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  1. Crosby probably won't catch Kane, but Sid has proven once again he is the best hockey player in the world.
  2. Sens destroy the Leafs in this trade.  
  3. Vrbata is useless. Hes not doing anything if he isn't scoring 
  4. What else would he say? Oh f LA I'm going to Vancouver? Obviously not. He's coming to Vancouver. 
  5. [Signing] Jets re-sign Dustin Byfuglien

    600K away not bad. HFboards just crashed
  6. [Signing] Jets re-sign Dustin Byfuglien

    Guessing 5 years at 7 million per. So now Ladd is gone.
  7. Alex Ovechkin joins elite company. Again.

    Best goal scorer ever. Most won't admit it because he isn't Canadian.
  8. It's the same media that has bashed him throughout his time in the NFL. The media smelled blood and he didn't let them take shots at him.
  9. Yah guys by NFL standards, a racist is classy!
  10. Lol. Like I said we will see next year. Pats going to destroy the Broncos.  I just hope they still have a decent team so they can put up a fight.
  11. Kinda sad. You made a Patssuck account on a hockey forum.
  12. They do. A missed extra point. No Brown Bell Williams. A horrible field and fumbles.