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  1. I think another year would do him some good. Gaudette is more gritty, Schmaltz has a lot better hands. Both possess great hockey sense.
  2. Yeah honestly, would really kill to get Jost. Second coming of Toews he looks like.
  3. Then who will back up Markstrom? Demko isn't ready for the NHL.
  4. Definitely a pass first. He's been dishing out passes all night. I can really see why people say he's more of a playmaker. Draws D-men and dishes em off. But that's just from what I saw. He does like to shoot the puck too though (as evidenced by the first goal tonight which I unfortunately was not there for because I only showed up in the middle of the second period).
  5. What a game!!! ASU got destroyed today. Lots of passion from the crowds, a few favorites... Chanted "Came a looong way to get swept!" And "If you can't get into college you go to state!" And someone shouted "Hey goalie, what's higher, your gpa or your save percentage?" And then the crowd started singing Stacy's Mom along with the band during parent's weekend. Hahaha A couple takeaways from the game... The Huskies are a tough team to play, always physical and manhandled ASU all night. However, it led to lots of penalties by NU. Got real chirpy in the last few seconds of the game. Lots of facewashes and almost a few fights. The score 6-1 reflected the game tonight. NU was better in every regard. Adam Gaudette was put in both the PK and PP. Him on the PK stood out to me, always created chances off the rush during the PK. Could've had 2-3 scoring chances on the PK alone tonight. I can definitely see why people see him as a playmaker. Makes lots of nice passes, good vision for his teammates. Loves to lead the rush. Saw him try to do a little too much on a breakout that saw him cough up the puck at center ice. Good thing it was only once though. Saw him battle for the puck in the corners. Isn't afraid to get rough. All in all, great experience! Hope to go to the one next Sunday!
  6. Another Husky goal! ASU goalie really busy tonight. 5-1 But right before the goal was Gaudette's shift and man did he look dangerous out there. Made a beautiful pass to an open man backdoor and almost scored himself also on the backdoor. Could've easily had two points right there. Another thing to note is that he gets into the corners and battles for the puck.
  7. Thanks! Really loving it so far. Unfortunately Gaudette was on the bench during that game. #20 for the Huskies scored on that I believe. Also would you guys prefer I continue editing on one post, or should I continue posting new posts anytime anything new happens?
  8. Gaudette on the PK with just under a minte left in the 2nd period. Made a beauty of a pass across for a teammate who almost scored off a deke. 2nd period over.
  9. Huskies just scored on the PP. 4-1. Saw it just unravel right in front of me, beautiful deke to cut into the middle.
  10. Huskies on the powerplay. Gaudette is the center of this unit. Shift just finished, won a nice faceoff to the point but the PK for ASU looked a lot better than the PP for NU.
  11. Im live at the game right now. Gaudette almost scored on a backdoor pass. Also just made a big hit in the corner that got people cheering. Time out at the moment. 2nd period 6:41 3-1 Huskies.
  12. My hope for Juolevi is that he becomes PPG while continue improving his smooth skating defense and putting on some strength and elusiveness to his game. A tall order, but if adding on strength and elusiveness is the only thing he does without sacrificing what he already has than I'd be pretty happy with that. I'm actually pretty glad he's taking his time in junior. I think he'll be a real stud when he's up.
  13. I'd love to be patient with Jake, that way I don't stress about it until years down the road. But can I just ask which powerforwards took longer to develop? As well as how long longer is, and why it is that they take longer?
  14. Don't really think Neely or Bert are good comparisons since their biggest issues early on has been consistency and defensive play. Everybody knew they had the potential to be elite. Both also posted pretty good numbers in their rookie year. Those are different issues Jake is facing. I think he has ability to he a 42+ point Torres. I would still be pretty happy with that.
  15. Not running down the guy, I think Jake has a great shot and blazing speed. I think he'd make a great versatile NHL player, just frustrating to see Jake not proving me wrong about Nylander. I would pick being wrong and having Jake become an NHL superstar over being right 7 days a week. It's also frustrating seeing Jake make dirty moves like pushing Nordstrom's head to the wall. I'd be pretty pissed off if any player on another team did that to Hutton, Horvat or any of our other players. Can you imagine all those NHL conspiracy threads pop up if that happened? In the end it's all about the ones on here who have been making a bunch of unnecessary and inappropriate comments about posters like me and Nylander. If you've seen my other posts I'm still hoping Jake becomes the best at 6th in the draft. But you're right, let's wait and see.