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  1. I believe you are correct. Though them purposely ruining his development seems like a stretch...
  2. One of the best 4th liners of all time. Hate playing against him, but still sad to hear nonetheless.
  3. I believe it was the style he was asked to play in Carolina. They asked him to play more aggressively and outside of his crease while he was used to playing more conservatively under Melanson's style during his time here on the Canucks. If I remember correctly, he started playing better during the end of the season when he went back to a more conservative approach. With that being said, I'm not sure if Lack is our best option.
  4. And if he can sustain that peak for another 4 seasons or more I would be pretty ecstatic.
  5. Finnish goalie with a bright future. Good for the CBJs.
  6. Wow, I'm sold. Of course it'd be nice to have a flashy center, but having a team of Horvats and Glass' sounds like a playoff winning formula too. Add some skill and flash on their wings and we're set. Thoughts on Mittelstadt if both him and Glass are available at 5? Thing about Mittelstadt is that he reminds me of Keller who from what I saw last year, can really control the game.
  7. Wow that is pretty cool. I am a big fan of risers in the draft as a Horvat is a big example of that. Travis Sanheim also seems like another example. Maybe us selecting Glass can be another example? When it comes to selecting Glass, I think my final verdict will lie in how the interviews goes. If he's got a Bo-like drive, I'd take him.
  8. This will be my last post regarding Virtanen on this thread and it will hopefullt bring us back on topic at the end. If those who want to continue discussing this afterwards, tag me in the Virtanen thread. This is going to be a long one so here goes. @Rob_Zepp I just want to say that it's real noble of you to constantly defend Jake. But at some point you can't get upset over every single person who criticizes Virtanen since this is a discussion board/forum afterall, and his performance this past season has definitely given a lot of his critics a lot to talk about. I want to go on record and say that whoever those people you claim are saying these things about Jake, are peope I am not defending. I speak for those who genuinely want to see Jake become a real PWF, but is voicing their honest assesments. I cannot say I speak for @Toews or @ForsbergTheGreat personally, but it seems to me that their posts typically align with my thoughts on this topic. I've noticed when engaging in this topic with me or these posters to name a few, it feels like you have this perception that we want Jake to fail. When in fact, that cannot be further from the truth. What that is like is like saying that we want the company we invested millions of dollars into, to plummet until it had to liquidate all its assets just because the stocks that were bought lost valuation after its first few years its IPO. It just doesn't make sense! Although it doesn't change the fact the stock has fallen, it also doesn't change the fact we don't want it to rise every morning the trading floor opens again. So when people say that they don't want to pick another Virtanen, it means that we just want to invest in a prospect that can show a steady growth in its stock price. We don't need him to come in right away and be our McDavid, but we do want to see a good trajectory even if it means putting up numbers in the AHL. Whether it is fair or not, the unfortunate truth is, being drafted in the top 10 will always make a player a "boom or bust" type of player. So to bring things back on topic, let's hope this draft gives us a good IPO to invest in. Who knows, maybe this next pick will be a 1-2 punch with Virtanen in the future.
  9. Apologies. Will keep it about the draft now.
  10. Seems like a tall order. I am personally not in any rush to see him in the lineup soon. I know when he is promoted he will do well for us whenever that may be.
  11. On one hand we have people like you who say that there are people who are "writing him off" aka "he will never be a great NHL player." When in fact all we're saying is that he hasn't shown that he can be, not that he never will be. Big difference. So yes, I suppose for some people it is something that is easily mosunderstood.
  12. I don't think so. There will always be lawyers out there trying to make a name for themselves by taking on high profile cases whether they win or lose.
  13. Dude, no one is writing off Virtanen. You're always putting words into people's mouths saying that we are expecting him to become a first liner right off the bat when that is clearly not the case. All people are asking him to do is show that he has the capabilities to show that he can become a solid top 6 forward even if it is playing at the AHL level. When you're a top prospect putting up numbers worse than Gaunce (who projects to be a serviceable bottom 6 player) at the same age, how can you expect people to be singing praises? When people say we can't pick another Virtanen with our first, you know EXACTLY what they mean. So don't twist this into some other narrative when really what it means is we need this pick to be a homerun. This franchise can't afford to keep swinging misses when we need players who can show real top 6 potential. It's nothing against Virtanen, the pressure has shifted towards this draft now.
  14. Totally agree with you on this. Mete is a fine prospect, but he has a lot to prove with most of it being at higher levels of hockey due to his size. We're lucky to have Juolevi.
  15. I think it's because other teams usually don't catch on about other team's players as fast as their own. For example, before Tanev became a league wide wanted commodity, we as Canuck fans already knew how good he was. To prove my point, when his contact expired, he was already worth 4-5 mil. But that was also the same year JB and co. first joined the Canucks, and gave him a one year bridge deal because they didn't know what his exact worth was. Likewise, Sbisa before this season was still considered a bottom pairing who has just about capped out. If Sbisa continues to perform the league will eventually take notice. But just not soon enough for us to trade him.