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  1. [Trade] Kris Russell to Stars

    Dougies turning out alright for a 22 year old dman, 10 or 12 goals, 30 something points, headed towards meeting or beating his career best, I'd say he'll be #2 here behind Brodie for many years.
  2. Canada's Teams

    Lol, I used that coin flip thing last night to explain to my wife why we only have boys and no girls, funny to see it here, anyhow I agree with you, and I think the time when Canada wins a few cups is a very short while away. All 4 Western teams are in a state of rebuild, some are a few years ahead of others, but it looks like all 4 are in a state of rebuild, I'd say with Winnipeg leading, followed by Calgary and Edmonton, and Vancouver really just coming into realization that you need to get faster and younger this year, but the Canucks too are now on the way. Out east, Montreal could make some tweaks in the off season and hope that Price comes back to play the way he left off, and they could be a strong force in the East, Ottawa is another example of a team that has gotten younger and faster over the past few years, they just need to fill a few roles, same as the Western teams, and Toronto, well...Stamkos might be fun to watch, play him 27 minutes a game and let him get 60 goals. Thatd be cool for them.
  3. Although I dont see Hammer getting 5+ on the open market as one poster suggested, just due to him not aging as gracefully as other Dmen, his injurie troubles of the last few seasons have really sped up the aging process for him and slowed down his play considerably. Althought 2011 was only 5 years ago, his play of that era seems a decade ago in quality. Because free agents do command a tad higher then their worth, I can see someone throwing 4, maybe 4.5 plus 3-4 years term at him, Maybe and Edmonton or Carolina team, who needs someone to mentor their younger up and coming D, or else maybe he does take the hometown discount and signs for 3-3.5 in Vancouver for 3 years and then fades into retirement, but as Forseberg mentioned, he's aging and Vancouver is probably hungry to see what someone of the cupboard prospects have to offer. As for Sbisa vs Hamhuis, at this point in both of their careers its tough, I don't see Sbisa as having very high sealing, but he can certainly be at least a steady dman who can play game in game out, I don't see him in the top 4 if the top 4 improves drastically over the next few seasons, but if the top 4 disintegrates then he could certainly serve time there while solutions are found. Either way, if I had to chose one over the other, at this point it'd be a coin flip.
  4. (Proposal) Edmonton stuff idc

    I dont see the Oilers trading Eberle anymore, 4 months ago I could, but not anymore, he is a clutch guy and a sniper, I think with McDavid around and the way the two seem to be building a chemistry, Eberle has to be kept at this point. RNH is expendable, as he simply isnt a 3rd line centre, hes a #1 on a few teams and a #2 on most. Edmonton, even if they have the first overall this year, could afford to trade it, and I think their 1st is gonna be in play come June, I can see their first packaged with RNH to return an ELITE, #1 Dman, mid twenties somewhere, and I can see them picking up more big bottom 6 forwards, as theyve been doing with Kassian, Maroon etc lately, I think they'll trade their first, RNH like I said for an elite defender, Nurse and Klefbom will continue to mature and come into their own as very good defensman, Reinhardt may emerge and prove to be a steady stay at home guy with a good outlet pass, and I can see Yakupov shopped around again for either a steady dependable bottom 6 who can put 15 goals in per year, or a really good stay at home defender who can eat minuts and play physical. I think Chia has a plan in place for them, he's shown it last offseason, he knows exactly where the weak spots are, he just needs time and the right deals to come along to address it. Although Edmontons position in the standings hasnt changed this year, their play certainly has, when you watch the Oilers play this year, 90% of the time you can sit back and say, "yeah, I see where this is going now". Its certainly not like just a season or two ago where they had a few really talented forwards, and everyone else just skated around in circles hoping for the best. As well, with the amount of movement Edmonton has had, it will take time for everyone to gel and get acclimated on the same page, same with Calgary, as prospects come up and trades come in, everyone needs time to get used to the same system and see the big picture, for the first time in about 2 decades, I can actually see a really really hot battle of Alberta in the very near future, Its not far fetched at all to see Calgary and Edmonton battling for top of the Pacific as Anaheim and SJ age and slow down, and LA deals with salary cap issues. Arizona too, as they mature, and if they are able to attract any free agents will be in the mix. Vancouvers a bit down the road, but they too should have something figured out eventually, JB's plan is just really not as clear as some of the other teams. It certainly seems like hes being forced into a win now scenario with the deals he has made, but hopefully eventually either he will see that he needs a full rebuild, or ownership will allow him to do one, whichever party is holding those cards I dont really know.
  5. The Value of Goaltending

