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  1. Simple, Vanek and Hutton to SanJose for J Norris and a 2nd round pick
  2. Bo Horvat is going to the All-Star Game!

    Had a thought earlier... with the advent of Bo coming into his own and slowly showing us (the fans) that he's the future, isn't time we start wondering and discussing who other that Bear should be part of his line??? I mean, they have chemistry and likely what they've shown us this year is only (crossing fingers) going to get better next. They're the future 1st line... unless something totally awful and unexpected happens. SO who should be their right wing? Virtanen? Boeser? Other?
  3. Thanks for starting this.... and taking the initial wave of fire grenades I certainly enjoy the draft and the weeks heading into it, and just like with Netflix I can't just drop it once I've sat 10 hours straight consuming all the new episodes of my fav series. So, with that in mind let's begin brain storming about 2017 Based on http://www.draftsite.com/nhl/mock-draft/2017/ the Canucks have the following 3 picks (and yeah the exact order will change). But for the purpose of this discussion let's say that we fall within 5 spots of these. 1st round - 3 - 12 OA 2nd round - 33 - 43 OA 3rd round - 64 - 74 OA *there's the CBJ 2nd round pick... but I'm not totally sure* It would be luck and only luck that we land the 1st overall, thus I'm not counting on landing P. Nolan. Which prospects look interesting near the 1st 3 picks the Canucks have? These are mine: A. Vesalainen - RW 6.3 skating is his distinction http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=222125 has rep Finland and playing with older kids N. Hague - D 6.6 size OHL kid invited last 2 years to national team http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=253977 M. Rasmussen - C 6.5 local boy, with size at key position http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=286738 good numbers H. Leufuenius - C 6.2 http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=264220 seems like he's been dominant the last 3 years I'm hoping that we can snag at least 2 of these kids next year. Please share what prospects you think we should keep our eyes on.
  4. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Has anyone else under the impression that Gaunce gets no love from any media source, or on these boards? The guy is having an awesome start for this 1st Utica season and gets a footnote of a mention. I like Bo and Shink but this kid is solid too. Another one like him is Cassels, barely gets a mentioned before this year.
  5. In Response to John Garrett's Article, "Conspiracy Theory"

    John Garrett has become more of a fan than a true reporter. However we can't fault him for that; he's paid to follow this team. I too, thought his conspiracy idea was more something a fan tends to feel and express. Having said all that, I do find it hilarious that currently (after game 13) Daniel Sedin (yes that goon) is leading the Canucks in penalty minutes and his goon brother tie for 3rd with Kassian and behind Sestito. So, perhaps there's something to be said about Garrett's theory??