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  1. [Report] Dennis Wideman suspended 20 games

    Agreed, hoping to see Wideman traded for pretty much anything, hes a third pairing Dman who can play a PP, we have 4 Dman ahead of him on the depth chart, whats so special about him?
  2. At least this year the Oilers have noticeably changed for the better. They actually try to play a system now under McLellan, before they were just all over the place, but this year they look like a professional team. Goaltending has been pretty decent too all things considered. I think if this young group keeps following Mclellans system, and gels together, another key trade and a big UFA signing, and there ready to compete.
  3. I don't see why Drouin is so highly touted, if you scour my post history back to 2013, his draft year, you'll see I've always maintained that he rode the contrails of McKinnon and a highly stacked Mooseheads team during his draft year, I mean look at all the players in the top 10 from the '13 draft, all but him are regular NHLers, and a lot of them are key contributors to their team, I would have taken him in the first round that year, but not in the top 20,. I think the potential is there with him, but I just don't see him as the gifted superstar most here seem to project him as. I mean I guess if he had the right coach and line mates he would probably put up good numbers and all, but I just don't see him as a game changer like the rest of the draft picks taken around him in that draft class.
  4. [Game] Either-or (V2.0)

    Krutov Who comes out top of the west this year Chicago or LA
  5. [Trade] Kassian to EDM

    At worst this trade is neutral for both teams. Oilers pick up a project player, who could really help bolster their third/fourth line, while the Canadiens pick up a goalie to back them up till Price is 100%. If the Oilers deal with Kassian properly he could certainly be a big help to their bottom 6, providing some energy and size that they much need. If the new coaching staff can help him with his defensive game he could really be a steal for them.
  6. Burrows expects another trip to the playoffs. (article)

    Good interview by Burrows, I like how he addressed the changes this summer and acknowledged some of the discontent of the fans, but put a positive spin on everything. In my opinion the Canucks have no reason not to be optimistic. The west really is wide open, in fact, aside from maybe Arizona, I would not be surprised by any of the other teams making the playoffs. There really is a great deal of parity across the west, and indeed the league. I can see at least 6 or 7 teams competing for the Presidents Trophy, and I can honestly see just about every western team in the hunt for a playoff spot, it really will come down to the wire this year, and I expect from 1-10/11 in the west there wont be a huge gap in points, everyone will be close. I can't see any reason the Canucks arent in the hunt for a spot, barring any major injuries to key players.
  7. Which nhl players or folk have you met in person?

