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  1. I'm talking about the last three seasons with the Bruins. Sure he's aging, but he's only 31. He's got a few good seasons left. I don't think this contract has ever been about the last few years of his contract either. That's why the NTC conditionals are different in each year of his contract.
  2. I think in a couple sesaons, we will see Eriksson improve to about 50-60 points. When Eriksson just moved to the Bruins, he didn't fare as well as his last season with them.
  3. I did too! Put my on the edge of my seat for sure.
  4. No need to be sorry, just wondering if you wanted me to pull it up! Thanks!
  5. I think Subban will be just fine. I really do think Benning is keeping an eye out on Subban, as he's mentioned in his interviews many times abot how he sees Subban fitting into their longterm plans. Although probaly not as a core member, but they see him possibly fitting in. Remember, Subban is only a 4th round pick. I think we need to remind ourselves that the fact that he's even showing promise is already a win in our favor. Undersized and is an offensive defenseman with defensive deficiencies. Let him take all the time he needs. How good could Tyson Barrie be if he could actually play decent defense? Well perhaps Subban can show you if he can learn and refine that side of him at the AHL level first.
  6. We really need more character guys like Horvat and Boeser in our core group going forward. A couple of genuine, humble, guys who any player would leave everything on the field for going into the playoffs. We often talk about building a team suited for the playoffs. A lot of the time, I feel like what gets overlooked in the equation in the search for playoff performers, would have to be character. The strong mentality, willingness to do whatever it takes, and having that humble likeability goes a long way into getting the absolute most out of your teammates. In the playoffs, a team that plays well together the best always beats the team that is the best individually. I really believe Bo and Boeser has that, and if we find one or two more like them... well I hope we all live long enough for when they lift the cup.
  7. The Kyle Beach we never had. Jokes, I'm really hoping he becomes the Joel Ward we never had. Late bloomer PWF.
  8. Just a guess but were you referring to my post where I gathered stastical data on the first 3 years of every PWF or PWF-like players' progress and their eventual point production value?
  9. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is exactly it. Billy Sweatt would be potting 30gs per season too. Unlike forwards, defenseman can't become elite through a specialty. Look at all the #1 defenseman in the NHL today, all of them carry a complete game. (Unless you're Karlsson who scores so much to the point where your point totals are double of some top pairing defenseman. But even then you wonder whether his defensive deficiencies are worth it.) It's also unfair to compare all three of those defenseman's strengths to McAvoy. Who has better vision/reading of the game, Chychrun/Sergachev or McAvoy? Who is better in their own zone, Chychrun/Sergachev or McAvoy? Who has a better physical game, Juolevi or McAvoy? It doesn't matter who is better at which specific one thing, it's got to be their game as a whole. Even when comparing strengths, Juolevi's IQ and vision isn't so much better than McAvoy's that it completely separates him from McAvoy, especially factoring other aspects of Juolevi's game that is inferior to McAvoy's. Chychrun I don't even know why he's even in this conversation as he's shown that all he's got so far are his physical and athletic gifts. Zach Bogosian was also highly revered because of his physical gifts, look at where it got him. Sergachev is a great prospect no doubt, but right now he lacks explosive speed which should be a problem because not if, but when he turns the puck over, he's going to have trouble recovering and getting back into position. As good as his offensive game is, unfortunately his defense is worse. He'll sacrifice anything for a little more offense and if he doesn't fix that, it's going to keep him from becoming elite. And when you think about it, McAvoy's size albeit shorter, is up there in weight. Sergachev 215lbs. Chychrun 200 lbs. and McAvoy 211lbs. Juolevi's IQ is undoubtedly projected to be at an elite level. McAvoy during his draft year has always been touted to also possess elite vision and IQ, since then he's even improved in that department. Right now, you look at him play and he's really not far off from Juolevi's IQ and vision or at all. Regardless of whether it's better, worse, or the same, it's still projected to be at an elite level. At the end of the day, whether you think McAvoy's physical or athletic attributes are better or worse than Chychrun's or Sergachev, or whether he sees the ice as well as Juolevi, he has no less of a chance than anyone else in the draft at becoming a top pairing defenseman. If you think he's a safer pick than any of the three, then it tells you where he should've been drafted.
  10. Hahaha fair enough. Yes I agree, I suppose what I was trying to say by mentioning Demko and Garteig is that not only do we have capable goalies, we also have good prospects in the system who would eventually takeover even if we found space to move our current goalies for Fleury. We'll most definitely still have Markstrom, and we can always acquire a backup or somebody who can easily fill that role as a stopgap should Miller not re-sign. Though I'm confident that he will as I'm not currently aware of any California teams who would have roster space for him.
  11. Wouldn't be surprised if there were. Rumors started popping up earlier this season.
  12. Hahaha, as long as they find a way to acquire Vey and include him in the deal then we'll take it. I agree, but personally I think it would still be nice to some way find a mentor for Bo and Baer should Burrows leave. What if Rodin works better on another line? What if Rodin doesn't have his knee ready yet? Who would we then stick on the Bo-Baer line? Should we move Eriksson down to that line? I've always had a good feeling about those three meshing together. If not, maybe we can acquire Eric Fehr and call it the Fehr BnB line.
  13. It was a joke. We have Miller, Markstrom, Demko, Garteig, an overpriced aging goalie is the last thing we need. Sbisa is also playing himself into a top 4 role and it would be total lame sauce to lose him + more for Fleury.
  14. @Warhippy he's messing with you and you're taking the bait. Make some coffee, relax, and laugh a little my friend.