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  1. I have to agree with Fanuck. I'm based in the East coast and even I have to agree. Not to mention, they're total simpletons. Highly doubt they're going to look at anything other than who has the most points by the end of it.
  2. Easy. Like someone else mentioned, Rights to Dylan Sikura + Ryan Shea/pick and reunite him with Gaudette. We'll have our very own Husky line. Sikura has hands for dayze with a "ze."
  3. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Not during his D+1 year. Remember, EP was playing with a flu and was anchored down by Alex Nylander. He made plenty of great passes but in the end it's up to the finisher to actually you know... finish them.
  4. Sportsnet article on canucks prospects

    Elite 2nd liner I would assume would be someone on the 2nd line of a heavy offense contender, but 1st line on most bad teams. I would also assume they can play on the 1st line for stretches on a contender as well. E.g. Patrick Sharp, Ryan Kesler (prime), Jeff Carter (outside is 84pt season), etc... Elite 3rd liner I believe is different in that they are one of the best checkers in the entire league with impeccable 2-Way play, and can chip in an ample amount of supporting offense (perhaps 35-40 points). E.g. Manny Malhotra (prime), Chris Higgins (prime), Nick Bonino (Penguins).
  5. Adam Gaudette | C

    Hahaha that's awesome. I agree with a lot of the things you've said. Much earlier in this thread I also told everybody to keep a conservative projection, but since he's leading the NCAA in scoring after midway through the season, I couldn't help but let a little hype out. But yes, let's keep expectations low and be happy when they're exceeded . Honestly, I'd actually be pretty happy if he even got to Brad Richardson's level. If he exceeds that then we can come back to this thread and let our hypeman-selves be.
  6. Adam Gaudette | C

    Well either way, I suppose he'll be a good player in our lineup .
  7. Adam Gaudette | C

    Thanks Attila! Will keep the hot tips in mind! Cheers! His skating (at least at the NCAA level) is definitely there live. Like you mentioned, very good off the rush and covering space on the ice. What I'm most impressed with is his skating when hunting down loose pucks on the PK and when down a man with an empty net. But against pros I suppose we'll find out at the end of the year . I don't know if he's any bigger this year, but I suppose my previous post is more of a comparison to when he first came in in his freshman year. When I saw him around campus, I admit he's probably not the biggest guy on our team, but it's something he can definitely work towards. I have faith that Gaudette will continue filling out and be able to get to an adequate size for the pro game. From everything I've heard and seen, he's a very determined individual. The North-South gritty two-way play kind of reminds me of Mike Richards a little bit. But maybe someone can provide a better comparison.
  8. Adam Gaudette | C

    Will do, and he definitely is! I've gone to live games last year, but not so much this year as I spent my last 6 months on co-op (a requirement that most Northeastern students fulfill before graduation, but 99.999% of athletes don't go through this requirement). The Vancouver Canucks has always been my favorite team, so I hope I can come to Vancouver someday and watch him live. Watching a live Canucks game has always been a dream of mine, perhaps I can go when they visit the Bruins or have the privilege to visit Vancouver again. Also if some of you are wondering about Dylan Sikura, the answer is yes. We should definitely go after him if the Hawks can't sign him.
  9. Adam Gaudette | C

    Regarding hockey though, Gaudette is definitely the Husky's MVP this year and even has a shot at the Hobey Baker. After the past 3 years, I really believe Gaudette has the potential to be a top 6 player. Everyone here talks about how amazing Horvat was for working hard to improve his skating, but not a lot of people know about Gaudette. When he first came in, skating wasn't one of this strengths. But now, due to his incredible work ethic in improving his skating and shot during the offseason and throughout the school season, both of those things are. He's definitely a versatile and competitive player. Great two-way play, and is relied on both the PP, PK, and 4v4. Out there to take important draws and close out the last minutes of almost every game. Very complete player that has gradually filled out his size throughout the last 3 years. Highest PPG and most points in the entire NCAA as of this writing. If he's not voted top 3 for the Hobey Baker by the of the year, then you know someone got on their knees.
  10. Adam Gaudette | C

    Thanks for your response and insight Sid! To answer your question, Northeastern does not have any 2 year undergraduate program (not any that I know of), and all degrees are either Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science. That’s really awesome to hear! Your friend seems really smart indeed. The General Studies program in Northeastern however, is a little different in that it is not actually a major you can graduate with, but it is literately a program where the school helps you take various classes so you know which major you actually want to graduate with. More of a 2 year transition program if you will. I’ve had friends who actually came into Northeastern through that program and they are now pursuing various other studies. I can attest to the fact that they’re actually all very bright people indeed. In Gaudette’s case I believe you are correct in that it seems that it is just a placeholder to play hockey, as general studies isn’t a program most “normal students” take into their third year. By then, most students are either forced or eased into a program of their choice. Most hockey players who actually want to complete their studies here usually major in Arts degrees like Graphic Design, or Communication Studies. I believe it is known that last year’s NCAA FA, Zach Aston-Reese, actually completed his 4 years and earned a degree in Graphic Design. (If memory serves me right).
  11. Adam Gaudette | C

    I know I keep mentioning that I go to Northeastern, but in regards to your claim about general studies- I would agree. I can confirm that at Northeastern, general studies is a program for students here who don’t know what they want to pursue and the duration of the program is usually 2 years MAX.
  12. Adam Gaudette | C

    I go to Northeastern. Don’t think Gaudette is coming back.