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  1. Eriksson at 50% would be incredibly attractive to the Caps. Does everything you would want in a 3rd line role, and can move up the lineup to play with skilled players if there are injuries in the playoffs. Perfect cap hit after retention.
  2. Swedish nationality-wise
  3. suitup

    Time to get even with Matheson?

    It was a joke regarding Brandon Manning injuring McDavid and then being traded to the Oilers.
  4. suitup

    Time to get even with Matheson?

    This isn't the Edmonton Oilers.
  5. suitup

    Quinn Hughes | D

    Honestly, Jack could probably pull it off if he REALLY wanted to play with his brother. He’s too highly touted for him to go undrafted, albeit a joke, not the craziest thing thrown around here.
  6. suitup

    Tyler Madden | C

    To add onto what @SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said, when Gaudette was a freshman he came in with no expectations. In fact, he played wing for a while before switching back to center and I think this was like the 3rd or 2nd line. By the end of the year he was playing 2C and to start his sophomore year he became a mainstay on 2C and was deployed in all special teams. Madden without a doubt is better than freshman Gaudette, but Gaudette wasn't really given the opportunities Madden has gotten. On the other hand, Gaudette came onto a stacked Northeastern roster while Madden is coming in to fill the void of a once stacked Northeastern roster while he figures out collegiate hockey. I would say an understated trait that both Gaudette and Madden both share is adaptability and the ability to thrive under pressure.
  7. suitup

    Tyler Madden | C

    Absolutely. I also want to add that he's our main guy here at Northeastern. He's supposed to replace Gaudette's responsibilities and having watched both of them I can say that he's done exactly that.
  8. suitup

    Tyler Madden | C

    Been to the Husky games live this year, I can concur. Heavy defense deployment and honestly plays in all situations for Northeastern.
  9. suitup

    New Jersey scores 3 own goals.

    I think it's Nurse.
  10. First live NHL game in Boston! Did not expect 13 goals to be scored, really happy we got the win

    1. debluvscanucks


      What a great game to be at!   So many goals!

    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Indeed..congratz on seeing a good one!

  11. suitup

    [PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins | Nov. 08, 2018

    I was at the game live, I can confirm the broadcaster said it was a 2 min instigator.
  12. suitup

    Jonathan Dahlén | C/LW

    Don't do crack kids. Stay in school.
  13. This is true, the Canucks did their homework and found out he played enough games to be eligible. I think the Red Wings were rumored to have also have found out but was too late. Additionally, he was already in the spotlight when he played with Mogilny in international tournaments.
  14. Problem I see with this is that Skinner doesn't play center, he plays wing. Even if Reinhart doesn't play center, they can still move him RW. Would be nice to have Reinhart but I don't really see any reason for Buffalo to move him, especially not for our scraps.
  15. suitup

    Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Love that term you used. Seems like a real value stock after a bearish plummet from his IPO. I too am bullish on Jake and would like to invest now by hopping on the bandwagon. Today's actual stock market on the other hand...