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  1. This rumor is as flat as the tires being kicked on Kane. Just let it go. Not to mention, he's not that good of a hockey player.
  2. I think @redhdlois and @Ihatetomatoes got confused by a quote about three pages ago that was actually posted in April about this season as opposed to next.
  3. Just a little fun fact for everybody, Eetu Selanne is going to play for Northeastern to join Gaudette and co.
  4. But in the NHL though!
  5. I hear this a lot around here, genuinely curious as to any credible sources?
  6. No thanks.
  7. And even P. Kane has redefined his game to include more defensive side as well! And he's become a better offensive player for it as well.
  8. That's quite alright! I think it's understandable, as I think there's a lot of tension around Jake as a member of the Vancouver Canucks since he recently got demoted to the AHL. I also wish he finds his game in the AHL. I want nothing more for Jake than for mine and everybody's worries around him to be over.
  9. I think it's worth claiming and waiving after if nothing comes from it.
  10. Yes, but again, you need to provide context which further proves my point. It's unfair that you used BJ Macdonald as most of his career was spent with the WHA, which is where he spent his prime years playing. But while he was a player there, he was phenomenal and is considered an Oilers legend. He scored 43 points in 51 games with the Oilers the season right after, which is still a really good point per game (on pace for about 70 pts). Then he came to the Canucks mid-season and posted 14 points over 12 games without Gretzky mind you, and finished the season off with 57 points over 63 games (goals were on pace for 31 and points on pace for 74). Unfortunately he didn't fit in with the Canucks system and started to struggle but posted 33 points over 59 games (on pace for 45 points) before he was let go by the Canucks after posting one last season with them scoring 7 in 17. By then he was around 30 years old on a Canucks team that was all about grit. Good ole Macdonald just couldn't play to that style despite proving he could score and eventually made himself out of the NHL.
  11. I don't think it's unfounded at all. I agree it's unfair for him to receive criticism from people who's just piling on, but speaking as someone who has kept up with his progression, I just haven't been particularly impressed. My opinion of his simple mindset of the game is simply what I've observed through his WJC tournaments (even outside of the penalties he took), what I saw during his tenure with the Hitmen, and of course what we all saw during his time with the Canucks. Can you honestly say that you liked what you saw of him in that regard from the moment he was drafted to now? If you remember the WJC, he constantly shot when there just wasn't an opportunity, and worse, when there was an open man. I don't know if you watch any Hitmen games, but he didn't fare much better there either. When he brought the puck into the offensive zone, he seems to just want to take it and do everything by himself. He'd blaze through and take a shot, then when it didn't go in the puck would just go back the other way. Rarely did he cycle or use his line mates. Never really considered any other option other than pushing through teenagers and shooting one on net. Well I'm glad to hear you've brought up these underlying numbers that put Virtanen in a positive light. Of course, if he played all that well I'm curious as to why he was demoted for someone like Jayson Megna, but if the numbers don't lie then I'm happy to hear the positives in his game. But I honestly think we're diverting from my conversation with the OP, and that's the idea of trading Virtanen for Strome. Regardless of how well his advanced statistics are, I still think it's a good idea. I believe Strome is a quality player who is struggling, and of course I also believe Virtanen is a quality player or at least has great potential to be one and is also struggling.
  12. Don't really care/want to hurt the Leafs roster. No need to start a rivalry with those guys to be honest, we never see them and we'd never see them in the playoffs unless both teams makes the finals either. Hoewver, Kadri is the only player I want destroyed. Justice needs to be served after all his antics. I just can't stand the dirty little rat. Hope a nice clean check injures him as he has done the same to others but with dirty hits.
  13. To be fair one was on pace for 40 points while the other one was on pace for 28 even though the difference was 3 points. Strome actually had 48% offensive zone starts in his 50 point campaign. While Jake had 52% the year before. But I get it. Strome is struggling, and Virtanen needs time. I honestly don't think it's people's need for instant gratification, but more of the fact that as a top prospect you have to give the fans something. His last year of junior, he was barely more than a point per game. He was 52/50 in his draft +1 year. In the AHL he hasn't shown much, and during his time here in the NHL, he didn't show he had the ability to put his God-given gifts together due to his relatively simple mindset of the game as opposed to most highly touted prospects as pronounced in status. If you look at some of our other prospects, people are much more willing to be patient as I believe they all see that those players put up points like prominent prospects are supposed to, as well as having that "special something" that separates all the ones that meet the hype and the ones that don't. Jake is 20 years old and I'm reluctant to say he'll never meet those expectations, because I truly believe he has the tools to do it. But what would satisfy mine and I think a lot of others "instant gratification" is for him to show he's got that "special something" or at least be able to put up a lot of points in at any level like he's supposed to. Again, I'm not and haven't bashed on Jake on this thread or anything. I do recognize the positives in Jake's game and I have many times listed his skating, and his shot being being things I really enjoy about his game. However, the OP was making a point about how Strome for Virtanen is a ridiculous idea and I was trying to defend the notion that Strome for Virtanen might actually be a good idea and could be something that could be looked into despite Strome's struggles. I personally don't believe Virtanen is some dead end prospect because I feel like he does have potential and he does hold value, but I also believe Strome is in a similar category, except Strome has actually proven he can be what he was hyped to become which offsets some of the risk on our end should a deal between the two players happen.
  14. Fair enough. People are jumping on him because he hasn't shown he's on the right path to becoming that powerforward everybody wants him to be. He's got a great shot, great speed, great size, but it's like he only knows one thing he can do with it. There's so much more to the game and he hasn't learned it or shown any type of sense for it. I personally think he could've learned or at least some of it in junior when he was still there. I didn't call him a bust. I'm just saying there's a lot left to be desired with Virtanen. I'm sure you agree despite your stance on anything. But I agree with you, I think we should give Virtanen some time in the AHL. But if Strome is available for Virtanen, then I think we should be open to it. It's not like we're trading for a scrub here.
  15. You should catch up on some Islanders games. He's playing with Alan Quine (3 points) and Shane Prince (7 points), while Virtanen got to play with Baertschi and Horvat. When that didn't work he got demoted. Yeah I remember Cheechoo, the guy that scored 20+ goals 4 times, had double hernia and was never the same again. People should really read up on what happened with Cheechoo before throwing him around as some scrub that had one good season because he was lucky and was some awful borderline NHL player before and after his one season. This isn't just aimed at you, just people in general who throw Cheechoo's name around. And Ryan Strome is 23. He has the potential to be something special here in Van.