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  1. The only way that Trump gets another term is if the Democratic leadership tries to shove Hillary Clinton down people's throats again. That or they get even crazier and nominate someone like Pelosi.
  2. Is Kane a major part of the problem in Buffalo?

    If I'm so smart??? That is his game along with just about every other pending UFA. Maximize your contract year so you can clean up with a new one. Unless you're talking about Falk? He should not be playing any "games" with anybody. He's just lucky that he even gets an NHL paycheque. The guy just ended a 100 game goal drought the other night...
  3. In the end, Sanders proved he was a good Democrat soldier. That's why he was given a leadership role for the first time ever in the party after the election was over. Almost everybody was better than Trump. The Libertarian candidate actually had political experience. I didn't like his stated policies though. Stein is no longer a viable candidate. The Green Party will have to find a new person to nominate. Trump is hurting the GOP with independents, but the conservative base still has the warm and fuzzies for him.
  4. Sanders wasn't a third party candidate. He refused to run as one because he didn't want to split the Clinton vote. The two other 3rd (4th) party candidates were twits. Including the one I voted for (Stein). The only good thing about Trump is that it may lead to the first step of people considering to leave their tribe and vote for something that has neither an (R) or a (D) next to the name.
  5. Turkish major escalation in Syria

    @kurtisI'm going to have to continue this tomorrow. It's almost 3:30 am here and I'm gonna head to bed. Enjoy your thread.
  6. Turkish major escalation in Syria

    Turkey is using the FSA as a personal fighting force against the Kurds. My guess would be that they'll dig in with the FSA and their own troops and hunt the Kurds down with ground troops while Russia does a share of the bombing.
  7. Turkish major escalation in Syria

    What about them?
  8. Turkish major escalation in Syria

    Turkey is p*ssed off with their fellow NATO members in general and the US in particular and has been cozying up to both Russia and Iran. Russia is backing this up all the way. Putin wants the Anti-Assad forces/rebels destroyed.
  9. #MeToo going to far?

    As far as that graph goes, it's the largest pay gap by industry. It's not representative of the entire US workforce. Some industries are just full of more as*holes than others are. I've known people in finance. Many more times than not they are dudes and they are complete and total as*holes. As for any number most often quoted, I don't remember that being one that's quoted often. Then again, pay gap isn't something that falls into my realm of subjects that I read on regularly. In a country this size and with this big of an economy, there are plenty of problems. Pay gap is among them. There are federal and state laws that address it though. It's just easier in some states than in others to win these suits.
  10. #MeToo going to far?

    Where are you getting this 25% number that you keep quoting? I only found this thread earlier today and I don't feel like going back over 10 pages to find who said it.
  11. #MeToo going to far?

    If I want to go to every state with a publicly available database and count each individual case that's been in every court in the land. I get bored sometimes, but I guarantee you that I will never get that bored. I know you were responding to someone else. I just hopped in because it was going to potentially save you guys time if you argued over flawed data.
  12. #MeToo going to far?

    Why haven't you just said this from the beginning? You would have saved yourself a lot of time and effort. I wouldn't go so far as to say vast majority, but definitely a large majority. Yes society is set up to right these wrongs like you said. In some states it's easier than in others, but that's just the nature of a republic.
  13. #MeToo going to far?

    You really need to research better. The EEOC is only federal. The vast majority of complaints and lawsuits are filed in state and local jurisdictions. Suing in federal court is much too cumbersome and expensive for most average people.
  14. #MeToo going to far?

    Unless you're someone working around a recent ban, this is an alt account that you're using. If you're coming off of a recent ban on an old account, you should make sure that you are using a proxy. If this board is set up like my old board was years and years ago, your IP address is sitting inside each post that any admin and mod can see and if they get the urge, they can compare it to old IP's from previously banned accounts.
  15. #MeToo going to far?

    Post under your main account instead of an alt, then I'll talk to you.