think it's a very generous evaluation for a team that finished almost last in the league What would your ratings be for the last place teams that made the playoffs? Considering the ONLY ones with failed grades hardly played We should have at least made the playoffs with everyone else getting a passing grade don't you think? My list may closer to this A - Boeser B - Horvat, B- - D. Sedin, Edler C+ - , Vanek, Leipsic, Jokinen, Dorsett, Tanev, H. Sedin C - Sutter Baertschi, Virtanen,Goldobin, Gaudette, Biega, Sautner C- - Archibald, Del Zotto, Markstrom, Motte, Gudbranson, Stecher, Pouliot, Gagner,Granlund,Eriksson D - Gaunce, Dowd, Boucher F - Rodin, Burmistrov, Hutton, Nilsson I guess it would change if you are comparing these players to other teams same line players, as opposed to just what your expectations of these players were for the year I based mine on which players helped make the team better or stood out over the year (some were a very small sample size though)
  2. Elias Pettersson | C/RW

    Exactly What does it say about the commitment of our younger players though , when the 2 oldest lead the teams fitness test each year, and have played more hockey than any of the others They were true professionals I would love them to share with Elias how hard it was as light talented swedes playing on the large ice with stronger faster skilled players and the commitment it will take in all facets to succeed
  3. Burrows? Do We Really Need Him?

    Not sure why some people would be upset about thread anyways? If no one responds, it will die a natural death like countless others I think that maybe you may have closed some of their threads Deb and some want payback? The ones that complain, just prolong it, After Burrows retires and comes back for the ring of honor ceremony here, the thread will just retire on its own
  4. Ok Rob I wont bite on your troll comment I see you only want questions asked that don't disturb you with thinking? Why not make a list of subjects on your profile that you are okay with discussing? I asked you to discuss something You chose not too! I simply asked (NOT IMPLIED) What if One or none pan out? How will the Canucks fill the seats at that point? You like to bait people to fire back do you? You are pretty self righteous If Your ONLY point of coming on here is to agree with people, and sling at them instead of discussion Just ignore me or put me on ignore I am not into getting into a pissing match with you People don't come on here to read that crap Not my problem if you cannot handle a mature interaction without that crap
  5. Hey Rob I am NOT projecting doom and gloom I was asking a question This is a discussion board remember? My point was people are losing interest in the team now What if none of these work out, what do you think would happen? I do not understand why some get their backs up against the wall about questions? I never implied anything ! I asked a question
  6. There may be tickets purchased before games(for now) But, there is not as many people in the seats
  7. I will explain my meaning one last time and please no more on this subject You stated Eriksson is not making TOP DOLLARS at $6m in todays world and you are not worried about that, because we are not competing anyways You said based on that he scored 30 goals in a contract year,(after not doing it for years that it's ok) I said Daniel who has won an Art Ross, Ted Lindsay Award, Hart Trophy nominee , neither of which Eriksson has, and that Daniel has given to this team, and is near 30 goals again, that by your reasoning and inflation that we may as well pay him $7m for 1 season (You, me or Daniel would hardly expect that) The problem with prolonged explanations, is that most people probably got it the 1st time and get tired of hearing it rehashed, and then when only certain parts of the explanation is picked apart in each reply, then the original context is lost Maybe I alone was never a fan of Eriksson signing at the time, and thought that we could have signed multiple good players instead I would have been supportive of the signing in 2010 when we were pushing for the cup, but why sign high price guys that can get hurt, not perform, why not get 2 good guys instead of one and make the team stronger (like the Knights) and as i said before, Boston didn't hurt by losing him We need(ed) More better players, some justify it now saying he is needed because the Sedins are going? Says who? So we NEED a overpaid under performing Veteran to teach the kids? Why do we have Suter? Guddy? Bo needs to be told? Boeser needs to as well? I was only responding to a comment and making a discussion,with my point I don't have to be right or convince you otherwise I am not interested in a saga being made of it I get it I thought it was wasn't a great move at the time (and now) to sign him You think it was I am ok with it Lets move on
  8. Yes, we have some good prospects, as I would hope after being in the basement so long and let's hope it carries on in the NHL Here's some questions though, We all hold out for hope, but sometimes things don't go the way you hope they will What do you think will happen to this team, if only one of them turns out being decent? If that happens, it could take 10 yrs before this team goes anywhere Could the team even be moved? We see the stands empty now, how would they be in this scenario ? That is why i don't think any team outside the bottom 5 (maybe 3), should have a shot at the top pick It could devastate teams in dire need of the help they need
  9. Rob I do not think he was comparing those prospect points to the ones we have now at all I think he was talking about how each year people always envision our line up the next year and rarely is it even ever close A team will trade or sign or the draft player leaves, or does not pan out Funny how people see one comment differently Maybe you took what he meant as he meant it or I did The poster knows
  10. Really? I don't need to rehash this I never said the Sedins would want $7, I said your reasoning they are worth it, because the money is irrelevant at this point and is no longer considered "top money" I need to explain taking on buyer/seller even in free agency on a high priced player as well? What high priced players do the Knights have? Why not just get MORE quality free agents, instead of ONE high priced one? If he fails or is hurt, what do you have with a poor collective group of talent Doing it that way, suggests they thought he would take them to another level If you don't agree I can't change that I can accept that not everyone thinks the same way Too bad you can't when you say it's obvious to you and others that you are right Btw How did my comment have anything to do with tank? If you are going to respond to my questions don't assume or guess I have no interest in talking that
  11. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

  12. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Dallas Stars

    I don't see it that way When you play for a last place team, and they have prospects in the system, Isn't the big picture for them to give it their all, if they have hopes of playing and earning a living in the NHL ?
  13. Competitive? How much lower in the standings can we get since signing him? As I said A team needs to know when to be sellers and buyers Boston has got stronger without him Who made the wiser move? I hear references being made to others were bidding? So? You have to know when to stop bidding BTW, was it a open bidding, with everyone aware of each offers I like the chocolate bar analogy As far as clutching at straws, I was going along with your reasoning I wouldn't be upset if Daniel came back for another year, but not at $7 mil just because you don't think it's "top dollar" by todays standards ! We were not competing for a Stanley Cup No need to hire $6-7 million dollar men to be competitive, like the Knights are
  14. From what i read because of how Eriksson contract is loaded, it won't be feasible to move him I would like to clarify your positioning though, if i read your response right ? Were not contending next year either, so over paying for veterans like Eriksson, who don't produce is irrelevant at the moment is ok? So giving him $6m/yr is nothing ? So Daniel may get close to 30 again this year, and with the cost of inflation, I suppose it's ok to just pay him $7 mil next year, after all he was a Art Ross winner, as well as Ted Lindsay award, as well nominated for the Hart ,something Eriksson never achieved Maybe we grab Lucic now too? Did you believe signing him and spending top money at the time was going to bring us a cup? Boston is no worse from losing him At some time a team has to decide when to be a seller and not a buyer We had veterans and didn't need to take on a high priced salary I just would rather admitting a mistake was made, rather than downplaying it and saying it is irrelevant and does not matter