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  1. I said it before in another thread, but it bears repeating. The Jake we see today and what he could develop as his ceiling is a throwback to the garbage goal/front of the net types from the 80s. Players who took a bit of time to develop, like Joel Otto in his prime, Craig Simpson and Dino Ciccarelli. But, to bring it out fully, I think that the coaches need to assign Jake to a specific area on attack (say the three meters in front and to the side of the goalie; get there at all costs on every play) and a specific area on defense (his wing side from centre ice back to his net). He has the speed to get to these areas ahead of the play in most instances, and by serving as an obstacle, not only can the play come to him, allowing him more time to react, but also it buys time for his teammates to act/react accordingly. Unfortunately, Coach Green seems to see zone play with marked men as the correct style most of the time. Let Jake rove a bit, and the points will come alongside his development as a more complete player.
  2. The only drama is from anyone not understanding what actually happened. Signed a contract, played out his contract. End of story. The team agreed to the no AHL stipulation, and Tryamkin used it. Good for him. He has never said anything bad about the Canucks, only wondered why he didn't get more ice time, as would any fan watching the horrible back end that year. The rest is basically hearsay and gossip, possibly compounded by miscommunication due to things being lost in translation. He still shows an interest in the team, so if the team does well and shows interest after his current contract expires, and he isn't lowballed, then he'll most likely be back at the end of the upcoming season. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.
  3. Good points. I agree to a point, but I think he looks poor with EP and Boeser because it has always been a limited sample size/chance before Green pulled the plug. Jake may not ever be able to think at the level of other star players on a line, but the beauty of the grinders you mentioned is that they basically understood that all they had to do was be a net presence and do some aggressive fore-checking when necessary, and let the elite players on the line figure out how to get the puck to them. Green wants Jake to back check first, but looking at EP, he is really the back checker on a Jake-EP-Boeser line, so Jake just needs to cause some chaos in front of the net, tie up a defender, and let EP get the puck to Boeser for the shot on goal. I give Jake a lot of credit for listening while in Utica to what was needed to earn a spot in Vancouver, but I wonder if the same effort has been put into defining his role offensively by the coaching staff up to now.
  4. Jake will never be the next Neely, I agree, but as I said, a Craig Simpson type player is possible. Simpson worked well with talented linemates, and knew to go full-throttle to the net to get loose puck opportunities create by his linemates. He did it recklessly at time, true, and that's why his career was so short. The Simpson-Messier-Anderson Oiler line from the mid/late 80s could be a model something like a Pearson-Bo-Virtanen line. The skill level wouldn't be comparable, but it could work just as well well if given a chance to gel, developing into a strong two way line with Virtanen playing the net crasher/garbage goal man like Simpson, Pearson swooping in on pucks like Anderson, and Bo being a bull on skates like Messier. Jake just needs some time with set linemates to let the chemistry develop. Green and co have done well with Jake, but he now needs some trust over a number of games. If he's given that, he'll prove to be a very valuable player rather than trade bait.
  5. Totally agree that we need Jake. The problem is, the Canucks don't play him in situations/roles where he can continue to improve. It seems to me that he is being pigeonholed as a defense-first tweener, with mainly a third line role when everything is going nicely for the team injury-wise. Why can't Jake play higher than that? Bo and EP can cover for whatever brain farts Jake has, and Jake can use his speed and get some garbage goals off the rush. I see Jake as a Craig Simpson type of player in his prime, good for 30 goals every year by playing in front of the net and crashing it, but he won't get there if he isn't give the opportunity. Don't trade the guy, develop him with more opportunities in the offensive zone!
  6. Completely agree. Said it before ... Biega could be a forward on the 4th line, against stronger teams, and play defense versus weaker teams. That way, he could continue to inject his drive and energy into the lineup. He is a guy who just needed a shot to prove himself on a regular basis, and he's doing that right now. The league is changing in terms of what succeeds on defense, which helps him, and more importantly, the Canucks need him as a role model. Just give him Loui's spot already, and post Loui down to Utica. I'd prefer losing Loui on waivers versus Biega.
