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  1. What if the unthinkable actually occurs ...

    I kind of started this topic a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the way Vegas has been getting stellar goal tending ...
  2. If Chicago bites on that first trade, I'd be shocked, as they need part of their now-aging core to tutor the new guys coming into the team. If you want to take advantage of another team by using our free cap space, I'd be more inclined to go after a trade with Ottawa given their apparent willingness to jettison some salary, and see if they'd bite on a trade involving Gaborik, Ryan and EK. Something like Gaborik/Ryan/EK/5th either this year or next for Goldy, Stecher, Gagner, and our fourth this year, 3rd next year and 1st in 2020. If they really want to rebuild and get rid of those two anchors, who knows?
  3. Bure vs Boeser

    Bure was a beast unto himself, someone who had a game built on speed, and when it was taken away from him through injuries, the ability to be a game-changer disappeared as well. Brock has, in my very humble opinion, the Bossy factor, the ability to score using the stick and technique, a skill not many players have. Mike Bossy in his heyday was pretty much unstoppable as a goalscorer, and could have possible been the best goal scorer in NHL history if his body hadn't done him in. Will Brock score as many as Bossy or Bure? No, different style of game and different era. However, if I had to choose who'd I want on my team, I'd go with Brock, just in terms of seeing how well he works with his linemates versus Bure often trying to do it by himself. That mentality is what helped to hurt his knees, and ultimately limit his career. I will say, though, that if Brock gets a set-up man like Bossy had in Trottier, knowing when to get the puck to him, or like Hull had in Oates, or other great goalscorers of different eras had at various times, then he could have a season like Bossy, or at worse, like a prime Steve Shutt.
  4. Throw the money and term at Tavares, get Maroon for the grit, and then 1st (unless we get a top 5 pick) and 4th 2018/Goldy/Stecher to Ottawa for EK and either Ryan or Gaborik as a cap dump.
  5. Just more evidence that the Knights will be Stanley Cup champs this year. Give them the Cup through their sweetheart expansion deal, and then protect them from falling apart too quickly so that the desert expansion policies of Buttman look good. Otherwise, how else could they expand to Mexico, the next big hockey hotbed in Buttman's mind ... I'm kidding ... I hope ... and, just as a side note, I have never been a fan of using spellcheck, but using my wife's smartphone and having Bettman turn into Buttman has been very satisfying, especially after hearing this news!
  6. What if the unthinkable actually occurs ...

    I agree wholeheartedly, but I really think that Vegas might win it if the fix is in, and Bush League Bettman wants to justify his desert expansion and he thinks Vegas winning would mean increased tv revenues it won't not enough Canadians there full-time to help support a team; once the shiny-new-thing- syndrome wears off, the team will be in the same hole as Arizona). I just hope that he throws a few crumbs our way via the draft ...
  7. Just pondering the actual chances of Vegas winning the Cup, or at least making it to the finals like the Panthers in 95/96 early in their existence. If they actually went to the Finals or even won it all, what do you think other teams would do in response? Would all the GMs and owners see it as a one-off, Bettman paying homage to Mammon in the name of justifying his US expansion dreams (see here, guys, look how good the desert can be as hockey country, I was right all along, the Coyotes notwithstanding!), and not bother to do anything different? Or, is it possible that this kind of a playoff run could lead the NHL into some kind of hockey end of days, where a lack of style leads to wins (because, watching the team play 10 times via satellite this year, the only amazing thing you see on a regular basis is their Gila mascot, Chance, and what he gets up to; it is usually a pretty boring style of play for the most part, with set pressure plays to turn the puck over, and then some puck-luck to go with it), and in response everyone jettisons players left and right to try to emulate this winning formula. Or, something in-between? Curious what everyone thinks ....
  8. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Anaheim Ducks

