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  1. From one crying Ryan (Kesler) to another crying Ryan (Miller). Botchford must be licking his chops right about now......going to be pretty frosty when it comes to the media.
  2. Now we are doing a band aid instead of a rebuild cure
  3. 1 year deal for Kassian, it's time to see if he is hungry and wants to prove to everyone that he is a NHL player. Anything more then a 1 year is a free ticket for him to coast. IMO he has not earned a 3 year contract deal
  4. If he doesn't want to be away from home then he should be working at the local pizza shop not trying to gain employment in 30 cities.
  5. Poor Kes wants to win and win now, so put me on a team that I have a chance to win with. Well Kes, how about you repay me for the merch i have with your name it. When you signed your contract with a NTC that ment you were giing to play out what you agreed too. By the way I want it now, as well.
  6. Unlike Kesler, I'm going to support my team during the lean years and not jump ship to cheer for a contending team.
  7. Actually isn't he contractually bound to play to the term of his contract and not opt out whenever he wants?
  8. If you request a trade from a club then your NT claus should be void!!!!!! You want out, don't let the door hit you. He wants to go to a contender, I want to say the Canucks are Stanley Cup Champs
  9. It is disappointing trade after trade that we always get the short end of the stick! The Lu trade was a shock but what we got in return is frustrating. If we are going younger then why are we throwning in a prospect?Lu by himself should be able to get 2 players and a pick not have us give a prospect and pay 15%. Cory for a 1st round pick, really? Miller and Ott were able to return 5 players in their trade. Goaltender was not an issue for us, no offence to Eddie but Gillis did not improve our club with these trades. Different time different NHL, when Quinn was the GM but the trades he made helped our club immediately and he didn't seem to get jobbed on any deal. What player are we going to build around to create this new Canuck face? I have no clue who our future is in 4 or 5 years. How long is this plan that they have in place? I never thought anyone could make Mike Milbury look like a genius as a GM, but Gillis certainly has in my opinion. I expect nothing more then a bag of practice pucks for Kesler and some water bottles for Edler when they are traded.
  10. Looked like it was tough for Colin Campbell to keep the smile off his face as he was commenting on a Canuck suspension!!
  11. Was Burrows mocking O'brien pretenting his glove was a bottle of booze on the bench? As for little Glenn Healy aka PJ Stock, ask Phil Kessel what happened when he was put out against John Scott and Buffalo to defuse the situation. What hit the ice first Westgraths gloves or the puck?
  12. this may be the first time in Sestito life he has been a +2 in the first 10 minutes of a hockey game. Love the Canuck fans making noise in the pond.......
  13. Garrett will dawn the pads of us.
  14. I wonder what the headlines in tomorrow's paper are going to say, after all another hometown guy is coming to play. According to Lucic the people of Vancouver will make Evander's Kane night in Vancouver a nightmare.
  15. kesler, higgin or hansen torts WTF