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  1. As Looney Tunes would've said... "Well that's it folks!"
  2. Wow, really wasn't the crime I thought they were going to be charged for. Coughbribingplayerscough. Real talk though, still can't decide whether to believe that conspiracy.
  3. I see what you did there hahaha. Yeah and who knows what he and Seguin does behind closed doors right?
  4. Wow, wasn't he named Sabre of the year a couple years ago? Shot blocking machine and great character was what I heard about this guy. Great PTO signing for the Blues.
  5. Salivating at the thought of a developed Baer Horvat and Sutter line... Killer combo of Grit, speed, and skill...
  6. How would he have gotten the security video feed? Drama lies with the media for making it a bigger deal than it is. Also I do agree with @Toews about Poile-- does seem to trash em on the way out.
  7. Hard pass for Buffalo. Ristolainen is a beaut.
  8. My expectations for Virtanen in a couple years or so would be like perfect vision, 20/20 for 40pts.
  9. Disagree. Would rather make the rinks bigger than bringing back the 2 line pass.
  10. From what my friends tell me, he's a big heavy kid that likes to play a big heavy game. Definitely has leadership skills, but for sure not the Captain Serious type-- he likes to keep things light in the locker room. I'll try to find out more when the semester starts which is 2 and a half weeks from now. Funny enough I have a friend who goes to BU and she was literately in the same class as Charles McAvoy last year in the Fall.
  11. This guy goes to my school!!!
  12. With the exception of the interview in which he was fined for tampering, one thing I really appreciate about JB is how candid and honest he is with fans. Totally different from the Gillis era.
  13. Very sad, hope Rome gets the help he needs.
  14. Honestly, I don't think ANY team should get Kane. This guy needs to answer his actions in court.
  15. To make room for Burrow's caphit. Domi for Burrows...