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  1. Canucks 4 Alternative Captains

    Yes, well aware of this, but I'm also hoping that Guddy's injuries are more a run of bad luck, whereas Tanev is just injury prone.
  2. Canucks 4 Alternative Captains

    No, I'm sorry, but this will only lead to disaster down the road, and being out of the playoffs by November. In the preseason, a lack of a captain's voice was apparent at times. Players played lazily a lot of the time, no one holding them accountable. Yes, it's only preseason, but it sets the tone for the regular season. Now, what is the coach/managements saying: we don't know who the leader is, so let's give you 4 of them? Who talks to the refs when necessary? If Bo leads by example, and the team accepts him as the de facto leader (which we don't know without them saying, but they do seem to respect him), give him the C. If not, give it to some like Gudbranson who does the heavy lifting when necessary, not the oft-injured like Tanev (so he's not there on the ice a lot of the time), the soft-spoken like Edler, or the not-enough-grit-and-b*lls man Sutter. We are in danger of having a long-term culture of losing on this team, but a way to combat that is with drive and motivation, and Bo (among a few others) has that. The younger guys will respect that, and the older vets just need to get on board with it. But, to hold off on giving him that responsibility, when he has more than earned it through his play, in favour of the Scarecrow, the Lion, and the Tinman ... well, let's see what happens.
  3. [GDT/PGT] Canucks @ Oilers | Preseason Game #6 | 6:00pm | SN1

    I made a comment in another thread about putting some cardboard cutouts of Patrick Roy and Ken Dryden in net ... they possibly could have done a better job tonight. How can a big man play so small at times? The coach has been changed recently, the GM reupped, so I'm hoping a trade is coming to get a fighting goalie. Just need to see someone battle in net. Miller was that guy. We also need to select a captain. Players slack when no one calls them on it during play. A voice is needed.
  4. Edler-StecherJuolevi-GudbransonHutton-Tanev There's some potential in those D-pairings ... especially if OJ gets to roam a bit with Guddy staying back, and Tanev's good habits rub off on Hutton while limiting Tanev's exposure to injury. Edler and Stetcher was a pretty good pairing 2 years ago, so that may also work out again. Last shot for Granlund, Archie and Gaudette maybe, as the guys left out also need to get in some playing time to grow some chemistry before the start of the season.
  5. It really has to come down to who deserves to be here from now on to build chemistry, with lines being formed from what's available. Right now, it's Leipsic, Motte, Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, Sutter, Beagle, Schaller, Roussel (when all healthy; these three get a pass based on past history, but Palmu slots in until then), Goldobin, Virtanen, Sven, with Granlund as #13, and Edler, Hutton, Tanev, Guddy, Stecher, and OJ and Sautner, and cardboard cutouts of Patrick Roy and Ken Dryden in net (I have this feeling of dread for this season unless something drastic happens in net).
  6. [Official] 2018 Training Camp Thread

    I'm really hoping that Palmu, Pettersson, Dahlen, Juolevi, Gaudette, and Demko, and maybe even players like Brisebois and Sautner, force the hand of management to create a true youth movement, versus plugging gaps to wait for the youth to arrive. There is something to be said for young players who are hungry to succeed. Yes, they'll make mistakes, but they will learn from them, and I think Green is the coach who will reward hard workers with a high compete level who make mistakes but are willing to learn from them. It would mean that the likes of Granlund, Gaunce, Gagner, Nilsson, Del Zotto, Biega, and Hutton would be waived or traded, but if the team gels well in the early part of the season, who knows? Maybe a late push for the playoffs could be on the cards this year, especially if Hughes joins the team late and sparks the team offensively.
  7. Baertschi/Goldobin - Horvat - Boeser Dahlen - Pettersson - Eriksson/Virtanen/Sutter/Granlund Leipsic - Gaudette - Eriksson/Virtanen/Sutter/Granlund Schaller - Beagle - Eriksson/Virtanen/Sutter/Granlund Extras: Goldobin, Granlund Edler - Gudbranson Juolevi - Tanev Del Zotto - Stecher Hutton 1A Markstrom 1B Demko IR: Roussel Waived/Traded: Gagner, Biega, Pouliot, Gaunce, Motte, Archibald, Nilsson Up front, I feel that management will (I hope) be forced to have new players in Pettersson/Dahlen/Gaudette/Goldobin all in the lineup together based on their preseason play. So, at least for the first few games of the regular season, my guess is that Roussel will be on IR to give Dahlen a chance to shine, with Gagner/Gaunce waived before the season. After that, unless another injury buys the team more time to assess, then Granlund/Goldobin will be on their way out, with Lind/Palmu/Jasek being call ups if needed. At the back, Juolevi will make the team, but to speed up his adjustment and comfort level, he needs to be teamed with Tanev. With Edler and Gudbranson possibly being a pair, that means the last D pair would be Del Zotto and Stecher with Hutton as 7th D, unless Hutton blows the doors off with his play in the preseason, as I don't see Del Zotto sitting in favor of Hutton based on last season. So, that means Biega and Pouliot are either waived or traded, with Brisebois/Sautner/Chatfield being call ups if needed. In goal, Demko impresses in preseason, forcing Nilsson to be waived, and a timeshare in goal with the hot hand being played throughout the season.
  8. (Newest) 2018-2019 Time Capsule thread

