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  1. So, the games are filled out and I am not aware for how longer this thread will remained pinned, therefore, I just wanted to get this statement out before it is too late. I want to thank everyone that participated this year in making a GDT, and that it was a blast seeing all of your wonderful GDT's! I realize that this season has not been the greatest, yet all of you stuck with it through for most of the season in terms of the GDT making, making my job increasingly easy, so thank you. I do not know if I will make another GDT thread next season, but I hope that either way that you all will continue to participate (and perhaps we will be able to get some Canucks playoff GDT's). Once again, thank you and hopefully we can do this again next season!
  2. Done. Done. Done. Done.
  3. April is OPEN!
  4. Also, since there is a only a few games for April, I will have to restrict everyone to one game each, unless of course no one is taking the open game(s).
  5. April sign-ups will be open on Thursday (Mar 23).
  6. Actually, since Qwags already has a game this month (March 31 vs Kings), I will give the Jets game (March 26) to Twilight Sparkle. Sorry for the confusion. Done.
  7. Done. Done. Sounds good! The Jets game (March 26) is taken. Feel free to take any other open game. Done.
  8. Done. March 28 is taken, feel free to take any open game. Done. Done. Done.
  9. Great, and do not worry about that! Sure, however, you two will have to work out the details on how this will work. For instance, we should not have two GDT's for the same game if no one is signed up, as that will place unnecessary work on mods to delete one or combine both.
  10. Yes, sure. Your one job will be to post GDT's for games no one has signed up for. If you want it, it is yours.
  11. Done. Done. Done.
  12. March is OPEN!
  13. My bad guys, totally forgot about this (been a rough week). I'll have the OP updated tomorrow, until then here is the schedule so you can just pick your game(s) as March is open indeed:
  14. March sign-ups will be open on Thursday (Feb 23).