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  1. SabreFan1

    NFL thread

    Did you see the late hits on Josh Allen that got one of Williams' defenders fined? There was one where he tried to blow out Allen's knee out from behind that was so long after he threw the ball that none of the refs saw it happen. 3rd and 4th hit in the video below.
  2. SabreFan1

    NFL thread

    It's the gm/coach who brought that distraction in not Brady. Belicheat should be the one answering. I don't blame a QB for playing it smart and keeping his thoughts on personnel matters to himself.
  3. I would have liked to see them do something more than they did though. The organization is trending upwards so it would have been fitting had they made a bigger deal of their 50th anniversary.
  4. I don't dislike the whale, but I think the Canucks can do better.
  5. I suppose there's not much that you can do with a whale shaped like the letter C, but at the very least, they could have given it some golden accents for this year. Better yet, they could have made a new logo/jersey completely and started their next 50 years off fresh and new. Kinda like a new era of Canucks hockey attitude...
  6. Nope. Unlike the Canucks, the Sabres did their golden anniversary jersey proud!
  7. In 2018 he was listed as 6' 2" - 175 lbs. At the combine in 2017 he was 6' 1.75" - 165 lbs. If he put on more muscle like most young NHL guys do if they're smart, he'll still be 6' 2" but will weigh between 180-185 lbs.
  8. SabreFan1

    NFL thread

    Only her and Antonio Brown know the real truth, but her story just stinks more as time goes on. He's a nutjob and so far she seems to be desperate for money any way she can get it. Even if he did only one of the creepy things that she's accusing him of and didn't rape her, he would be smart to just pay her to go away at this point. Pay her 500k. That's enough to pay off the IRS and to restart her business.
  9. SabreFan1

    NFL thread

    This came out yesterday... The "victim" has been trying to get money from Antonio Brown for months now...
  10. SabreFan1

    NFL thread

    People have upped their game with the Belicheat memes this year...
  11. SabreFan1

    NFL thread

    Everyone has to make a living I suppose. He's widely considered one of the best NFL agents around so he gets some of the biggest names to represent. Unfortunately for him at times like this, like a lawyer (he is one as well), he's paid to defend his clients. It's rare-ish to see any agent dump a big contract.
  12. SabreFan1

    NFL thread

    Rosenhaus may also figure that he has more to gain than lose. Defamation without actual immediate economic damage might cost him $150-200k. Less if she's willing to settle instead of dragging defamation into a long trial. On the flip side, he's showing to any and all prospective clients that he will go to bat for them like he is with Brown. That's potentially worth millions to him. As for Brown's reputation, it's trashed whether he's innocent or guilty. Just look at Big Ben in Pittsburgh. If he's going to pay now, it will be to get her to sign an NDA to stop talking about it and not testify in any future criminal investigation started by a District Attorney.
  13. SabreFan1

    NFL thread

    If that's all there was to the story, I'd think the same exact thing, but with her having a huge debt to the IRS that she can't escape even with bankruptcy coupled with just going after money in a civil suit instead of justice in a criminal court, I'm far from wanting to take her word for it. Money makes people do stupid things. If EP40 were in this exact same situation, much of CDC would be up in arms and ranting all over the internet about her being a money hungry gold digger. Either way, he's likely going to end up on paid leave on the commissioners exempt list. That helps my hometown Buffalo Bills.
  14. SabreFan1

    NFL thread

    I don't think he originally went to Oakland with the intention to scam his way to Boston after, but I wouldn't discount the idea that once things got hairy in Oakland, New England got a hold of Rosenhaus and made overtures and once Brown was told by his agent, he did what he could to get out of Oakland asap..... and succeeded.