    Okay, I have a little time, so here's some Canucks fantasy that I hope turns into reality: Canucks will miss the playoffs as the last seed in the West by 2 points, powered by EP getting 65 points as a rookie after a slow start, Brock getting 70 points (40 goals) as his winger (Virtanen plays the left side ... it is fantasy!), and Bo being named the captain before the season and leading from the front with a 70 point season, with the increase in points mainly coming as a member of the first power play unit. All of these point totals are inflated due to OJ making the team and being Lumme 2.0 (much improved) with 35 points, and the Canucks swinging a trade with Ottawa for EK before the season, sending them Goldy, Hutton, Erik G, Lind, and a 2020 first round pick and 2019 6th round pick for EK (who promptly signs a new contract which doesn't cripple us going forward, just happy to be out of Ottawa) and Ryan (who plays like it's 2010 again, just happy to be out of Ottawa, and ends up on Bo's line along with Sven). EK plays like a man possessed, racking up 80 points, and turning his partner Edler into a true 1st pairing d-man by osmosis, and our powerplay becomes a top 5 force in the NHL, improving further at the end of the season when Hughes joins the team. Sutter (as RW), Gaudette and Leipsic form a pesky and dangerous line which rotates with Roussel, Beagle and Eriksson as the checking/counterpunch 3rd and 4th lines. Unfortunately, while our forwards and defenders do fine all season, our goaltending lets us down until the last two months of the season due to injuries and brainfarts, allowing Demko to get his chance and almost lifting the Canucks into the playoffs with his stellar play. After the season, we win the lottery, draft Hughes, and finally the Canucks have a complete team!
  9. Brandon Sutter | #20 | C

    Always believed that you can't go wrong with a hard-working Sutter on your team as a player. The whole family has a hard-working mindset, and as the team improves, Brandon's value and impact will improve as well.
  10. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    And, how strange ... I could swear this thread was locked the last time I looked at it, and even went to the bugs forum to complain, so when did it get unlocked?
  11. Nikita Tryamkin | D

    The man played out his contract, and went back home. He didn't screw Vancouver in any way in terms of withholding services like other players have in the past, and in my opinion, has the right to play wherever he wants to play without being bashed in absentia. I hope he comes back in 2 years and makes an impact again, but at the same time, the team is moving on as well, so who knows? But, no matter, I do enjoy reading other people's opinions on what will happen with him, just not the other garbage being posted. Here's hoping the discussion stays civilized.
  12. Feedback and Bugs

    Ok, it's the thread, but as of when I posted my message here, that thread was locked. So, good to see that it has been unlocked, and I'll post there. Cheers.
  13. Feedback and Bugs

    Just curious to know why the Tryamkin thread was locked and no new thread option for comments about him was created in its place? I do know that the posting of certain members in the original thread got a bit out of hand, but for people who want to keep up to date with the latest information about players, while reading some of the posts lacking in substance was tiresome at times, isn't there a way to delete just the problematic posts and maybe temporarily limit the offending poster as a consequence, while also getting the discussion back on track?
  14. Is the Current Ownership Failing this Team?

    I love the Canucks, even from here in New Zealand, and have for over 40 years. But, who am I to argue with someone who gives my team the ability to spend to the cap? Whatever you think of the Aqua family, they give the fan base the ability to cheer for a team in Vancouver, rather than see it disappear to a city somewhere in America's deep south (Grizzlies, anyone?). I'll support anyone who puts their money where their mouth is, as well as their right to have a say in how their money is used. If, as I think may have happened, Benning has finally managed to sway ownership to his way of thinking given the raw talent he has added to the team, and Trevor stood in the way of using that talent with loyalty to the past, well, it may be that we now have an owner who has learned to trust someone in the role as GM, which again, can only be good for the team.
  15. Glenn Anderson? Hated him as a bit of a dirty player, and don't know off the top of my head how many GWGs he had, but man, he was a killer of momentum when he scored.