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  1. You got to watch Keller play sometime man, I got to see him play live this past year and he is deservedly the favorite in this year's upcoming race for the Calder. Nico is good no doubt, but he'll be coming in raw.
  2. Nope. Recently got out. Resides in Florida now.
  3. South Park is based on a county called Park County in Colorado that Denver is actually near but not in. As you watch in the series, you'll notice that the Denver kids are always portrayed as more urbanized and "better" than South Park referenced in particular episodes such as "Stanley's Cup," "The Losing Edge," etc... Sorry, just a big South Park fan haha.
  4. This and Sam Ganger are my favorite signings so far.
  5. Great signing. Cheap for a guy coming off 50 pts.
  6. Too bad, would've liked Kulikov with Gudbranson.
  7. I don't understand this. He's not young and he's not the same player he was when he was playing for the Rangers.
  8. RIP. Thank you for your service in the NHL.
  9. And anyone who has seen Keller play would know he'd easily crack top 5 on that list. BU is stacked with young talent.
  10. I think Yak's confidence is just at an all time low. It was destroyed in Edmonton, and when he went to STL, he didn't get very many chances to play because their roster was too deep for him to crack. It probably wasn't very good for his development and it's evident that his performance reflected that on both the stat sheet and on the ice. Being the next Russian Rocket in Vancouver has been his dream growing up. If we can resurrect Baertschi's career, we can most certainly try to do the same with Yakupov. With that being said, it probably won't cost very much to sign him and he's not going to cost any assets. He's got great skills, and I really think Green can turn him around.
  11. That makes more sense, thanks! There are always players who come out of nowhere when things look bleak and surprise you. I hope he is one of them.
  12. Yep, that's great. But I'm not really sure camp invites are a good metric. Also I'm not sure if your point about playing junior based solely on age makes sense as the cutoff is based solely on age. But I agree he is young for his draft year and he's got a year or two to show us something.
  13. I agree with trying to take it a little easier on the kid, and hoping that Jake becomes a good NHL-er, but those 13 invites are older than all of our other drafted prospects. So I'm not really sure what this means.
  14. That is actually not a bad idea at all. For a CHL team to receive 875K for one player already meets more than 3 times ticket revenues for most teams. From a financial standpoint, I can't imagine the CHL saying no. I believe with the limits this proposal puts on promoting a player and the financial compensation given to both the player and the CHL team, it's definitely fair to all parties and keeps the CHL more than financially sustainable. Honestly, this extra capital can go towards better compensating junior players in food, clothing, equipment, and really allow any talented players who can barely afford to play to continue pursuing their dreams. A kid like Cody Glass drafted top 6 almost didn't make it because of financial reasons, and I highly doubt he's the only one. Wow, actually though... this should be considered. Haha
  15. Definitely, for sure. Everybody, please vote for me as the next commissioner of the NHL. I vow to make the National Hockey League great again. I will bring more CHL jobs to the AHL.