    Yep, Goaltending is huge, Calgary is a perfect example, defensively they play really well, but due to injuries and inconsistent soft goaltending, they are heading for a top 5 pick for certain, they score more then eneough goals that with just a bit better goaltending they could easilly be in contention for a top 3 divisional spot in the pacific. With Vancouver and Montreal its the other way around, their defense is pretty weak, but their goaltending has stolen them games, look how badly Montreal has been exposed without Price, with price they can squeek out 3-2, 3-1, 2-1 victories all season long, but without him their average offense and weak defence(overall) is quite exposed. Same goes with Vancouver, when Miller or Markstrom are switched on, they can steal games against nearly anyone, but if the starter gets rattled early in the game or has a rough game in general, the rest of the team gets exposed pretty badly. Edmonton has had a few decent goalies, even both of their goalies this year play really well, they just need their young D men to mature and better their man to man coverage. But yes I think goaltending is extremely important in this league. If you have a really stout top 4 D, then you can ride an average goalie ala Chicago, but if you have anything less then a Chicago/Nashville, to a lesser extent LA type D core, then you need to have an above average goalie to make an impact in this leage, unless your a Dallas type team who can score their way out of most situations, similiar to the 2007 Ottawa Senators who went to the cup finals, they didnt have very good goaltending at all, but they could score their way out of most anything(except the Ducks), and they had a very impressive D core all in their prime at the time(Redden, Phillips, Volchencok, Mesaroz) all in their prime led them to the cup finals. I'm rambling now, I guess it goes to say, that depending on how you build your team, comes into play how great you need your goalie to be. If Edmonton wanted to be in contention for a spot, they would need a Carrey Price/Brayden Holtby or similiar type goalie at the moment, once their young guys mature and they add veteran depth, their need for their goalie to be steller will drop, Calgary has a great young D-core, Gio and Brodie are both true #1 studs, Hamilton is just 22, and has been a top 4 D man since he was 19, so as he continues to mature along with the other young guys, that Finn from the Russell trade, Hickey, Anderson in the prospect pool, Calgary's requirement for a goaltender should only be average. Vancouver looks like they will need a close to prime Miller or similiar for a few years to come, as they are not in a position to score their way out of defensive problems, and their defense isnt tight eneough to cover a goalies flaws. I think at the end of the Miller era next year Vancouver had best hope Markstrom develops into an extremely keen #1(which I'll be the first to say, his play this year has really surprised me, I was expecting him to start maybe 12 games the entire season, barring injury, but he has played lights out some nights and looks like he will certainly be around to stay). Although, as mentioned, an elite goalie is required by some teams, I still don't think I would pay the same amount of money to get an elite goalie as I would to lock down an elite Dman or clutch centreman, unless that goalie is Carrey Price, who can literally take a middle pack at very best Montreal and turn them into a President Trophy team almost single handedly. Goalies are kind of tough to guage value of, last off season saw alot of goalies moved, Talbot, Lack, Jones etc, and they all went for lower round picks, 2nds, 3rds etc, actually I'm not sure if Edmonton dropped a lower 1st for Talbot or not. Anyhow, decent goalies can be had comparitively cheap on the trade market, and generally don't get the same kind of salary as a stud skater does. It just comes down to how your team is built.
  6. Nice, another solid deal for the Oilers. Doing just what they need, bolstering that bottom 6, Kassian, Cracknell and Maroon since January, Chia works fast. Keep adding size and grit to that top 6, chip away at the defense in the summer.
  7. [Claim] Oilers claim F Adam Cracknell

