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  1. Sorry everyone.  I missed the entire game.  I was elbow deep in the family businesses central invoicing system for hours.  One of my relatives managed to fubar it and I had to un-fubar it.


    From what I could see from the box stats, my crappy goaltending prediction was right on the nose.


    What did I miss?  I'm sure there was plenty of whining about refereeing as always, but what happened with Demko's poor stats this game?  His fault?  The defence's fault? 


    I already know Carter Hutton sucks so we can skip over that...

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    2. Nuxfanabroad


      Also had to miss the 3rd today, due to work.


      Gotta say, SF..I've seen a few Sabs tilts recently, & Eichel is creeping into that superstar mold. Kid's impressive, & will be competing any month of the season(plenty of talent fades as whistles disappear)

    3. Master 112

      Master 112

      @SabreFan1 - we should petition jointly the Sabres/Canucks not to make dumb and dangerous plays when they play each other imo. Expansion twins + you being here for so long make me think both teams should be considered in covenant. So mote it be.

    4. SabreFan1


      @Nuxfanabroad Eichel has been fun to watch.  I've always kept in mind that he left university after only 1 season and that the rest of his development took place the next couple of seasons in the NHL.  He showed superstar potential last season and is slowly becoming one this season.  He'll only get better as time goes on.