    You know, looked at from a different perspective, this has to be good going forward for the team. Considering the non-effort the vets are putting in, showing no push-back or fortitude of any kind, this just might be the impetus needed for a complete housecleaning of the players. I mean, the GM is safe for now with a new contract, the coach can do his job and is in his first year, so really, this falls on the players, and no one being the engine of the team. Derek was that engine, and we need to find another somewhere for next season. Edler, the Sedins ... they don't care, and they need to be replaced with people who do. I would have no problem with the team being shutout every night 1-0 or 2-0 if the effort was consistently there and they made the other team work for their goals, but it isn't happening. The Canucks have to shake things up massively on the ice, and I think telling the Sedins that their time is up, not letting them make the decision for the team whether to retire or not, is a good first step. Then, after the season, trade the remaining vets for whatever you can get, just get rid of the headaches and contracts, and go all-in on the youth. Build some kid lines, some new morale from shared common experiences of learning under Green together, and let the chips fall where they may. It could be worse that way for a year, but once the team learns together through trial and error what works and what doesn't, they'll improve pretty quickly, at least offensively (and I think Bo, Brock and Gaudette won't let the team sink once it's their team). Defensively ... whatever, maybe buy Karlsson and Doughty when they become UFA (possible if we lose Loui and Edler along with Sedins and Gagner), and keep Tanev, Guddy, OJ, Pouliet, and Biega, plus whoever they get this year in the draft, mix and match other ELCs temporarily, get Demko ready to go in 2 year's time, and we'll be on the way. Drastic, but this can't happen again next year, not with the lack of get up and go we're seeing ...
  9. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Los Angeles Kings

    ... and we're freeeeeee ... free fallin .... for Dahlin. C'mon, we're all thinking it, so sing along ...
  10. canucks real problem

    It's still too early too say that the Benning/Linden style is the problem ... we need to see what was drafted on the ice and playing for us over the next 1-3 years to really say that it has failed or succeeded, as well as get usher away the old guard still on the team. Then, and only then, will the truth about their style be known. In the meantime, at least from where I sit here in NZ, it's at least entertaining at times this season, so there's that ....
  11. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Basically, Bertuzzi-lite, as he pretty much played the same way at times. Hopefully, he develops the interest like Big Bert did to contribute physically when necessary, to cause turnovers, and then point-getting opportunities will follow, especially with his speed.
  12. What about for EK, Bobby Ryan 50% retained and Gaborik full cap hit? Would a package of Virtanen, Palmu, Tanev, Goldy, and 2018 and 2019 2nd be enough? Sedins would need to retire though, to free up money, and we'd need a D at the draft plus get Groot back to help fill the holes on D ....
  13. I have to wonder what some of the posters in this thread are talking about. Benning makes mistakes, but he alos sees value where many of us don't. So, I accept that he sees value in what he traded for. Good on him, only time will tell if he's right or not. Other GMs also see value, and unfortunately, given the history of what we had/might have had available re: injuries (Tanev?), attitude (Vanek?), willingness to move (Edler?), etc, there was no real value in our "available" players at this point in time, and the ones who do have value won't be traded. For Benning to get some value by taking on an expiring contract and trading soon to be free agents, well, that's good. More importantly, I think this may signal the twins not being in the lineup next year, as I think Benning wouldn't be bringing in these prospects if he didn't have a feeling that there would, potentially, be room for them.
  14. There is a trade to be made, but it has to be without breaking the bank from our side while still giving Ottawa value. IF we were to get the 1st overall pick, then I could see a straight trade of EK for the 1st and another lower pick, knowing that Ottawa would probably go after Rasmus, if our GM/ownership wanted to make a bold move. Given the potential of the kid, that would be what it might take to get EK without giving up any roster players from our side, or maybe with adding a small piece like Palmu. But, anything other than the 1st overall pick, and we'd have to add ... a lot. We'd also probably have to dump Loui/Guddy and/or not resign the Sedins to make it happen both for now and into the future. But, the potential PP and offensive zone prowess, among other things ... my, oh my.
  15. [PGT] Los Angeles Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I think we are all seeing proof that Bo needs to be the captain next year, even if the Sedins stick around. The team has some swagger and plays with more energy with him on the ice and on the bench. Hank has been a good role model, but Bo knows ... how to win. Bo lieve that!