  7. I go up to Christchurch from where I am located in Invercargill on business quite a bit, and while this is a tragedy of the highest order, I thank whatever higher power there is that the gunmen for some reason chose the one area where the main police station was relocated to after the quakes in 2011. The police here don't get enough credit for the way they keep crime on the low side, but from all accounts, they rushed en masse to the area yesterday from across the city, and basically forced an end to the rampage quite quickly by giving the three of them nowhere to go, and kept other people from getting hurt. The boys in blue are being hailed as heroes today here, and rightly so. But, it's the end of innocence here, and so sad to see and hear. I moved here with my wife to raise our 3 year old daughter in 2006 after having worked and traveled around the world both by myself and after getting married, and we've all grown to love New Zealand, as much as, in my case, Canada, and in my wife's (from Taiwan) case, so much so that she decided to become a citizen 5 years ago. It's such a peaceful and unassuming place in so many ways, so it is horrible to hear the grief being voiced. I especially hope that the people of Christchurch can get over this latest tragedy. They've done it tough since 2011, and this will not help things at all. Never thought I'd see something like this here, but now that it has happened, it is inspiring to also see the human kindness being displayed across the country is something special to behold. The amount of money raised for the victims and their families is already over a million dollars as of this morning, with people from around the country offering to house and look after relatives coming from overseas to deal with the aftermath, as well as help in any way others affected by the tragedy. Heartwarming in so many ways.
  8. There are definitely a few positives to come out of this season: 1. The clock has begun to tick loudly on JB's remaining time as GM: I do appreciate the loyalty he's shown at times with players for time served (more on this soon), and props for the changes up front, but given the nuclear disaster our back end has been at times this season, even with Edler and/or Tanev available, I think ownership will be putting the pressure on Benning to make some big changes to at least have a realistic chance at the playoffs next season. That means, for the fans, an interesting off-season, but at the same time, it creates worries that, if a splash cannot be made in free agency, then players like Woo, OJ and Hughes will be pushed onto the big club to be seen to have made changes. We'll see. I also think that Green may be in trouble if the team starts poorly next season, as there's just too many good coaches sitting unemployed right now, and if Benning misses out on changing the D, the coach may be made the fall guy, which would be a crying shame. 2. The end of loyalty: Seeing what has happened to the club this year, and because of a desire to change thing up defensively, I think this means Edler and Tanev are gone. Yes, they have been warriors for the club, but new blood that doesn't get injured as much or seem unable to keep up with play at times is needed. I also see Loui being cut free. Ownership can't be happy seeing 6 million dollars sitting as a healthy scratch, but for what Loui brings as a player right now, the team can get that from first year players like Jasek, or a defensive player like Gaunce, at a fraction of the cost. Same with Spooner, Granlund, and Schaller. The Canucks have to admit they made mistakes with these players after seeing what they did, and didn't, do this year, and move on for the good of the team. 3. The positive effect of a proper goaltending coach, leading to a confident Markstrom going forward. 4. The negative effect of improper defensive and special team coaching - it's a positive, because it highlights what doesn't work, and the need to hire some people with new/better ideas in these areas. Now, if they just hire Lidstrom or Chelios to help out on the backend, and maybe someone like Dave Andreychuk for the powerplay, as consultants/coaches, we might have something. 5. Related to 2. The value of hungry youth over lazy veterans, meaning more youth will come in next season.
  9. Forget the defense, go fire-wagon mode! I would love to see Simmonds, Panarin and Ferland, with Jasek up if ready, Gaudette staying all year, and Virtanen/Sutter/Schaller/Spooner/Goldobin/Granlund/Eriksson (sell for scraps if necessary, with exception of Sutter and Virtanen, but get the salaries out the door to pay for Panarin and a bit of Ferland/Simmonds) being shown the door, to have something like this: Panarin Horvat Boeser Ferland Pettersson Simmonds = protection for The Franchise Pearson Gaudette Leivo Roussel Beagle Motte Jasek Gaunce Or, top two lines could also be: Ferland Horvat Simmonds = wear out the opposition Panarin Pettersson Boeser = take advantage of the opposition I don't have faith in Benning to improve the back end with signings like he could up front with the chance to play with Elias, but I could see him making a trade at the draft with Goldobin/Sutter/Virtanen (I love Jake, but the trades and moves being made are blocking him from getting a solid chance at a top 6 role here) + the 1st round pick to get a 1RD, with other changes from within and signing Edler: Edler 1RD Hutton Stecher Hughes Tanev (lower risk of injury playing 3rd pairing minutes) Brisebois Biega Woo OJ