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  1. I don't hold anyone accountable, it's not your job to protect my feelings as a 2 team fan. I'm one of the last people on CDC to expect or really want something like that. Occasional d*ckishness is part of my personality, so expecting anything else would make me a giant hypocrite. Being continually thought of as a "guest" or "visitor" after spending years as an active member on a Canucks message board is just a sign that I probably shouldn't be here.
  2. It's not just you Deb. Your reaction is just in the extreme because you're an emotional person. You and I have always gotten along until today. CDC as a whole doesn't like when you are a fan of more than one team and today's reaction by you and several others have proven it. I'd prefer to respect the wishes of the majority and bow out instead of becoming a bitter jack*ss collecting warning points and eventually a ban.
  3. Sorry brother. My enjoyment of CDC has been declining and today it was just ground into the dirt. Maybe I'll migrate to Reddit and just not use a Sabres username... lol
  4. Thanks. But I think it's time my days on CDC end. I'm tired of defending myself for being a fan of both the Sabres and the Canucks. That's why I've been posting a less than I used to in the Canucks Talk forum the last year or so.
  5. It's been real for all these years.  Goodbye CDC....

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    2. Master 112

      Master 112

      Hey man- I always enjoyed reading your thoughts on here over the years. To me you've never been a guest or outsider but an equal member as myself or anyone else who's frequented CDC. I hope you still drop in from time to time even if you never return entirely.. gotta put off-topic/canucks talk in its place sometimes and let faces on here know your chest is still beating. :)

    3. luckylager


      You back yet?


      Don't let a few losers ruin a good time. 

    4. Boudrias


      Miss ya SabreFan. I even visited the Buffalo site to see if you were there but not much activity there. 

  6. I'd like to continue this discussion, but Deb did her job and chased another person off of the board. I'm going to take a long (if not permanent) break.
  7. Guest? I've been here for years AND I'M ALSO A CANUCKS FAN!!! Why the he** else would I be here.
  8. Are you going to whine against me now? Where do you think I'm going to find a screenshot?
  9. I'm also a Canucks fan, but I don't make stuff up and pretend things happen when they didn't.
  10. Sabrefan1 is annoyed, not confused. You all were whining about not knowing what was going on while I was watching replays. Once I told everyone what they were doing, all of a sudden you're all experts.
  11. There are ice level cameras in Keybank Arena. They showed the puck going well over. All of the homers on this thread were still wondering why the play was paused while I was being told exactly what was happening. Now everyone wants to claim they're in the know.
  12. They didn't fix squat. They were going through the netting looking for a hole.