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  1. Sorry, Mike Bossy was better, and it's not even close. Remember reading these articles a few years back, and they just reinforced that Mike was a goal scorer's goal scorer with a driven mentality. He is one of the few players from the 70s and 80s who, if you put him into the modern era of hockey, would still dominate, and probably dominate even more and for longer given the lack of hack and slash in today's game compared to his time. Another 10 years of Mike, scoring 40-60 per year? It wouldn't even be close, Mike would be #1 in goal scoring by a wide margin, and no one would catch him. He had extremely fast hands, and a devastating wrist shot, and was deceptively strong. The man was a freak, and while you can't really compare players in different eras, being a freakish talent translates into any era. Ovie is good, but Prime Bossy in today's NHL would have been better.
  2. It's not a lack of faith in Green for me, so much as a lack of faith in the process. So many times this team falls flat on its face, and people point to back-to-back games, or early starts, or inferior refereeing. But, at some point, the coach has got to take some responsibility for the lack of preparation. Yes, the players should as well, but the coach is there to help them succeed, and at times, this team seems to do it despite Green and co. He finally saw the light and moved Jake up and Brock down, but before that, how long does it take to accept that a player has met or exceeded expectations (Jake) or is not performing as well as they could (Brock). Here's hoping Green is learning, but given the recent effort at times, I reserve judgement until the end of the season. If the Canucks miss the playoffs, he has to be gone. They've left too many points on the table, and relied on their resident goalie whisperer to steal too many games, for me to be comfortable with Green long term, unless the team wins at least a round in the playoffs
  3. Do my eyes deceive me? I can't follow all of the Canucks games from my time zone, but I do have a lot of the players in various fantasy pools, and in an update I saw a blurb about Jake saying that, as of today, he was practicing with Miller and EP. Is this true? The way he is playing, this could be a great thing!
  4. Absolution is good, but we need some dirt on Green to force him to play Jake in the top 6 and on the 1st PP unit!
  5. What does Jake have to do to get a consistent chance in the top 6?! Loui gets a spot based on a reputation from eons ago as a scorer, but Jake can't despite scoring at nearly a point a game pace the last 10 or so games? If the X-Files was still a thing, this would be a strong candidate for Scully and Mulder to look into ....
  6. Now we can see why Benning ponied up a first for Miller. Cost certainty, term, and talent = assets which have to be paid. Arizona just did the same, and paid a bit more for the name and potential over the lack of term. Well done, Arizona, and Benning.
  7. Might explain Myers, but doesn't explain the poor effort the rest of the team has been giving at times ... I say let the young guys play, the lack of results can't be worse than what we are getting now. We'll also see very quickly whether the results are Green's fault or the fault of the players. I still suspect Green and his minor league mindset is at fault, but who knows ....
  8. Cry me a river, Travis. To say that Malkin took over, and you weren't ready for it ... that's what he does! You have to be ready for that kind of skill and talent coming to the fore. You weren't, and that lack of preparation cost the team. It's a broken record after every loss recently, where he blames some aspect of not being ready, not on the same page ... it's all he knows to say.
  9. No, and my apologies if you took it that way, but I don't think that the players are to blame right now. Some might be taking advantage of the situation to be passengers, but that is human nature, the direct result of the weak-as effort the coaching staff has been putting in to preparing the players for games night after night. It can't continue. Green needs to go, and the sooner, the better.
  10. Whether we like it or not, the team takes their cues from the coaches. If the coaches can't do the job, neither will the players, simple as that. Yes, the players with pride will try hard no matter what, but on a team, it only takes a few passengers to bring everyone down. If there is no plan, then the players will play according to what they think is appropriate, which leads to odd-man rushes, brain farts, and the like. You can't give up 6 goals in a period, and say all is well.
  11. For all of the apologists out there who say don't panic, Green is the guy ... he's been tuned out by the team. He has no answers, and the team senses it, and is playing accordingly. The rays of hope provided in single game efforts recently are provided by the players themselves in great personal efforts, not the coaching staff. Miller was a good example tonight. Played extremely well, but that came from within, not from Green. Green and co have to go for the team to take the next step. They're in Pittsburgh ... tell Green to take a hike, and get Jacques Martin on board. This will be a lost season in short order if a change isn't made.
  12. Can Benning be any more vague about OJ and his status? If he needs time off for something, just say it already.
  13. What he ^ said! Couldn't agree more. The players take cues from the coaches, and if they can't be bothered to amp the team up for a game, or give them a pep talk between periods, or take a timely timeout to re-energize the players when needed, then what are they doing in the NHL? The team looks like it may be ready to take the next step, but they need someone who holds people accountable, takes them to task when needed, but rewards them when warranted, instead of holding them back. We need a guy who has seen it all, knows what it's like to work with young stars and teams on the cusp ... entice Jacques Martin out of Pittsburgh, and give him the keys to the team. Potential GM as well if Benning's moves don't work out for some reason.
  14. Posted this after the Red Wing game on October 22: I'm hoping that Marky drops the mic on the team in the locker room after the game, and that the players feel some shame as professionals, and that the coaches feel even more shame at Marky doing their job for them. BS throwing of lines in the blender, crap power play strategy (and there is only one), tired players trying to play the way Green wants them to, coaching the creativity out of EP40 ... ownership wants playoffs, so do I, and this has to be stopped sooner rather than later. 10 more games like this, and bye-bye Mr. Green. Hmm. I think it's time Green hits the road. The room is not listening anymore. He has no answers, and is a one trick pony. I hope we don't waste a season going through this garbage yet again.