    Good pickup for the Oil. Chiarelli needs to build up that bottom 6, and Cracknell is your ideal career bottom 6 centre. Now figure out which one of the big guns gets shipped out for a 23-27 year old impact top pairing Dman, heck even through your first this year on the table, shore up that defense, let the Nurse and Klefbom, Reinhardt to a lesser extent develop some more and bam the Oilers are there. Just seems like Chiarelli came into Edmonton knowing what they need, it may take him a couple of off seasons and trade deadlines to get it all, but once he does, and he weeds out some of the overrated guys, and replaces them with the meat and potatoes guys Benning likes, the Oilers are going places, thats for sure.
  8. [Trade] Kris Russell to Stars

    I had a feeling Russell was gonna get traded, was really hoping Calgary would re-sign him, really underrated guy, he sure did awesome when Gio got hurt last year, he actually made Wideman look like a top for Dman in the playoffs. Gonna miss his league leading shot blocks too, plus hes scored a few clutch goals here and there and is a great skater. He'll fit in perfectly with Dallas' top six, as he's able to make those beutiful stretch passes out of the zone, he can rush the puck, just an all around great dman. As much as I feared him getting traded, I actually love the return, we added size on the blueline, which we needed, so we got a younger, cheaper bigger guy who is ready to step in right away, and Im really loving how they through in Pollock too, again adding more size, I can see him playing bottom six minutes in the near future, and the 2nd I couldnt believe they through that in too(and that it becomes a first if they get to the west final, which they wont cause, you know, Chicago), but now we got 3 seconds again this draft, along with our most certainly top 5 pick, I think its gonna be another exciting draft day. If BT can package some of them seconds and get us a goalie who can be a stop gap until the Gillies/McDonald era then I think were laughing. Just let the boys continue to develop, but I am really seeing Treiliving and Burkes vision here, they are certainly building us up to be a big time contedor, and probably only 2-3 seasons away too. Hopefully Chiarelli can make a big splash at draft day for the Oilers, and speed their rebuild up too.
  9. [Report] Dennis Wideman suspended 20 games

    Agreed, hoping to see Wideman traded for pretty much anything, hes a third pairing Dman who can play a PP, we have 4 Dman ahead of him on the depth chart, whats so special about him?
  10. GDT: Around the NHL Week of February (01-05) 2016

    Damn, no Canadian teams in the playoffs is looking more and more likely each game. Hopefully all us western ones mature a bit and come out strong next season, all 4 of is western Canadisn teams have good-great youth cores in training, this season is just a stinker for Canadian teams, at least we can all say our youth are developing really nicely.
  11. Loser Points

    Anyone else wonder if Apollo changed his opinion this year lol, been thinking about this for a while, sorry to bump an old thread, Apollo is your theory on loser points still the same?
  12. ^ lol, I would have to say so, no doubt McDavid will be a huge points guy, as will Bennett, I can easily see Bennett hitting 90+ points and 40+ goals soon, but I can see McDavid hitting 120-130 and 50+ goals,. Although Bennett plays a much stronger two way game, is extremely diciplined that way for a 19'year old
  13. [Rumour] - Caps interested in Hamhuis

    Lol another team I predicted could have interest in Hammer, from Washington I can see a deal similiar to what Calgary got for Glencross from the caps last deadline, a 2nd and maybe a third, if not a 2nd and 4th for sure
  14. [Rumour] Pitt interested in Hammer

    somewhere in the proposals board someone made a thread about the value of the teams vets, and Pittsburg was one of the teams I saw as having interest in Hamhuis, both as insurance for there high injury rate, and as someone who can play solid minutes on the third pairing and move up to the second pairing in the event of an injury, I can see vancouver grabbing a 2nd and maybe a b prospect for him too, not to shabby.
  15. Two more points tonight so far, damn I have to eat my words, I thought this kid was overrated, but 5 points in 2 games back from an injury at 18 years old, and damn the Oilers are a totally different team with him back. I mean frigg, all they gotta do is make a few deals for some bigger better backchecking bottom 6 guys, try to make a blockbuster with RNH for a top pairing D, and continue to develop Nurse, Klefbom and Reinhardt next season and they are a legit threat, no doubt, this new management along with McDavid/Drasitl, Talbot and the highly touted Young D men, with a solid coach, the Oilers are finally climbing the ladder.