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  1. I'm just going to go ahead and get the inevitable Tanev + 2nd + + + proposal started.
  2. So.. where do you project him to go...?
  3. I agree, Vilardi is pretty overrated. I think we can do better unless we're draft 4+ overall.
  4. Maybe if you watched Hischier play instead of stat-watching and blindly comparing him to Niederreiter who doesn't even play the same way, you'd know he's a challenger for 1st. Also coming out of this draft with a Neiderreiter would be pretty good considering, the talent pool of this year's draft.
  5. Also excited to see what Boeser can do next year!
  6. Why should anyone care about Virtanen in a Boeser thread? Virtanen as of the moment is undoubtedly the inferior prospect compared to Boeser right now. What the reality is, is that Jake is the wrong pick at 6 like it or not. But he's also young and immature, and even though him having a bad year is a huge understatement with all things considered, he's working hard and trying to get it together. As Canuck fans and hockey fans, it's true we shouldn't be blindly cheering for a prospect. But it means we should still cheer them on and hope that they make they can contribute to our team and to the game of hockey as much as they possibly can. Sometimes crticism is warranted, and even welcomed, but there comes to a point where it's over the top. Which is why I believe once you're making things up about a prospect in another prospect thread, you have crossed that very solid line.
  7. What comes around goes around...
  8. You're not understanding the point of what I'm trying to say. It's not about his feelings being hurt, it's about how he got his point across and how unprofessional it is. Criticism is great, but if you're going to do it publicly, you do it professionally. No need to add the bit about the balls or whatever.
  9. You missed my main point which is the fact that he didn't have to do it in public. You said it in your later posts too that society is too sensitive these days. Knowing our local media, I'm appalled this hasn't been blown out of proportion, are you? I'm sure it was some old fashioned ribbing too, as I have also experienced it during my days playing hockey. I just found it unprofessional especially considering Sutter is a vet who plays a completely different role from a 21 year old who is completely new to the team. I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to get at right?
  10. Kind of a jerk move to do that on public radio. Then to say that he's got no grit or balls? Kind of unnecessary from a vet to a 21 year old.
  11. I still think another year of junior would've been good for him. Personally, from watching his Hitmen games, it would've been really nice to see him try to expand his game outside of coasting by the blueline and simply cut to the outside and shooting it while muscling off defenders 30 lbs. lighter than him. I think he's got great tools, and if he tried expanding his repetoire in junior, it'd open up his perspective perspective on the game so that he can continue buIlding on what works and what doesn't work for him at the pro level. Would definitely be nice next year if the Canucks or the Comets could sign an AHL playmaking star who could feed Virtanen. But at the same time I hope he'll still work on learning how to drive the line as well.
  12. We'd have to add at this point considering he's top 4 in highly competetive year in rookie scoring. Something I'd still be open to.
  13. Oh geez... this kid is going to terrorize us for years.
  14. A contract with Utica and then with the Canucks after?
  15. What I was thinking as well. It's not relative to what the player has achieved thus far, but rather the developmental progression.