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  1. Haha I think that’s because everyone knew Hamhuis was going to sign in Vancouver that summer. Correct me if I’m wrong but there were a lot of rumors linking him to us even before they made the trade, but Pittsburgh was like “ah screw it” and went for it anyways. Maybe that’s why the return sucked?
  2. Still don't get why Larionov was fired though, odd.
  3. Reminder that Boston drafted Zboril, Debrusk and Senyshyn before Barzal, Connor, Chabot, White, Samsonov, Boeser, Konecny and Aho 

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    2. suitup


      They were indeed, my buddy is a Bruins fan and it never fails to put him in a bad mood every time I bring it up. They could've picked almost any other player that came after and it would've worked out for them. 

    3. Ossi Vaananen

      Ossi Vaananen

      Zboril was maybe 7-10 picks early, but Sensyshyn was ranked well into the 2nd. 


      Carlo in the 2nd round saved that draft for them though. Debrusk is a solid winger.

    4. suitup


      Debrusk definitely we both agree that albeit not the best pick, was definitely a solid pick that plays well with their culture and style. Carlo he seems to feel so-so about, still not enough to make him forgive Sweeney for his misses in the first. 


      Imagine if Boston drafted the 3 players right after... 

  4. More like crack if anything...
  5. That was obviously sarcasm as evidenced by "DRAFT PICK CONTROVERSY!" at the end. Smarten up bud.
  6. Being in Boston I actually watched a lot of BU games and watched Keller play plenty in his draft year. I called it when I said he's going to be drafted lower than he deserves and will compete for the Calder the year after. With that being said, J. Hugues is going to be a lot closer to Kane than Keller.
  7. I’m not an insider but from what I’m hearing on campus, returning for another year was/has always been more likely than turning pro.
  8. Really wished Benning drafted Wise instead. Who is this Tyler Madden guy anyway? Probably could’ve had him in the later rounds
  9. #StandWithSean @Sean Monahan we’ll get through this together buddy. Stay strong.
  10. At this point based on multiple accounts, the onus lies on the lack of communication by Willie D rather than anything else. (Kovy, Tryamkin, Virtanen)
  11. I think we’re too harsh on the guy, I’d give him another season before we cut him loose. It’s easy to say that Pettersson “boosts” his point totals when playing with him, but I honestly think Pettersson benefits from playing with such a like-minded player as well.
  12. I don't think I have anything to say that hasn't already been said, but I think the criticisms are warranted. It's not news that his development stalled and his defensive game hasn't been put together during his time in Utica. With that being said, I'm still a supporter and hope to see him make leaps and bounds after he recovers from his injury. If it takes a while for him to develop, then that's just what it's going to take. I hope he makes a full recovery and will hopefully see him on the team soon.
  13. Also fair! We will just have to see what happens.