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  1. Does this mean Higgins is gone? Well someone is gone... BUT YESSS!!!!
  2. i want sven to succed so much. I hope he gets his confidence going soon.
  3. If this is true, i'm starting to dislike Willie more and more. Clearly Benning and Willie have different views in GETTING YOUNGER. Willie D is the wrong coach for this GETTING YOUNGER Philosophy. He does not like Young players in his roster. Seriously, this GETTING YOUNGER philosophy is going nowhere if Willie D is the coach. I'm not saying he's a bad coach, he's just the wrong coach to have with this philosophy Benning/Linden is trying to implement in the team.
  4. I'm sooo exciiited!!! I just can't hideeeee iittt!! Need McCann in the team ASAP. We need to replace the swagger that Kesler had and McCann certainly has that.
  5. HUTTON!!! I will be so freaking disappointed at Benning/Crew if they prefer to keep Corrado over Hutton. Seriously i've been a Benning supporter ever since, but it's pretty damn obvious this preseason, Corrado being pushed around and too many mistakes for a guy that doesn't have a set roster spot yet. While Hutton is showing he's the D that we need.
  6. I don't see the surprise as to why the Oilers should be better. That much talent + New "LEGIT" Coach + New GM.
  7. Trade Vey for a bag of pucks please lol. I think it's safe to say, Bust.
  8. MARKSTROM!!!!!! i like him. I'm glad I wanted to keep him more than Lack.
  9. Are you a canucks fan or a canucks hater? lol
  10. I thought he got hurt from a Prust Falcon Punch or something lol
  11. That's the problem bud, he couldn't do anything against this lineup, to think these are the type of lineups he will be facing if he makes the team. Which tells us he's nowhere near ready. I really do think that Subban and HUTTON deserve a look. Hutton in the past couple of games was playing like a NHL caliber D, he commanded the puck. Sure he needs improvement, but I think he's already better than Corrado.
  12. Even with that better shift by the Canucks, the Flames D wasn't even trying lol
  13. Is Carter Banks from Mighty Ducks movie? lol