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  1. Pace is definitely slowing down, but still hopeful they make it!
  2. This is obviously Goldobin's initiation into the Vancouver Canucks.
  3. 18 year old Sam Bennett > Crosby AINEC
  4. I agree, but the CHL/AHL rules don't apply to Makar as the AJHL is actually not part of the CHL. I like Liljegren's smooth game too to be honest, would look great next to Juolevi.
  5. I'm still hoping onto the hope that Juolevi can be a 40-45 pt dman.
  6. Thought I saw reports/tweets last summer about it? Something about him working closely with trainers in Van from the Canucks organization on gaining weight or losing weight or something. Oh well. Definitely, hope he produces well this coming season in the AHL. Maybe even take on a leadership role a year after that if things progress well.
  7. What did he say/see? Been nothing but praises here for him.
  8. 1) Barkov 2) Mackinnon 3) Jones 4) Ristolainen 5) Drouin 6) Horvat 7) Wennberg 9) Monahan 8) Lindholm 9) Domi
  9. Exasperated from all the Jake Virtanen arguing around here. He's an incredibly disappointing prospect not playing nearly as good as what we drafted him to be, with potential to turn it around and still be an NHL player that can contribute on the third line. If he turns out to be anything more, that'd be great. Now if we could all just accept that, that would be great. 

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    2. suitup


      @TimberWolf Not really sure as I don't really keep up with them that much anymore, but it seems like it so far!

    3. suitup


      @Warhippy But yeah man, flabbergasted, great word hahaha. Kind of glad we have Dahlen and Goldobin now, kind of really makes me care less and less about Virtanen now to be honest. Means that we have more prospects who has the potential to carry us to the promise land someday.

    4. Xbox


      If he only becomes a third line winger that's still fine in my books. He has the potential to be the foundation of that line for many years to come just like Hansen was. Everyone hear hopes he finds his game sooner than later.

  10. Do you know what was the return?
  11. Picked Laine, can't stand the Toronto media constantly at his feet. Both great players I wish we had though. Good luck to both of them
  12. Actually most rankings had Ehlers ahead of Virtanen by a landslide. Was like a 9-2 ratio or something. Likewise with Nylander vs Jake and even Ritchie vs Jake. But let's not make this about that. Easily Mcdavid.
  13. Wow his stock must've really inflated up. I must confess I have only seen streamed games of Dahlen plus highlights last year. He must've improved a lot huh? I remember being most concerned about whether his elusivity and core strength will translate. I'm guessing that has improved? Can you tell me more about it?
  14. Totally agree. He didn't last very long in the second round. Honestly, I would've taken him with a late 1st had we had one.
  15. Another season would do him good. Imports from Sweden tends to do better after getting a taste of the SHL which he hopefully will have next year. Don't want another Rodin situation on our hand.