    While working part time casual as a baggage handler doing the NHL charter flights into and out of Calgary around 2009-2011ish, I met quite a few. Now I was working full time as an aircraft mechanic during the day but I heard about this part time gig that nobody wanted because you only worked on Flames home game days, or the day before or after. This was when the Nucks dominated the old North West division. It was also when each team played 8 games against each divisional opponent. So I saw a lot of the Canucks, Wild, , didn't see the Avalanche because they, along with Columbus were the only two teams that didn't use that facility for their charters. I also saw alot of the Oilers, and of course the Flames when they were leaving on a road trip. So I met quite a few players, and said hi to a bunch, but only a handful standout in my mind, and only a few would engage in a conversation. Now, in 2010-11 I had a bit of a jealousy issue with the Canucks, I mean I think they went 8-0 against us that year, anyways I still cheered them in the playoffs, I just can't cheer against a Canadian team, not even Edmonton, unless they are playing the Flames. So anyways, it was late in the season, the Flames were a few points out of a playoff spot, we all still held hope, Kipper, JBO, Iggy made up the core and we Flames fans were still in denial, though those of us who knew anything about hockey knew that our team needed to be completly gutted, but we loved Iggy so much we wanted him to get a cup here, so we played along. Anyhow, the powerhouse Canucks,(seems weird saying that now) were just finishing off the monthly floor mopping of the Calgary Iginla's. 4 or 5-1 I think. So I'm watching the last few minutes of the game in the employee room, knowing that Calgary was now 2 points further from another Cinderella cup run, thanks to the usual Canucks beat down . I was in a sad mood, my Flames had lost again.
  8. Fun fact for apollo, last year the Flames dominated the Pacific with the best inter divisional record, going 22-6-1 against Pacific division foes, carrying a winning record against all teams in the division except for Anaheim, which they went 2-3 against. I don't think Edmonton will be a free 5 wins for anyone this year in the division, I also don't believe Arizona will be a free 5 wins for anyone either anymore. I think a well rested LA will be fighting for the division title, especially considering they have two key players(Lucic and Kopitar) on contract years, players tend to burst during contract seasons, this will certainly help LA convert alot of their 1 goal losses/OT/SO losses into wins. SJ will likely regress further as they really have just gotten a year older. Hertl is an all but forgotten wonder rookie of a couple years ago, their goaltending is non-existent, and the carry over of the whole captain fiasco is likely to leave alot of question marks for the younger guys developing on the team. Edmonton may have some teething pains adjusting to the new coaching and the new players, but with Sekera now a true top pairing Dman, and one or both of Nurse/Reinhardt ready come into the league, combined with the mind boggling options for pairings in the top 6 should see the Oilers about middle pack, maybe even fighting for a top three in the division. Like I said it might take a season for Mclellan to sort through his roster, needless to say their offseason was a fantastic session of adding immiediate help, depth, and prospects in all of the positions that needed adressing. Arizona is still young, but if Smith finds his form from a few seasons ago they will be tough to play against as well. Calgary will have alot more pressure on them to perform, but if the players continue to buy in to Hartleys system, and the new aquisitions gel well, they will likely be fighting for a 2-4 seed in the division. Anaheim are regular season wonders, most likely they will dominate the league and finish top 3 at the end of the season, but will no doubt be knocked out by either LA or Chicago, Anaheim just doesnt have that clutch killer instinct, see their last 3 game 7s played in the playoffs. Vancouver, like SJ has aged another year, but, the Sedins are still playing great hockey, a healthy Miller gives them a great shot each night, and the rest of the group can provide whats needed to most likely still be hunting for a playoff spot, if not a top 3 division spot again. As long as WD plays this season similar to last and continues to utilize all four lines, so as not to wear the Sedins down going into the stretch their is no reason Van is not competing for a playoff spot. I guess to summarize quickly, the Pacific should be a dog fight this season, I do expect Anaheim to finish first, but 2-3 could really be anyone, save for maybe Arizona, and wildcard spots will have to be battled out with the Central division. I actually wouldnt be surprised if Chicago entered the playoffs as a wild card this year, simply based on their amount of hockey played in the last 5 years, but if they slide into a wildcard Anaheim better hope they don't play them or it'll be a first round exit for the Duckies.
  9. Detroit going all in? Looks like they are hoping there aged group, along with the signings of today can give them a shot at one more cup before sinking to a bottom feeder.
  10. [Trade] Phil Kessel to Penguins

    WTF??? Who is going to Toronto? I would have never ever seen this coming?
  11. How many ppl here switched to the E cig/vape from tobacco smoke or chew? I smoked heavilly, near 2 packs a day from age 14-30, and gave up last summer switching to an E cigarette, I friggen love it, I vape all waking hours. My nicotine intake has probably doubled since quitting smoking but I love vaping even more then I loved smoking, plus I dont stink anymore. I'm seeing alot more E cigs everywhere lately, just curious how many ppl here on CDC switched from a tobacco product to an E cig type deal? Also, Im currently using a Vap R Pen 2.0, and no matter what atomizer I buy I cant get big eneough hauls, can anyone recommend a relativly cheap, but decent vape that provides monster hauls?
  12. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    ^^ $&!#ty, was looking forward to seeing him on Wednesday, havent been following the Dub as closely since the NHL playoffs started. Well lets hope the Hitmen can beat the Wheat Kings and we can see some more action from JV. On the other hand I wouldnt mind seeing the Wheat Kings win either, theyve got alot of exciting prospects and draft eledgible guys this year.
  13. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    oh Snap did he get suspended?
  14. Jake Virtanen | #18 | RW

    Brandon has prize Flames prospect Morgan Klimchuk(taken with the 1st pick aquired for Iggy), they also have a stacked D core top to bottom. I am checking out the game on Wednesday, gonna scout some Flames prospects, I believe their are 4 in this series(Hitmen/Wheat Kings) Ill provide a scouting report on Virtanen for you guys too. I believe I put up a little ditty about him in this thread a few months ago on his play this season in Calgary. He's been pretty good in the playoffs, I think hes at or near PPG, he's laying some good hits and playing a strong forcheck, I almost wonder though, if he is playing hurt, something seemed off about him last round