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  1. Best Athlete In the World?

    Currently, maybe Ronaldo or Federer ? Best athlete of all time? Maybe someone like Jonah Lomu for a short career ...
  2. Subban left behind by better developing prospects, + no changes in style/game approach by Subban, = trade made for injury cover. Understandable, given Sutter and Bo being out and possible not wanting Henrik being overworked. I am worried, though, that this trade may be an indication that either Sutter or Bo are out for longer than they are saying. If that's the case, well, maybe another trade incoming shortly, with maybe Boucher plus going the other way? Just a thought.
  3. Brendan Gaunce | #50 | C

    Gaunce fits a role on the team in Green's eyes, therefore, he will play. Virtanen and Goldy, on the other hand, have no specific role that others (Sedins et al.) haven't already filled, therefore, they don't get to play regularly or at all. If it works, great, but if not, the question would be do we really need to sacrifice offense for defense?
  4. 3-0 Blues, 11 shots in first 2 periods, 3 shots in the 3rd.
  5. [Discussion] Markstrom + Hutton = ?

    Said it last year, same thing this year: the leadership team here is loyal to a fault. So, there is no way they'll be trading anyone who has put in the hard yards on the team (ie. Sedins, Edler, Hutton, Markstrom...). The only ones who may get traded will be the "newbies" like Gagner and Vanek, and MDZ et al would also be in there if they hadn't already shown some worth in management's eyes (which is to their credit). Here's a prediction: only Vanek gets moved this year, and only for a 2nd and 5th round pick. Gagner will stay because JB will not know the Sedins' plans until after the season in all likelihood, so he'll be insurance.
  6. Benning is doing a great job! (Discussion)

    Oldnews is right in pointing out that JB has done a lot more than simply throwing away picks. Part of managing a team is making good use of the assets at hand, and as shown, that's what JB has done. Pedigree counts, and there's nothing wrong with taking a chance on former high picks vs picking high with a chance at success. Stay the course, but no more 30+ UFAs and no new contracts for 30+ players who cannot keep up.
  7. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks

    I don't know ... after thinking about what I said earlier, maybe the best thing here is to hope for a coach/Gm killer of a losing streak, so that the owners are forced to clean house and then the new guys, whoever they are, demand carte blanche to clear the roster of all the dead wood. Loyalty to the past will kill the team this year, and I hope that our coach hasn't been drinking that particular brand of koolaid yet, as Benning and Linden did a few years back. Give the kids a chance to build for the future.
  8. [PGT] Calgary Flames vs. Vancouver Canucks

    Ok, even watching from afar here in New Zealand, that looked pathetic. Coach Green has the ability, being new to the team, to change things up here quickly if he wants to, and to be honest, even though they got a hard time last year, I can't knock the effort from a Megna or Chaput over what the Sedins are displaying. They'd at least do better on the defensive side than the twins at this point in time. Vanek should be put on waivers as a failed experiment, and if he had the guts to do it, coach sits the Sedins down for a few games. Reputations and past accomplishments aside, they are floating now, and floaters need to see the game from on high to, hopefully, see what they need to be doing instead of continuing to do more of the same. Put Virt and Goldy in for them, Boucher for Vanek, and Granlund as 2nd line centre, and let the chips fall where they may for 2 weeks. The embarrassment factor may be enough to get the team moving in the right direction again, as well as the Sedins.
  9. New Era of Hockey Style

    #77 may be right ... only time will tell. Don't know about #28, though ....
  10. British & Irish Lions NZ Tour

    I just saw the game in person yesterday my time. I have to say, the Lions will have a hard time being competitive with the Super teams as well as the All Blacks if they come out to play with the mentality they showed yesterday. Had big problems controlling play against what was basically a semi-pro team. Still, I was here when they last toured, and I'm looking forward to seeing some new talent emerge (still remember Dan Carter bursting onto the scene during the last tour).
  11. Wow, bad luck for Vancouver ... would it be so hard just to have a number of assigned balls for each place you finish, put them all together, and then draw the numbers, like the NBA draft (I think)? All of these combos and being one number off but falling umpteen places makes my head hurt. I think I could feel the rage from BC way over here in New Zealand!
  12. [Signing] Tryamkin goes to the KHL

    This really makes me think that the Canucks did not lay the proper groundwork for Tryamkin to be successful in the NHL. They should have had at least a couple of meetings with him and his representatives to go over scenarios for his use on the roster, what the expectations were for him to come into this season, and what the potential consequences were playing time wise for him if he wasn't prepared. It seems like he took it quite personally, and this tells me he didn't understand the reasoning behind what was happening, which says management didn't make it clear to him. I don't like that he went back home, but I don't blame him, because he wants to be close to his family and friends, and probably be close to his children when he and his wife start their family. And, despite what he says, I can't help but think that Willie calling him out was the last straw. For better or for worse, he did get into game shape and did it well (as Jake alluded to in an interview recently), so if he was intent on going back home at that time, why put in the effort to get game ready? He could have pulled a Krutov if he really wanted to, ate his way off the team, and earned a healthy check doing nothing, or forced the Canucks to send him to the minors to use his out clause. But, he didn't, he was a professional, and played like it. But, after that comment, he probably finished his checkout process. I blame Willie, Trevor and Jim for this, and for the fact that we are becoming a laughingstock of the NHL. I'm almost expecting a Lindros situation with our draft pick this year: "What? Picked by the Canucks?! $#%@ that!"
  13. An expansion team won't win many games with its offense, and I think George knows that. So, I'm guessing like many other posters have indicated that he'll pick many defensemen in the expansion draft and then trade them for surplus picks and offensive prospects. I also think that, IF we end up with 1OA or 2OA, and Vegas has 3OA, we might be able to tempt them to give up their pick, IF they get a player (or players) in return who was also a high draft pick but who is one year closer to playing in the NHL. On our side, we could get two offensive players who could possibly step in next year, and really jump start the drive to being competitive again. So: Virtanen/Subban/Tanev/Gaunce/our 2nd round pick 2017 for the Vegas 3OA plus the understanding they wouldn't draft anyone off our team in the expansion draft who isn't named Biega. Two former first round picks in recent years, solid defensive help, a good prospect in Subban who will get a chance to succeed there, plus a second round pick, for the Vegas 1st round pick. Do you think they would make the trade? They could sell it as becoming more competitive faster, while we could pick two forwards in the top 5.
  14. [Report] Canucks fire Willie Desjardins

    I wonder ... did Benning know that Darryl was being fired? I was thinking Ron, but Darryl would be an excellent hire!
  15. [Report] Canucks fire Willie Desjardins

    A few months back, I posted that Wille would be fired at season's end. Then, for about the last week or so, I had honestly come around to the idea that he would be fired after being given 20 games next year, IF he didn't prove himself capable of being a better managing bench boss. I thought that Benning and co owed him that much, because he has had some success in bringing the team along as a unit. The players worked for him for the most part. But, his player usage was a big question mark at times, and I'm wondering if management got the message from the youngsters, or ownership, or both, that there was unhappiness with what was happening. I mean, if I were Bo, and saw how Chaput and Megna were being used at times, I would be wondering what I needed to do to get a look on the first unit powerplay. Probably Hansen wondered the same thing. But, who to bring in? Don't want a retread from the organization's past, don't want a newbie no matter how hyped they are, or even someone near retirement ... I don't know, maybe a Ron Wilson or Kirk Muller type of coach? But, I do want some experts in different areas of the game as assistants. Give me Lidstrom as our coach for defensemen, or Forsberg for special teams. The guys who know what it takes to be the best in their area, and can bring out the best in our players.