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  1. Imagine being the Rangers looking back at the McDonough trade thinking how they not only traded their top defenseman, but somehow giving up JT Miller as an add-on as well. 

    1. suitup
    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      Well the Rags originally got him from the Habs for trash Gomez (at least he was trash at the time he was dealt).


      Actually feel for the Panthers who made moves to clear up cap space (like effing US up when Luongo retired) to try and sign free agent Panarin and Panarin  ends up signing with the Rags.  Panarin currently has 36 points in 29 games for them.



  2. Guys, I looked back on the Rangers - Tampa trade with JT Miller. How is it that a team who trades FOR Ryan McDonough (big piece) ends up getting the second best player (JT Miller) in the trade as an add-on? How does Stevie. Y do it?
  3. No one is "doubting" him. Have you seen the games? None of what they're saying is false. Recently this season, his shots suck and his passes are sloppy but those "doubters" are still acknowledging his potential, his ability and the points he's put up.
  4. Yep that's why I think he's top 3 than top 2 right now. Svech has been killing it this year, he's got everything. Size, speed, hands. Can only hope Podz can turn out like that.
  5. I saw that too but as of THIS MOMENT, I'm more inclined to say top 3 than top 2 right now, but absolutely in a couple years can move up to top 2. Generational maybe too soon to say, but if he can challenge for the Norris over an approximate period of 5 years then absolutely.
  6. Canuck's play has been sloppier than week old leftover's

  7. Even the Ducks knew not to mess with Wilson. They had to hold him back from killing Guhle. 

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      Late in the 2nd that game turned Nasty. Leipsic & GudBran featured prominently in a brouhaha!


      Hathaway gets a match..prob for a dirty takedown?

  8. I have to back @189lb enforcers? here, I'm not sure why those sites list him at 6'4 but if my memory serves me right, he was much closer to 6'2-6'3.
  9. I'm ok with today's loss. Two RHD injured most of the game, and a great performance by Hellebuyck. Had Bo scored could've easily gone to OT.

  10. You're not wrong, Petey himself confirms it in a The Athletic post-game interview. Edit: He specifies that there was some ice that botched it
  11. Horrific start by Petey so far, currently tied with a couple of no-name players I've never heard of. Really expected more from him after having bought his jersey. #PressboxPete ;) 

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      ain’t he got no learnin?

    3. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      "Man look, I hear you... it's funny to me too, I mean it's strange... it's strange to me too, but we're talking about practice man, we're not even talking about the game... the actual game, when it matters... We're talking about practice..."

    4. Stamkos


      The dude needs to work on his shot. Three goals?!? Useless!!

  12. I thought this was gonna be an over the top coach bashing post, but I actually agree with what you said. I have noticed that on the PP this year and it's definitely restricting Pettersson and Boeser in that regard. I think at the same time, I do like that we have this look on the PP as it gives us another style to switch up on. I think some could argue that our PP is clicking better this year, but that argument does not taking into account the fact that we have Hughes this year. I would like to see Pettersson and Boeser on their off-sides plus Hughes as well. That way we're a threat even if they're weaving and focus on getting garbage goals. If not, the opponent will end up giving either Petey or Boeser space to shoot.
  13. He was good but I wouldn't necessarily say dominant.